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I don’t understand much academic work outside my field). Quite tired. repped by @plittyc own views she/her ,,,,,,,,,,, Much of our queueing these days takes place virtually. When those heroes were anything but heroic, leaving their statues standing is an insult to the modern values we claim to hold. Despite what Leopold von Ranke – one of the pioneers of modern historical research – said, history is not only about finding out “how it actually happened”, but also about how we think about the past and our relationship to it. But I was thinking about this when seeing more moralising people talking about how to cut food costs & also the chat about what is “essential” food in supermarkets in lockdown, and I’m just really resistant to the idea of policing people’s treats and luxuries, whatever they are. Available for everyone, funded by readers.

Every time a statue comes down, we learn a little more. For the British to be ashamed of their imperial history, they would have to know about it, and to understand both the worst excesses of imperial violence and the simple daily injustice of imperial rule. © 2020 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. And there was also much talk on the picket line of sector-wide concerns: short-term or zero-hour teaching contracts, unmanageable workloads, stress, anxiety, depression. Foetuses should not have any rights that conflict with the rights of the mother. It was incredibly stressful to get the A levels information in tiny bits through journalists who were happy to get scoops and tweet either unsubstantiated rumours OR things the government should have just announced. I really thought teaching from home would mean I’d have three normal meals a day and a few cups of tea and no, I’m straight back on the SNACKS/Diet Coke/forget to each lunch then crash and MORE SNACKS teaching diet. Meanwhile, unaware of all the controversy he has caused, Edward Colston’s statue lies peacefully at the bottom of Bristol harbour. - for the good of my health (just as well, given that we're also being pushed to provide as much in-person teaching as possible). Professor says she plays “chicken” with men while walking to empower women. Something has to give. But how English – how British – is this experience? I had a day of teaching 4 seminars yesterday and I felt at the end of the day like I’d been hit by a truck. And for other British people, having to see these statues every day, sitting in lecture theatres and concert halls named after these men, is a daily act of violence that has become unbearable. Supermarkets have better Covid management in place,” one MP complained. Historians are not too worried at the threat posed by “rewriting history”. The number of monuments to men who enslaved other humans or who killed hundreds of unarmed civilians or who performed other horrific crimes in the service of empire, or the woman who presided over them, stands in contrast to the number of critically engaged conversations we have about empire's crimes. I don't do my job - surprise! The idea that the British are a uniquely fair-minded people may not be based on any objective truth – but the more we tell the story, the more alert we are to infractions, especially from people who don’t look like us. Historians are not too worried at the threat posed by “rewriting history”. This isn’t a coincidence. And that, under advice from my lawyers*, is all I will say about that.

The strikes in 2019 and 2020 have added to this the “four fights” campaign, addressing pay, workload, equality and the casualisation of academic jobs. These strikes come after eight days of industrial action just before Christmas, but are connected also to the 14 days of strikes in 2018. It exists alongside the myth. This was the time when you might join a queue without knowing what it was you were lining up for. me, when one of my colleagues points out that my lecture is now significantly off-topic, me, whenever the department Teams meeting goes quiet, I find it super interesting that whenever you google what might broadly be called a “women’s health” question, you find lots and lots of other women asking the question but often no answer, Variants of the question you googled will even be suggested by Google as questions other people have asked, but the articles provided in response never actually answer them. In his 1944 essay The English People, George Orwell remarked on “the orderly behaviour of English crowds, the lack of pushing and quarrelling, the willingness to form queues.”, Nowhere in the world is it easier to break queueing rules than it is here in the UK. A 1957 Times leader on the death of the bus queue lamented: “It is nowadays hard to have a relationship with a subordinate which rests on mutual consideration based on acknowledged authority.” But bus queues are seldom seen now for a far more practical reason: they don’t make sense when there are different buses serving the same stop. Women are not mere vessels to carry your precious “unborn child”. Shopkeeper: “Excuse me, Miss, are you pregnant?” Woman: “Well, I wasn’t when I joined the queue!”, To some extent, the notion that we are a nation of queuers becomes a self-seeding myth. We must remain alert to the risk that our history will be “whitewashed” – as if there were enough whitewash in the world – with the difficult, complex bits disappeared. For many striking staff, this industrial action has been experienced as one continuous two-year process: two years of ballots, offers and counteroffers, heated arguments, and then, seemingly inevitably, strike days, with rainy picket lines powered by sugar and caffeine. Moran further notes that people have been complaining about the decline of the British queue for as long as the British queue has been a notable phenomenon. I knew B&Q mid-lockdown would be bad, but I hadn’t quite appreciated how bad.

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