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The company’s track record with the iPhone and other products like it — characterized by a great deal more right decisions than wrong ones — encourages optimism about its riskier new ventures today. Sep 3, 2018 5:50 PM in response to Help-Seeker Few sources are local, regional, or international in scope. Still, choices must be made.

I think the article you linked on top provides the information you need, but you don't agree. [By the way, although David Pogue is a columnist for The New York Times, there is still an expectation that he be “neutral”; at one point, he devoted an entire column to proving he was not an “Apple fanboy.”]. do not forget that Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble was a trio for the early years. This is why women's panties are trending on social media. Apple bias exists in reviews because it exists in the real world. That’s relevant context derived from history and experience. These are the most credible media sources. Success in journalism requires an audience. If there's one constant on the consumer tech calendar, it's iPhone reviews day. Rather than appealing to a somewhat general topic of interest, such as computers or technology (the equivalent of hunting and fishing), Apple media focus on the products of just one technology brand: Apple. It is the nexus where communication and commerce blend most easily, and it is the surest harbinger of the future that is to come. For its part, Facebook executives Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg denied knowing that the company had even hired Definers.

There aren’t but a handful of deep investigative journalists left. Right now the Top Stories on the “For You” tab include sources like Politico, NYT, Racked, NPR, Bloomberg, People, Mashable, and Huffpost. Sit back and let the hottest tech news come to you by the magic of electronic mail. I want to be able to see divergent viewpoints and I believe democracy would be well served if we all did. Looks like no one’s replied in a while. “30 individuals have been identified as working for Apple in media curation roles or specifically at Apple News,” the document read. I was only getting news from one side of the spectrum.

They, too, are biased in favor of Apple products.

Click on the image for a larger versionNewspaper image courtesy of Shutterstock. Know thy audienceeval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'macobserver_com-box-4','ezslot_3',117,'0','0'])); The origin of bias in Apple media traces back to the media’s readership. Without it, we'd be reciting facts and figures, but no meaning. Also, if you have a specific item to follow in mind, enter it in "Search". I want to be able to see divergent viewpoints and I believe democracy would be … This is the only legitimate news website that I literally BLOCKED on Apple News so I wouldn't receive any more stories by them; they're THAT bad. There, I fixed it for you FAKE conservative … .

Plus, get $50 off the Apple Watch SE. So, to the original question, how do I reset the Apple News biases, so that I get a wide array of articles that might challenge my opinions?

Among them are all the web publishers sweating the contentious enabling of ad blockers in iOS 9. Do they slant Apple news more positively and more often than other media sources? Across the 78 US newsletters reviewed by Tow, just 14 of the 390 articles recommended — under 4 percent — came from newsrooms that fit this study’s broad definition of a regionally focused publisher.”. I realize this would screw up the marketing potential that goes along with learning my "interests.". Makes people like “as usual” and “GoeB” look like morons, as usual. I kicked the tires with Apple News selecting a variety of sources. Only an edited/curated source can do that. Anyone with a brain can see right through the excuses Hannity et al dole out for their handlers every day. If not possible, what are the alternative news sources that would deliver a wide array of stories from divergent viewpoints without self-reinforcing my own biases? But I have not customized it in any way by “liking” specific things. They did so — and they’d do it again in a heartbeat — because riding the iPhone’s coattails to sales is now a proven business strategy.

What I am saying has nothing to do with advertising. Apple makes more in quarterly profit than many of its mobile competitors are worth, and the success and failure of its smartphone plays a large role in shaping the fate of multiple related industries.

Another, Definers claimed, made $11,500 in donations, although the firm notes that it can be certain that it’s the same individual that works for Apple News, or just someone who shares their name. Also The Intercept,, and Al Jazeera. “ Nothing from Fox News is going to please a socialist.”, Nothing from the N.Y. Times is going to please a conservative. This is in contrast to mainstream media, such as The New York Times or NPR. Jesus McFuq you are a moron, GoeB. Apple News to have human curation – and that raises issues – June 15, 2015. For Apple media, the criteria are different. The drummer he most admires is Bill Buford from the early “Yes” years and later Alan White. Apple doesn’t have the resources to vet every source, that would take a staff of journalists. However, you have to start somewhere that presents information in a digestible form. An iPhone 12 Surprise and Apple Silicon Mac Glimpses. Nothing from Fox News is going to please a socialist. The sky is blue. However, I don’t see this as a criticism of Apple media. But I am not surprised at all that they let their human side influence their choices. Again, this is not to say that Apple media are never critical of Apple. The Apple News app is doomed – July 30, 2015

There is an underlying hope for Apple’s success, a desire to maintain what is assumed to be an overall superiority of Apple and its products. I saw SRV at a free concert on the San Antonio Riverwalk in the 1980s when he was absolutely smokin! on CNN, Read next: This group had been accused of bias before, with one worker speaking out and alleging that Facebook conservative viewpoints in an interview with Gizmodo. I don’t read and probably won’t use Apple news. There is some bias in *all* news sources, by the way. No story from a fact-checking site is going to please someone who plays loose with the truth. Days later, algorithms surfaced a fabricated story that Fox News anchor Megan Kelly had been fired after pleading her support for Hillary Clinton. The answer to all of these questions is: Emphatically yes!

In addition to news, opinion and information, Apple World Today provides resources for deals, software updates and more.

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