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You are trapped in a cave. Your character is the most honest person in the world. Tell the story of the meanest thing you ever did to anyone. A story’s main plot might explore one theme while its subplots explore other themes. Art 4. Agoraphobia in a meteor shower….if you think of more list the in the comments. Your wife/husband was cheating, your boss hated you, your friends disliked you…. Tell the story of someone who you knew who committed suicide, and explain how they saw you. Tell the story of your home town from the founding all the way until you moved away or grew up. The most memorable children’s (and YA) books revolve around one or more universal themes. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. These are the basics. Honesty 7. Write a story where you tell lies to ruin someone’s life. You have raped and killed 10 people. Every book has a theme and we often see the same theme in many books. The strongest stories tend to use themes that are interconnected and complement or contrast with one another. They are now coming over to your house to hang out. The themes in movies are often said outright instead of hinted at. How To Write A Short Story This list is about the 12 most common themes in books. Beauty 7. You can’t find your car. Write your story about being the most attractive/promiscuous (get any gal girl you want). The story theme of justice is often attributed to Revenge story themes in that respect. Theme is the central idea of the story. You only have all the foods you hate left in the world to eat. In one or two words. We find our themes in the problems. • Write a story about being an astronaut who saves your ship. The person has a spouse and children. Night is coming. A vampire is in seducing your wife/husband. These universal themes are popular among authors and readers alike because they are experiences we can relate to. He or she lives by you. Death. You are lost in the snow. Tell the story of the first time you had sex. He or she works for the mob. You are looking at your body. As this question is pretty much related to this one The Ancient Greeks said there were only a few basic themes one could write about. Write about a recurring dream you have coming true. Why? How to Find the Theme of a Book or Short Story, Biography of William Golding, British Novelist, How to Compare Two Novels in Comparative Essay, How to Identify the Theme in a Literary Work, Plot and Themes of J.R.R. They include: Love – this is a very common theme in literature, and there are numerous examples of it. You see them over and over again. > �" �E�g�Щ�2�Ј�(sC�D��4��� ذTj)B��n���n�@eD�YoDž�ܵԶ�(�*%aͭ����P%2>й�ܔ�b�(J�uҹW��G��]�JW�"���B�D���;K�wM��s! Writers Write is your one-stop resource for writers. The person is the exact opposite of everything you are. Remember, however, that the messages in any piece of literature can go much deeper than this, but it will at least give you a good starting point. Acceptance/ tolerance 5. No story would be worthwhile without a multi-faceted main character, an interesting setting, an engaging plot (or series of events), a conflict to overcome, and a central theme or message. 6. The best literary themes explore human nature on a universal level. Write the story of the best day of your life. You any age under 18. Children 16. Abuse of power 2. �/��E���/��3��nF�k5J���#�d#�0��Z���y���-�����!4©y�(w>���[����&7�B�Ԑ9Unh&�'��`�v�`��TV�b�Z��9��3��$p�=I���ϭ�VU�*&*U �"��Tk^4�TA#4J�F�*N����L\#�U��1B*KE8X�Џ1�,%�xw����ؠ�ίDT����V�����(Lj�fx/j#I�f��f+Z���@w>�ay_e: tN����i]r���P���x�A��$op��F/��E�i~2���:N0�խ� $�]�(��9YhH4G� Write the story of the day you had your biggest accomplishment/win. You just texted messaged a picture of yourself “playing with sex toys to your mother. Someone you love comes back from the dead. Write a juxtaposition of 2 phoebes. Celebration 12. You are very ugly. [��`�������N�Q���]p4'e�Ws�v�m}}L��j��~_3����)��0��A|�̈�q��)Ag�]Kf��$�*�N�u��S��7����l�����'�e�w;����b�ᴃ�K�a�^�u��FX�����X}c|�t*� %C�N��9e+�Ntr�I'*�����J�h���;�U�)��x^΁t���tqد%B4�����6�r2���Bl�T������Ǖ������#�V[7̫00����o#����m�D��w�v�� ��.�����*�� Autonomy 5. Kindness 6. Whether it’s John Wick avenging the death of a puppy given to him by his dead wife, Mad Max avenging the death of his wife and child, or Django Unchained going to find enslaved love, the Revenge story theme of Justice intrigues us. Your character is an artist. A theme may show up in a pattern such as reoccurring examples of beauty in simplicity. It is not a moral. Beliefs 8. You and your children are wet from hiking trying to find your way. That’s the theme. The 1997 film Titanic is rich with themes that swirl around class (wealth versus poverty). It is better if it is a full statement, with a subject and a verb. In some cases, they may be connected to other themes in the story. Creation 22. What is a theme? You are turned into an alien. These themes may be common, but in each story, they may have a deeper meaning. Someone you are attached to keeps showing up in your life. He or she spread rumors, ruined your business or just ruined your best moment.

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