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Edit 1: when you cheat in poker you have a partner Think of the enormous challenges and environmental consequences that kind of undertaking would create. She gets to the middle of the river and the crocodiles eat her. He said, "Nobody loves me." Use only working piadas for adults and blagues for friends. God says that they can each do 1 sin before they can bathe in the holy water. But I didn't think he'd do it twice!". So, she does. Anyway, sure enough, he jumped, so the blonde gave the redhead the $50 she owed. The trooper asks what is a 72 inch (6 foot) asshole going to do. Now you can easily and quickly add contacts from your email account (such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc. Finally he said, "Lord, I wish that I could understand women. The Pacific is just too deep, their are currents, the bridge will never hold up. A man drove by and saw their signs and yelled out his window "You guys are nuts!!" An ugly woman, usually fat, who looks like she might enjoy a meal of Billy Goats Gruff

1 blond girl ask god to make her smart,so god turn her into a brunette and she swims across the river So the man thinks for a little bit and say: "My whole life I've never understood how women think. So he asks the genie, "I want a bridge from California to Hawaii, over the Pacific ocean." God: So you want 2 lanes or 4 lanes on that bridge? The blonde replied, Well, so did I, but I never thought he'd jump again! Edit 2: this is getting more upvotes than I thought it would get but before someone calls me out on it. There's a mini cooper parked outside. Northern Conservative Baptist or Northern Liberal Baptist?" The next week, the Spanish PM was invited to the Greek PM's house. He has had very bad luck finding the perfect bride in China and had given up hope of getting married. The Spanish PM invites the Greek PM to his house. A Man finds a Lamp. The genie replies "No way! Note that dirty and dark jokes are funny, but use them with caution in real life. The man thought about it and said, "Build a bridge to Hawaii so I can drive there any time I want." The first blonde says "please God, make me twice as smart as I am so I can get across this river" God hears this and decides to help, so God turns her into a brunette and she swims across the river. Northern Baptist or Southern Baptist?" His mother asked what he learned that day, the boy replied. Are you Christian or Jewish?" they come to a bridge, and the bad joke pushes the good joke off. asked the Greek PM. When the procession is out of sight he picks up his pole and continues fishing. It's been a really long time. God hears this and he turns her into a red head and she finds a boat on the river bank and goes across the river. Anti-vaxxer says to the engineer: Is it safe to cross the bridge? An old Irishman shuffles into a bar at sundown with his eyes low and his head down. The redhead jumps next. "

", As she's working up the courage to take the last step off, a sailor walks by and sees her. He said. You can't *quite* get the door closed. I just didn't think he would jump twice! He says, "Ma'am, I can't pretend to know what you're going through but I promise it isn't worth this. "What are you doing?" The blonde replies, "You're on." "Honey!" He bathes In the holy water. When one man notices a funeral procession. The man who caused the accident said, "Hey man, sorry about your car... And even though we represent different teams, I think this is a sign that we should put our differences beside us." They continue to watch until eventually the man jumps. I see you've even added on so much to it!" The man thinks again and comes up with another idea. The second one wishes to swim faster. He said, "Northern Conservative Baptist Great Lakes Region Council of 1912." Next to the driver sits a passenger. He bathes in the holy water.

The supports required to reach the bottom of the Pacific! The man didn't answer, instead he just pushes the tourist off the bridge into the river and says: "64, 64, 64..." You have so much potential!".

The blonde replies " I watched the 6 o'clock news too! ", I don't know, but at least it isn't a repost, He said "life is great!

