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Notice the difference in fender length between the front of the doors and the back of the wheels.

I have done numerous engine swaps/overhauls in my youger days but never on a FWD vehicle. Engine swap UPGRADE! LOTS or respect to people brave enough to do that. But as for building up the 5S-FE as you explained, and turbo'ing it, very much an option. The Supra has a longer wheelbase than the Celica. This is one of the longer engines in the business. This additional weight so far forward will impair the agility the car. on upgrading the turbo alone to a t3t4 your looking at 350 hp. The difference in the overall length of the body/frame is obvious when viewing the two vehicles side by side. There are a number of possible ways. When you ask yourself if it is a good idea to swap your motor out, you got to first know which kind of car you have. But from what I know if you pull it off you will be one of the first. (DONT KNOW IF 7TH GEN TRANNY CAN FIT 3SGTE,GOT TO LOOK INTO THAT), HEY SEAN,WHAT INTAKE MANIFOLD ARE YOU RUNNING?

You will still have to deal with the motor mounts, a horrible balance issue and many other issues but it should work. But you would have to move allot of bits an pieces. This is what happens when a Subaru WRX STi mates with a 7th gen Celica. The Celica engine bay is physicaly big enough to fit an inline 6. $5095 for engine swap only, reuse your 5-speed transmission. The 4th gen needs fewer parts for the swap so you can get away with just buying the engine, harness, and ECU. I am selling our Champcar prepped 1989 Toyota Celica GT with a legal engine swap to a 1997 Toyota Camry V6 (1MZ). you will have to fabricate a lot of metal and reposition some important parts (Heater core being one difficult example). Why is it so hard to use a supra engine? You must narrow your choices down to a few or even a couple potential motors. There is often a lack of information and support available for times when y… Better durability, clean OEM-like install and a 50+ horsepower boost makes this swap a no-brainer! It *should* be possible if you can cut everything from the radiator forward out and replace it with a custom fabricated assembly. 1990 Celica GT,Engine Swap,Or Rebuild,help!!

i wanna know whether having 3zze internals affects lift tho... Thanx for the great info guys...pleaze keep it coming... ok...let me get something staight...r you guys saying that we can now squeeze out over 300hp out of a 1.8L 4 cylinder?? Twin Cam, 16 valve, turbocharged....200 hp out the box with good torque. a fully built 3s can easily set you at 450 to 500 horses. Obviously you have a 7th gen Celica, now you must think about the wonderful family of motors Toyota produces. Especially when the engine swap you want to perform, is a rare one, not performed on many vehicles. Jump to Latest Follow ... Its a celica motor and the swap will be well within your budget. But it is especially hard to come up with six inches extra between the block and radiator. A little extra hp to start you off and you'll fall in love with LiFT :naughty: Now, if you want to get into something really interesting.. Take a look at this thread. It is a little more than six inches longer than the 22R block. If you have looked in you Celica's engine compartment lately you might find it hard to find 6 inches of free space anywhere. If you turbo your GTS and you don't do anything to the VVTL-i then you will have boost lift which equals orgasm. it is a stroker kit, and stroker kits just produce more displacement. The Toyota Supra is powered by an inline six cylinder engine. From the firewall back these two vehicles are the same car. If you have looked in you Celica's engine compartment lately you might find it hard to find 6 inches of free space anywhere. There are general writeups on 6gc.net for the 3S swap into a Celica. This is one of the longer engines in the business. It is a little more than six inches longer than the 22R block. Other options: E-153 MR2 turbo tranny with LSD 1mzfe tranny found on Solaras, Camrys, and ES300s ... 97 celica ST 5spd 179,xxx ST185 3SGTE RC Swap USDM GT motor mounts JDM 3SGE Tranny JDM 3SGE axles GT shifter cables ... Make sure your engine harness has been converted properly. since you would have to fabricate custom piping, you might as well upgrade your intercooler at this time, instead of mounting the stock on the front using custom piping. lol. Last edited by Steven; Oct 31, 2003 9:37am. Im for sure going to turbo the engine, just want to build it up a little before i do, so it wont be a half ass job. Baring that in mind, one option is to cut the firewall and position the engine inside the cab as much as possible. Another commonly asked about option is installing a Supra front end on the Celica. now will the 3zz put you close to 350? You would then need to reposition the front crossmember to be centered with the Supra fenders. the 3zz is not a new engine. Special thanks to Harvey Cheong and Greg Giacchi for providing me with these pics of their beautiful cars. You will notice a fan and belts filling the vital air space there. Our most popular install: 2ZZ-GE engine, low mile used, fully inspected, new lift bolts; Appx 190hp (DONT KNOW IF 7TH GEN TRANNY CAN FIT 3SGTE,GOT TO LOOK INTO THAT), yes boys here in the uk i did this mod hope you like it. greedy greedy. More elaborate engine builds, supercharger, turbo; you name it we’ll build it. you dont need lift with a turbo upgrade like that one guy has.
You'll need to send the harness off to mr220v (Doug Copeland, Wiregap Inc.) to have it converted for you but the cost will still be lower than a third gen. If you’re looking to swap a 2ZZ into your 2000-05 Celica GT then this is the package for you. All in all it would probably cost you more money to perform this mod and make it work than to go out and BUY a good MKII Supra. 3S-GTE. They make many awesome race engines. Another item to consider is that the inline six engines are quite a bit heavier than the stock four cylinder engines. (248) 624-9820 -- FAX (248) 479-0775Technical and Product info: info@monkeywrenchracing.com Monkeywrench Racing accepts Visa / MasterCard / Discover / Paypal / Checks / Money Orders and Bank Wire Transfers Sorry, we do not accept American Express or Western Union Money Orders. With a some drilling, cutting, welding and longer coolant hoses you should be able to clear out enough room to fit an I6 in there. CelicaHobby.com is an independent Toyota Celica enthusiast website. Like Rick said, you'll need to swap the tranny, axles and ECU, but it will be worht it. ( LOOKS PRETTY TIGHT WHERE THAT MANIFOLD IS! Better durability, clean OEM-like install and a 50+ horsepower boost makes this swap a no-brainer! Se7en MotorsportsJul 27 2009, 05:24 AM. (AS OPPOSED TO A CELICA)SINCE YOU WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO USE THE INTERCOOLER AND TRANNY FROM THE GT4 ANY WAY. the kit includes a new crank, connecting rods, pistons and i believe it comes with o-rings. I only work on Gen 7 so here is the info you need mate . AND DID YOU CHANGE THE FUEL SYSTEM FROM A RETURNLESS SYSTEM TO ONE THAT HAS A RETURN LINE? The most popular fix for the Celica GT is upgrading to the more robust 2ZZ-GE engine (and optionally 6-speed transmission) found in the Celica GTS. now all we gotta do is squeeze in the 3zz internals and we should hypothetically have boost, lift and have more horsepower to start with! For those of you who have looked at a 3sgte, you know that the 3s has a top mount intercooler. Having already researched this swap into 1st gen Celicas, I knew that by using an AE86 front cross member, which bolts up to the Celica’s frame rails by redrilling the bolt holes on the cross member, I could use Xcessive Manufacturing’s engine mount brackets designed specifically to mount the 3SGE into the AE chassis.

The Toyota and Celica names and logos are trademarks owned by Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc. Re: TO ENGINE SWAP...OR NOT TO ENGINE SWAP?

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