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Draining a large watershed of 455 square miles (1,180 km2), the reservoir's capacity is 95.7 billion US gallons (362,000,000 m3). This page was last changed on 6 August 2014, at 13:54. More. Learn more about our custom river jet boats. After the English expelled the Dutch and took control of the New Netherland colony in 1664, the river was renamed Delaware after Sir Thomas West 3rd Baron De La Warr, an English nobleman and the Virginia colony's first royal governor who defended the colony during the First Anglo-Powhatan War. ��� �V. A third detachment would attack a group of the Hessians at Mt. The Delaware River constitutes the boundary between Delaware and New Jersey. Its three bordering states are New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. The West Branch of the Delaware River (also called the Mohawk Branch) spans approximately 90 miles (140 km) from the northern Catskill Mountains to where it joins in confluence with the Delaware River's East Branch at Hancock, New York. These two branches flow west and merge near Hancock in Delaware County and the combined waters flow as the Delaware River south. To do this, he relied upon John Glover and his Marblehead (MA) ferries (they had previously ferried the army from Brooklyn to Manhattan).

Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. The river flows down a broad Appalachian valley, passing Hawk's Nest overlook on the Upper Delaware Scenic Byway. [29], 29. Did you know that after Rhode Island, Delaware it is the second smallest state in the United States? You and your family can come see the iconic river where our great nation formed, and it's right in your backyard! EARLY MAP OF THE DELAWARE RIVER (CIRCA 1655), (Click the map to view the full size, crisp and clear version). Both the East Branch and West Branch of the Delaware River parallel each other, both flowing in a southwesterly direction. %PDF-1.5 %���� It is the most recently constructed New York City reservoir and began serving the city in 1964. endstream endobj startxref The British army pursuing him (under the command of Lord Charles … Delaware River, river of the Atlantic slope of the United States, meeting tidewater at Trenton, New Jersey, about 130 miles (210 km) above its mouth. [18], 34. She was also the first woman to become an officer in the American Astronomical Society. These websites include the Delaware Riverkeeper Network, DelawareRiver.Net, and DelawareRiverWiki. [�za���ō��*�d�/����k�k�a(�y]ŒȿI_/ц�կ����mW��{�^.��7��~�*~�f����e�*�\^�AO�[��B��1yч$oķ�=p6H�c����ճ��C��W_��}�1�S�����K9��l�l����GN�|7z��^}���D�� If you pay attention to the geography of the state, Delaware is 96 miles long and varies from 9 to 35 miles in width. They made up to as much as 1/3 of the British forces. mile watershed; Mean freshwater discharge is 11,550 cubic feet (330 m³) per second; Barrier between states of PA/NJ and most of the DE/NJ barrier; Flows through NY, NJ, PA, & DE; BEGINNING/END: Catskill Mountains to the Atlantic …

9. Washington’s army was down to 2400 men, about 10% of its strength at the Battle of Long Island, and enlistments were due to expire at the end of 1776. On December 7, 1787, Delaware became the first state to ratify the constitution of the United States. The Delaware Division of the Pennsylvania Canal, running parallel with the river from Easton to Bristol, opened in 1830. The Delaware River is well known for its fishing opportunities. Delaware is also corporate heaven because of its business-friendly corporation laws.

The dam would have created a 37-mile (60 km) lake in the center of present park for use as a reservoir. 8. The river flows southeast for 78 miles through rural regions along the New York-Pennsylvania border to Port Jervis and the Shawangunk Mountains. [1], 23. 2012 DAILY SCHEDULE Hours of Operation Season Schedule Fundraisers and Events, RENTAL EQUIPMENT - Tubes | Rafts | Canoes | Kayaks | Jet Boat Rides | Zipline Rides, RESERVE YOUR TRIP - Make a Trip Reservation Bull's Island Canal Rides River Jet Boat Rides, PRICING & RATES - General Admision Pricing Group Admission Pricing Bull's Island Canal Pricing, LOCAL WEATHER - Frenchtown, New Jersey Current River Height Current Water Temp Future Height Prediction, DIRECTIONS TO US - 2998 Daniel Bray Hwy Frenchtown, NJ 08825, RULES AND POLICIES - Read prior to your trip, FREE LINK EXCHANGE - Reciprocal link for free. 12.

