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Will we draw the conclusions? Then it is sent to Ovruch and Korosten. Chernobyl exclusion zone – is area affected by the disaster, over 2600 square kilometers in size, numbering several dozen abandoned villages, several burial grounds, many forests and fields. The fire does not make out. The total area of the forest fund under its management is 240.6 thousand hectares, divided into 7 forest districts. In fact, it was an analogue of a fire strip and its appearance just resembled a logging of a forest. The control panel of the 4th power unit …, On the clock 00:27 a.m. By this time, the capacity …, 00:30 a.m. During the transition to an automatic control regulator, …, 01:03 a.m. Dyatlov made sure that the power was brought …, 01:11 a.m. We can say for sure only one thing.

After that, its destiny is varied from Romania and Poland to China and the UAE. The wood is sorted here. People cut it down under the guise of another sanitary cleaning. When there are all the necessary permits and documents for cutting, the expediency of its implementation raises great doubts. If you ask ordinary people how they imagine the exclusion zone, the majority will most likely answer that these are old wild forests and impenetrable thickets with a large amount of animals.

This is how the Chernobyl spruces and pines end up in the markets of Africa and South America. Corruption Zone: who needs Chernobyl forests? Fire fighting is the main reasoning for felling in the exclusion zone. Photos taken in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. The state does not even consider the alternative. Accordingly, the effects of external factors such as bark beetles, windbreaks, fires, etc weakened them. There is a lot of wild animals in the forests. However, you need the appropriate permits and documents to sell and export wood. The immediate reason for such monitoring was information about another large-scale logging in the Chernobyl zone. It should be aimed primarily at the formation of sustainable and healthy forests. There is still an opinion among Chernobyl foresters that the best way is to conduct forestry according to the old, “Soviet” approach.

The Chernobyl exclusion zone is 260,000 hectares of land, 70% of which are forests. The main function of the forests of the exclusion zone is a barrier, aimed at curbing the spread of radionuclides, including due to the wind. Around the Chernobyl NPP within a radius of 30 km was created exclusion zone, called the Chernobyl zone. There are hundreds of hectares of unaccounted forest in the Chernobyl zone. They are highly overburdened due to lack of felling and lack of appropriate care. There is no relationship between the places of occurrence of fires with or without sanitary felling. We must say that everyone, who defended every piece of the forest at the fire in a hellish battle, did their job with honor. In their opinion, they will only intensify the fires. The year 2020 brought new fires to the area around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. At least it was several decades ago. The entire forest cut down in Chernobyl has about one path.

There is a struggle between established stereotypes in work and management aimed at enhancing the sustainability and protective functions of forests based on the best foreign practices. The only ones who can see the entire volume of arbitrariness in Chernobyl are illegal immigrants, the so-called stalkers. As a result of the accident at the ChNPP, spots of radiation-contaminated places remained on the territory of the Zhytomyr and Kiev regions. The Ukrainian area (approximately 2600 km2) contains for… There are many rivers, lakes and marshes here. Clearing and selling them has long been a business, despite the fact that only sanitary cleaning is allowed in the zone.

Established shortly after the accident in 1986, the CEZ was initially the area within the 30 km radius around the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, although, over the last 25 years the borders have expanded.

Today, the exclusion zone is still a dangerous place, but radiation levels have decreased enough for it to be safe for people to visit. If you’re unaware, it is the officially declared 30-kilometer radius exclusion zone around the Chernobyl Power Plant that has been deemed too dangerous to be in. 35 YEARS LATER Reports from the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

It means that we must cut down everything completely, and then planting forest cultures, and not at a distance, but as they say, the trunk in the trunk. Every year, the number of fire strips in the exclusion zone is growing exponentially. They once again reminded the whole world of the catastrophe with their scale. However, some modern scientists show the opposite view of this problem. As they say, it is no stranger to it.

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Moreover, separate felling was inexpedient not only from the ecological, but also from the economic point of view! There is no doubt about that.
Paradoxically, there is no separate instruction on forest management in the forests of the exclusion zone in Ukraine.

As a result, it became much more difficult to localize the fire in this area. It is to this category that the overwhelming majority of forest areas, which analysts from the human rights organization “Ecology-Right-Person” visited. It happens that the purpose of the felling is clear, but the documents are not drawn up properly.
After the creation of the Chernobyl Biosphere Reserve, an environmental function was added to it. Therefore, if we do not take the economic component in the form of income from timber exports, then the expediency of their implementation is highly questionable from this point of view.

People accept that if a tree is sick or withered, they must cut it down.

They have been walking around the exclusion zone for weeks. The power rises sharply in …, 01:23 a.m. Having instantly assessed the situation, the senior operator …, The light goes out from the shock wave as a …. The experiment continues.

After all, as you know, the life of not only the Chernobyl forest, but also the Ukrainian Carpathians depends on this. チェルノブイリ立入禁止区域(ウクライナ語: Зо́на відчу́ження、ベラルーシ語: Зона адчужэньня、英語: Chernobyl Exclusion Zone)とは、1986年のチェルノブイリ原子力発電所事故によって立ち入り禁止とされている半径30km圏内の区域である。 This time, they approached the nuclear power plant almost close. Young needles or dried up needles burn equally well as one and the other. how it is more profitable to sell the harvested wood, to expect from them modernized approaches to the restoration of both natural and artificial massifs of the Chernobyl forest, as well as the creation of a modern fire management system is a thankless task. チェルノブイリ立入禁止区域(ウクライナ語: Зо́на відчу́ження、ベラルーシ語: Зона адчужэньня、英語: Chernobyl Exclusion Zone)とは、1986年のチェルノブイリ原子力発電所事故によって立ち入り禁止とされている半径30km圏内の区域である。, 事故後当時のソビエト連邦政府は、ウクライナ・ベラルーシ両国にまたがる、原発から30km圏内の住民13万5000人を強制疎開させた。いまなおこの区域に立ち入ることは厳しく制限されている[1]。, ベラルーシ側は総面積2165平方kmのポレーシェ国立放射線生態学保護区となっており、立ち入りに許可が必要である。かつて92の村があり約22000人が暮らしていたが、事故後強制移住させられた。特に高濃度に汚染された13の村は、汚染の拡散を防ぐため埋め立てられた。保護区責任者は「保護区のほとんどの所で300年間は人が住めない」と話しているという[2]。, 座標: 北緯51度23分22秒 東経30度5分56秒 / 北緯51.38944度 東経30.09889度 / 51.38944; 30.09889, State Agency of Ukraine on the Exclusion Zone Management,チェルノブイリ立入禁止区域&oldid=79092089. Forests of the exclusion zone are not “the boreal forest”, but mainly artificial pine plantations of different ages. The felling damaged them.

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