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I can't find the specific statutory language, but apparently any serious crime punished by a year or more in prison is a felony in MS.

My friend did something really stupid and now he is afraid he will be arrested. Yes. They definitely deserve some jail time. A theft of more than $300 can carry up … Also, regardless of whether it's a ticketable offense, or an offense with actual jail time, the police can arrest you and bring you in, even for something like a speeding ticket. Florida Statute 509.151(1) makes it illegal to obtain food at any foodservice establishment with the intent to defraud the operator. In many states, dining and dashing is not considered a serious criminal issue. You’ve probably heard the terms “dine and dash” or “dine and ditch” or “eat and run.” These all refer to dining and skipping out before paying the bill, …

It was dumb things to do but can the cops really arrest someone and put them in jail for dining and dashing? Hire a lawyer and don't answer any questions or make an confessions (this includes offering to pay the tab.). They also asked the roommate if he knew my friend by name. Here's a novel idea why doesn't your friend send the restaurant payment and clear 'your' [sic] conscience ? He said he didn’t but my friend is scared now that he will be arrested because the cops found the other guy so they can probably find him too. His bill was for only like $35. He went out with a friend for beer and wings and they decided to dine and dash after the waitress brought their bills.

The roommate said his friend offered to pay the bills but he was still arrested anyway. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, http://law.justia.com/codes/mississippi/2013/title-75/chapter-73/section-75-73-9. The dine and dash is nothing new anywhere in the country, but it happens so often in Florida that the legislature specifically made it a crime. Why do people do it?

It's called theft of services or theft depending on what the officer decides and how much of an ass your friend was at the time.

In some areas, it is classified as petty theft with a light punishment. He thinks either the restaurant had security cameras that caught their license plates or someone saw them leaving and took a picture of the plates because there is no other way anyone could have known who they are.

Stealing is a serious crime. It's a big deal. In Utah the bail would be in the $600-$700 range and probably a misdemeanor B if they don't have a rap sheet of previous theft convictions. Because the crime is low on police forces' list of priorities, those who do "dine and dash" are rarely caught. (The registered owner of the car.) Now his friend’s roommate has texted him that the cops came and arrested him for it. Is your 'friend' aware that, in most cases, it will be the waitress footing the bill for his 'dine and dash'? Checks out as a felony. Now his friend’s roommate has texted him that the cops came and arrested him for it. You don't get to pay after you get caught by the cops.

Your post has been removed for the following reason(s): Posts or submissions that are not primarily giving or discussing legal questions and answers are removed. His bill was for only like $35.

Yes, a person would get in trouble for committing a “dine and dash.” In Illinois, it would be called theft of services and it is definitely a jailable offense if the offender is caught. It's theft and you can be arrested for it.

But that would only explain how they got the first guy's name. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the legaladvice community. Theft isn't as minor as speeding or running a stop sign. My friend did something really stupid and now he is afraid he will be arrested. While theft of service can occur at a variety of establishments, people often associate this crime with restaurants.

Sure, he claims he didn't know who you were, but the prosecutor isn't going to offer him a plea unless he rats on you, so, he will. You He broke the law. Why is theft of services considered worse than theft of goods? Because this asshole will eventually wise up and delete this: Of course you he could be arrested. edit: actually this blog says dine and dash over $25 is a felony in Mississippi but I can't find the source statute, http://blog.lawinfo.com/2011/02/09/dine-and-dash-%E2%80%93-who-really-pays-and-what-can-a-restaurant-do/. Would it not be like a ticket with a fine for a bill so small? Location is in Mississippi. Location is in Mississippi.

Legal Consequences of Dining and Dashing. See http://law.justia.com/codes/mississippi/2013/title-75/chapter-73/section-75-73-9 Over 25 dollars is punishable by a year in prison. How did they know the second guy's name to ask guy 1 about? No matter what the reasons are, leaving the restaurant without paying is illegal. The offense is commonly known as defrauding an innkeeper. Some states, like California, charge those who are caught with petty theft. Cases of restaurant runaways are prevalent. What are some common dine and dash consequences? FYI, your friend is going to rat you out. Some people do it for fun, while others do it out of desperation.

Press J to jump to the feed. He went out with a friend for beer and wings. Can cops put him in jail? The business had to pay for that food and beer to be able to serve it, and your friends are practically stealing.

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