The Delaware River Watershed (12,800 square miles) covers parts of New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. Content of this web page is sourced from wikipedia ( Copyright © 2012 Delaware River Tubing, Inc. 2998 Daniel Bray Hwy Frenchtown, NJ 08825, Help Us Protect the Fragile Delaware River, Delaware Division of the Pennsylvania Canal, Kathy's Tube for the Cause - Official Website, Susan G. Komen for the Cure - Official Website, Mean freshwater discharge is 11,550 cubic feet (330 m³) per second, Barrier between states of PA/NJ and most of the DE/NJ barrier, BEGINNING/END: Catskill Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean, Supplies water to 15 million people ~ 5% of the Nation, Fish Species include Smallmouth Bass, Shad, Walleye, Carp, Trout, Perch, Salmon, American American Eels, First mapped out in 1609 by Dutch Explorer Henry Hudson and his expedition, The most famous crossing involved George Washington during the night of December 25-26, 1776 when he led a successful surprise attack on the Hessian troops in Trenton, NJ. In 1610, Delaware was named after the first governor of Virginia, Sir Thomas West, Lord De La Warr. The name of barony (later an earldom) is pronounced as in the current spelling form "Delaware" (i/ˈdɛləwɛər/ DEL-ə-wair) and is thought to derive from French de la Guerre. Delaware is the third most bike-friendly state in the U.S. 21. Miss the original presentation? A high density of population and recreational opportunities combine with a wealth of natural, cultural and historic features of national significance. Combined with its tributaries, the river supports more than 60 fish species—popular game fish like Eastern brook trout, striped bass, and migrating river herring among them.

The state of Delaware was originally part of the William Penn's Pennsylvania colony. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. Check the height of the river before coming! Delegates from the 13 original colonies often met at the Golden Fleece Tavern to review the draft, eventually coming to an agreement on 7 Dec 1787.

[30], 28. Lord de la Warr waged a punitive campaign to subdue the Powhatan after they had killed the colony's council president, John Ratcliffe, and attacked the colony's fledgling settlements. The last 6 miles (9.7 km) forms part of the boundary between New York and Pennsylvania. [19], 31. Delaware is one of the only five states without a sales tax. The River and Harbor Act of 1899 provided for a 30-foot (9.1 m) channel 600 feet (180 m) wide from Philadelphia to the deep water of the bay. Because of massive environmental opposition, dwindling funds, and an unacceptable geological assessment of the dam's safety, the government transferred the property to the National Park Service in 1978. Holly to keep them from reinforcing Trenton. Howe ordered the army to return to New York City for the winter, and Cornwallis planned to go to London. Outnumbered 4-to-1, the Revolutionaries suffered defeat and retreated back to Wilmington. Crossing the Delaware River: The Christmas Surprise. The Delaware River at Camden, New Jersey, looking toward Philadelphia. FREE LINK EXCHANGE Includes 2 Free Passes! The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area came about as a result of the failure of a controversial plan to build a dam on the Delaware River at Tocks Island, just north of the Delaware Water Gap to control water levels for flood control and hydroelectric power generation. Delaware River (Lower) The lower Delaware River possesses a great diversity of significant resources. The River and Harbor Act of 1899 provided for a 30-foot (9.1 m) channel 600 feet (180 m) wide from Philadelphia to the deep water of the bay. Get ready to get soaked during our Great American Water Gun War! The millions of people who cross it daily may be vaguely aware that George Washington made history when he crossed it once, but few recognize its importance to their daily lives.

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