"I'm going to commit suicide," she says. Once a week he brings me a huge bouquet of flowers, he’s constantly bringing me out to restaurants to eat, if I so much as hint that I want something the next morning it’s on my doorstep.”. The same story was on the five o'clock news." I said, "Me, too! I said, "Me too! Wish something else and I will grant it. The angel at the gate tells them “Depending on the length of time and your faithfulness to your last partner decides your way across the bridge to Heaven”. Protestant or Catholic?" The Husband Is Behind The Wheel. I built it, but do they call me "Hans the Church Builder"? Old Gramps on the back seat also chimes in "I knew we wouldn't get far in this stolen car. Suddenly they see a barking dog running towards them. He checks the road and begins to cross the river, only to be hit head-on from the oncoming direction. Said Obama. The newscast shows a man standing on a bridge threatening to jump. "Yeah" says the driver "Imma gonna get me a drivers license!" THAT'S IT? I said, "God loves you. The man thinks, and thinks. There is no bridge in sight. "Oh, I saw it earlier too. ", "Congratulations!"

He asks the Chinese head, "How much do you take to build the bridge?" Are you Original Baptist Church of God, or are you Reformed Baptist Church of God?"

The leader, a big burly guy, gets off his bike and says, "Hey, honey, what are you doing?" He asks the Genie to understand how a women's mind works. I said, "Don't do it!" The EU gave us a grant to build a two-lane bridge, but by building a single lane bridge with traffic lights at either end this house could be built". 'No.' I said, "Don't jump." Cat, trying to run away, falls over a bridge into a river. 'They were teaching us about Moses. The Englishman opens his lunch-box and says, "If I get one more tuna sandwich, I'm going to jump off this bridge." Trolling jokes for the night of Halloween. If I get this one more time this month I’m jumping off.” Carl had. It was the most suspenseful documentary I have seen. The man thinks and responds "well, I've really wanted to go to Hawaii so I want you to build a bridge from San Diego to Hawaii." While he cross something grabbed his balls and voice came out from underneath “ plus two or minus two?” Man had no idea what was going on and said “plus two”. "a bet is a bet" the blonde says as she hands the redhead 20 dollars. He says, "3 Million Dollar. He said, "A Christian." "Me too! The Scotsman opens his lunch box and says, "If I get one more ham sandwich, I'm going to jump off this bridge." Finally, he says to her, "Well, if you're gonna kill yourself anyway, why not give me a nice blowjob first? You already are on the other side! A couple minutes later, Hans points out a long brick wall along the outskirts of town. He tells the Genie for his wish he wants to build a bridge from Los Angeles to Sydney so he could drive whenever he wants. The blonde goes last. The Mayor of the Greek town visited the Spanish town. "You don't look like yore handicapped." Three men go to heaven. ", An old man is walking along the beach one day when suddenly God appears and says to the man, "You know, you've been a good man and faithful to me all your life. Click here for more information. No! "Reformed Baptist Church of God." He passes the bottle back to John who promptly throws the bottle over the bridge and into the river below. Northern Baptist or Southern Baptist?"

I said, "Me too!

There is an abundance of highway jokes out there.

Exasperated, he asks: "Why... WHY would anyone order wine? Think of how much material that'd be!

....they've found 6 more bodies than there were people missing. Troll Jokes. Sam had a ham and cheese sandwich: “Man if my wife packs ham and cheese one more time this week I am jumping off this bridge. John replies, "I think you're right." Tomorrow my ship leaves for Rome. Both of them turn their attention to it when a story comes on about a man threatening to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge. While he did not want to appear insensitive, he didn't want to miss an opportunity. "Baptist Church of God." Think about the logistics! He said, "Northern Baptist." ", A blonde and a redhead met in a bar after work for a drink, and were watching the 6 O'clock news. Full with funny wisecracks it is even funnier than any upstream witze you can hear about bridge. "My parents don't like me dressing up like a girl......", A man and a ***blonde*** woman are sitting next to each other at a bar. God said, "I can't do that, there would be too many problems. I haven't had sex in 25 years." "Baptist." A newcomer to the small town, looking to make friends, sits down next to Seamus and asks him what's wrong. "Wow! ", and how I can make a woman truly happy." "Me too! How about a drink to celebrate our new friendship?"

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