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Chiwetalu Agu is currently married to Nkechi and the marriage is blessed with five children comprising of three boys and two girls.

Chiwetalu Agu popularly known as Ichie Ogwu is a legendary Nollywood comic actor, television personality and a comedian. How do you intend to surmount piracy with your company? He is always known for using slangs and funny phrase in making his character look more interesting and unique. It took me one year to use orthodoxy means to find solution to his ailment.

When she told me that she was pregnant for me, I cuddled her, kissed her and put her on my laps. In 2011, Chiwetalu Agu was nominated for Best Actor in a Supporting Role at Zulu African Film Academy Awards held in London, United Kingdom. In this blog he profile biography, news and top list compilations. Your email address will not be published. You seem to have an affinity for comedies; why is that? He attended Municipal Council School Ogui Town, Saint Luke’s Primary School Ogui Urban Area both in Enugu coal city of Enugu State in the south eastern part of Nigeria.

Ghanaian Actress Lydia Forson Blast Haters, Governor Sanwo Olu Finally Reveals Who Ordered Lekki Toll Gate Shooting, President Buhari Biography And How He Died In 2017, You Are A Big Fool!! I would celebrate you.’ That was it. In 2012, he won the Nollywood awards for Best Actor in Indigenous Movie (non-English speaking language) for his role in Nkwocha. After staying at home for more than two years, I had to beg my father to allow me to return to the city. After completing his secondary school education, Chiwetalu Agu went further to Miinchen College in Enugu and obtains a National Diploma in Dramatics Arts. So, I’m grateful to God.

Here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about the Nollywood veteran actor Chiwetalu Agu: Popular Nollywood actor, Chiwetalu Agu, often acts the role of a wicked man in movies. Agu is married to Nkechi Agu and they have five children together.

And his depictions are so real that many fans believe that it is his real character. He is listed as one of the outstanding comedians who have contributed to the development of Nollywood comic genres by Prof. Femi Shaka of the University of Port Harcourt.

The son prefers to act and play different funny characters. Today, God has blessed us with five children, three boys and two girls.

He is a graduate of Mass Communication from Enugu State University of Science and Technology.

Agu is married to Nkechi and has three sons and two daughters. But how does your wife react to scenes like that?

Chiwetalu Agu currently has an estimated net worth of $800,000, making him one of the richest and most influential comic actors in Nigeria.


President’ the comic actor reflected on the blessings Nigeria has received from God as well as on the poor leadership that has destroyed it, adding that he would do better things if he was made the president. Can you share instances when fans reacted to you with the belief that you’re a wicked man?

They urged me to go out there and look for my own future. In fact, I have achieved a lot by doing that. That way, I would not go through a long process. Chiwetalu Agu Biography. Chiwetalu Agu is currently married to Nkechi and the marriage is blessed with five children comprising of three boys and two girls.

And while I was in her house, there was power interruption, and she asked a young man who was taller than me to go and change the power source to generator. How my wife feels after watching my films. My kinsman; Jeffrey […] She hails from Mbaise, Imo State.

The song is not just about trolling politicians, but has other fun tracks that will make you dance, laugh and merry. He also featured in Nigerian Television Authority Channel 8 Enugu’s Ikoro, produced by Joe Onyekwere.

Some other persons cautioned him, and he fired back by saying, ‘Don’t you know this man is my all-in-all? They said “my father has lived his own life and I should go out there and live mine”. He has starred in numerous blockbuster Nollywood films and has also worked with a prominent Nigerian stars like Patience Ozorkwor, Ireti Doyle and Pete Edochie to mention a few. I said to her, ‘So from you I would become a father. But when I married her, I made her to stop trading, promising to sponsor her education.

He has received a national award by the Nigerian Federal Government as a Member of the Order of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, which happens to be the highest award given to a celebrity who has contributed immensely to the economic growth and development of the country.

At a point, my age mates at home and abroad were advising me each time they returned home to leave my father to his fate. Whenever anybody pays, the official vehicles of my company, will deliver the consignment either to the person’s house or office wherever they are in the country. This is the irony of life. If I tell you now that I help some children in the motherless baby’s home, it may not be as sensational as when they say that I raped a minor. Some people say that Nigerian actors are not properly trained; what do you have to say about that?
Reluctantly, I visited the woman one day. After studying in Germany, he came to Nigeria for NYSC and formed a theatre troupe which he called Inspirer Theatre Group in …

My kinsman; Jeffrey Agu, a former police officer, then saw my wife in one of the Pentecostal churches in Olodi, Apapa, where he had gone to worship. He mentioned in a film that his ingenuity is unique as an actor because of his humor, wit and invention of specific clichés in every film that he stars in.

The album, which reflects on the everyday activities of an average Nigerian, will be released soon and the actor who will now be stepping into the music industry is surely ready to make a big statement especially where it concerns the hardship in the country. Chiwetalu Agu was born on 1956 in Enugu, Nigeria. They have three sons and two daughters. He is currently 62 years old. I remember how each time I went to a man of God with names of women to ascertain if anyone of them would be my wife, the answer had not always been favourable.

It would mean enslaving myself forever. Chiwetalu Agu Biography: Career, Movies, Net Worth & More: In this biography article of Chiwetalu Agu, you will discover a lot of interesting facts about the nollywood actor, which includes his early life, education, family, career, movies, awards, net worth and much more.

He was born on 27th October 1956 in Amokwe, a small village in Udi Local Government Area of Enugu State in the south eastern part of Nigeria. The young man happened to be a son she had out of wedlock. I had to abandon the script I wrote after featuring in ‘Things Fall Apart’ which I titled, ‘The Advocate’, back then at the NTA Enugu to take care of my father. My children too are very brilliant kids. There was a woman my father wanted me to marry.

He is the traditional ruler of his community.

When he returned home, because he was living with me at that time, he told me that he had seen a wife for me.

His professional acting career took off immediately after his graduation from Miinchen College Enugu in 1981 as he took part in the NTA drama series Things Fall Apart, where he played the role of Anikwu while Pete Edochie played the role of Okonkwo. Since he broke into the Nigerian entertainment scene 31 years ago, he has starred in over 150 films. See Abba Kyari Last Letter To President Muhammadu Buhari Before His Death, Unbelievable – Atiku Abubakar Reveals Why He Has 5 Wives And 26 Children,, CUPP Warns President Buhari To Stop The Massive Killings In Oyibo Port Harcourt, Expect Vengeance From Us Soon Nnamdi Kanu Told Governor Wike, Boko Haram Leader Kidnap A Pastor And Threatens To Storm Aso Rock To Expose The Imposter, I Am Not Sleeping With Desmond Elliot!! It includes not only male characters but also female!

The scene that went viral was where I was dressing them up for a burial ceremony that was coming up where I expected men to see them, and to find them attractive enough to take as wives. He also mentioned in an interview that he finds it difficult to reconcile his lifestyle with the negative roles he plays and also admits to shedding some tears for the different characters that he plays.

He has often been described as one of the best actors of his generation and also one of Nigeria’s funniest comic actors.

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