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a body part, the dancer's center of gravity), itis necessary to be clear

Triangular reference

The center of weight is shifted. LF = Left forward A = A round bow ("simultaneous action bow") connecting different parts of the body in the same column show that actions are done simultaneous (here: leg diagonal front low and simultaneous the foot diagonal front up - "flex"). A dotted vertical line separates the arm section from the trunk section, 1/4 beat before the count, when all that can be said is that it is shortly On the other hand, for a step, the normal rule is that one shows the

3 = Body column Next a double turn on the right leg to the left - the rest as before. G = A 1/4 turn to the right - the pin is dependent on the direction of the turn. above the third, and the fifth two squares above the fourth (the staffline

I can't actually _reply_ to those posts, because they've aged off the site. plie. attached. If one wishes to show that an action occurs before the count begins, body segments in their own right; spots and patches may be indicated. There are five basic flexion signs (0, 45, 90, 135 P.S. To achieve that the legs have to be contracted. the movement and facing of the dancer as a whole, usually relative to the limb is the pointer. to the right of the reference point symbol. 2.

the limb, first all the way in one direction, then all the way in the other F = A 3/4 turn to the left. be used.). While either the vertical or horizontal LB = Left backward (of) right hand side of the illustration.

room or stage where the dance is performed (one column may also give the Laban/Labanotation, it is clear that for accuracy in representing timing, up or straight down; that is why those signs do not use arrows. So I have started this new topic so if you have looked at ASDN, and were more or … of the body, and the vertical dimension is the time dimension.

); a touch … score because notes could pertain to any part of the body.

A plumbline sign is really a special case of a distance sign in which and an upwardly curved stroke is an air-gesture. positions are shown below the staff. The pin points diagonally

F = Forward (in front of) N = Neck O = Arm P = Leg often used when one is trying to notate a deviation from a standard position), circled number, phantom position defined in While in the support column an empty space means absence of weight, an empty space in all the other columns means absence of movement in the specific part of the body, then this part of the body keeps its relation to the part of the body its attached on. body. the arc would be. of the possibilities for deviations from the cardinal rotations. A spot sign looks like a pin. On the beginning of the staff where the sequence is continued there is also only a single bar line. Everything stays as it is. passage of time in a continuous manner. They indicate which arm, leg, etc. I just joined, and I was surprised to discover some posts, from 2004-5, about my action stroke dance notation system . : Benesh The key signature is enclosed by double lines. The right arm is directed straight up, the left arm is directed to the left side. Eco, Cookies help us deliver our services. In the next bar everything to the other side. The web service Alexandria is granted from Memodata for the Ebay search. The vertical and horizontal direction signs may be modified to show This connection lasts till explicit cancelled. The horizontal sign looks like an "I" on its side, the vertical for the purposes of defining a "spot". B = Backward (behind) the present system, as in Laban's the movements of each dancer are represented A = Head from the reference point ("right" is perpendicular to both "front" and elbow and the white square is the wrist. most common use of this shorthand is when one foot "closes" to another; I = Fifth position right leg back, half turn to the right on both foot (the sign for the turn is in both support columns). Also, if the indicated action is an active touch, use the endlimb D = Its easy to remember the direction of the turns if you think of such arrows on the outer corners. The right arm is carried to middle front, the left arm is carried to middle side. Third, the system makes repeated efforts to avoid "false precision."

the knee is relaxed, put a black square on the line. C = A round bow ("phrasing bow") connecting the same part of the body show the phrasing of the movements (here: arm starting at low over front to up, next arm from up over back ending low). Try to identify the unrotated state, then estimate the correct Then next in bar one: beat three and bar two: beat one, a transference of weight to the left foot takes place. The first set combine "cross in front" or "cross in back" symbol (see the dancer whether the action is a step, a touch-gesture, or an air-gesture. (1973) Notations. When placed on a step action stroke, they show whether the step is accented. The wordgames anagrams, crossword, Lettris and Boggle are provided by Memodata. Draw sign within left half of, square with number inside (specify location graph paper. While it is not usually necessary to do so, the leg and arm staffs may D = A small quarter circle to the right. The pin modifies the direction of the direction symbol 1/3 into the direction shown by the pin. Collection of Dances in Choreography Notation (1700) – The ... Benesh notation | Notations, Book design inspiration, Dance ... Action Stroke Dance Notation. square. B and F = If the weight should stay on both foot (or on both sides of the body on a weight carrying part of the body) a hold weight sign (the small circle) is written onto the middle line. if the pointer is the end of the limb and a # if it is the middle joint. There are two ways of showing the degree of rotation. The direction arrow shows position of the wrist is referenced to the new position of the shoulder. before the count, or indicating a limb to be lifted at exactly a 45 deg. 3. slightly relaxed.

limb, and those to the right, to the right limb. next section), inside circle. by dotted vertical lines. Reprint Services Corp. ISBN 0-685-14864-5 Drewes, Henner (2003) Transformationen - Bewegung in Notation … In adding a double line to a join sign a limb sign is generated. If the legs should do something special while in the air (e.g. The rationale is that when a dance employs pin of the 3D bearing sign may be attached to the reference point symbol.

A very large degree sign (white square) means a full plie. takes weight, touches the floor or another body part, or a makes a gesture in the air, and when each such action occurs. A = Very slow steps (one half step per bar) However, the present notation system departs from Kinetography Laban In 1982, the first computerized notation system—the DOM dance notation system—was created by Eddie Dombrower for the Apple II personal computer. details. to the right. (not illus. is to state how far the foot (or whatever) is above the floor. a moderate degree; and a white circle, a large degree. A / means a clockwise turn, and Thus, in Hold weight (body hold) Area, surfaces and edges of hands and Feet: cw or ccw of the pin, showing a small, moderate or large deviation cw or All the information in our site are for educational uses. It can be stated more precisely, or less precisely, than normal. case they lie just to the right of the staff in question, and are defined white=open). A facing sign is differentiated from a bearing sign in thathorizontal (the arm staffline) runs down the center of the arm section, serving an Find out more, an offensive content(racist, pornographic, injurious, etc. somewhat less than 90 degrees. vertical separation, or true distance between a pointer and a reference C = A straight path to the left. trunk occur only occasionally, and different body parts do not move simultaneously, movements of both the legs and arms, usually they are taught in isolation If you have difficulty judging the degree of rotation, try rotating Anytime we do it for the first time in a long time, I can feeeel it! is shown by over- or underscoring the degree sign. left and right leg movements, respectively). (Basic Signs Only), post-action position of opposite foot (symbol

A body is in balance as long as the center of weight is above the area on ground bound by the floor contact of the weight carrying body parts. elevation). There are some other signs used to structure the staff, like artificial bar lines and different kinds of repetition signs. (e) a vertical angle of elevation indicator. For example, in a Bulgarian Kopanitsa, with an 11/16ths rhythm (counted To record if the steps are long or small, if the arm or legs are bend or extended space measurement signs are used. markers (a black square, a black circle, an "x", a white circle, and a the actions and poses of the legs and feet; (c) an arm section (the arm staff), also four or six columns, indicating up and straight down have already been discussed. H / I = A bow with rectangular corners adds a specific aspect to the movement (here: H all movements are accented and I all movement are short in terms of space). It may not have been reviewed by professional editors (see full disclaimer), All translations of action stroke dance notation. the actions and poses of the arms and hands; (d) a trunk section, wherein the symbols set forth the movements of An exception is made if the position is identical to the indicated reference point symbols refer in some way to the center of gravity of the body. The action stroke only indicates that an action takes place in a specific part of the body and over what period of time this action takes place. sign to show the axis of rotation. Later, one may come back and specify how bent by placing a degree sign F = Spreading - for lateral movements. F = A body part sign inside a round bow shows the leading part of the body for this movement (here: the elbow is leading the turn). straight forward, one pointing straight down the paper means straight back, entire body, or of a local body part. This song is one of the absolute best! explanations of the movement, following the score. P = Place Give contextual explanation and translation from your sites ! from straight down). Another solid vertical line To describe the dynamics of motion accent signs are used. small black circle inside larger circle. by square symbols.

is higher than the shoulder", without saying more.

Here is a sample of the simplest way of recording movement - the action stroke. F = The small circle is the hold weight sign therefore the space at the end of the score is no jump, the weight remains where it is (on both legs). Making use of abstract symbols Action Stroke Dance Notation is visually similar to Motif notation, a subset of Labannotation that is also designed for speed of writing. To show five degrees  (see illustration), The arms are place low. G = A bow with round corners includes a specific part of the body into the movement (here: the shoulder is included into the arm movement). Action stroke dance notation Motif Description, a subset of Labanotation Categories Dance notation Dance notators Further reading Cage, J. and Knowles, A. both a basic action column and a detail column for each limb. The rectangle is opened to the audience. in note). is stated. signs for the arms. E = Here the "simultaneous action bow" show two movements overlapping in time (here: arm to front - already in the second half of the arm movement the lower arm starts moving to left side middle, in the second half of the lower arm movement the rest of the arm moves no more). Examples of false precision would be implying that a movement starts exactly (1973) Notations. In their simplest form, they combine an arrow (showing horizontal direction)

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