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Screw it on then flip the fan over again and screw the support molding to boards 4 and 5. It’s a huge focal point that happens to be a great canvas for your creativity to take flight. from this Silvery Celestial + Rustic Elopement Inspiration in Australia, photo: Mandi Lynn Photo // design: Samantha Dapper // florals: Shindig Chic.

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DIY Coffee Filter Ceremony Altar. These backdrop are incredible! Next, reach behind the center board and push board #4 out to the right a bit farther than board #2. (I'll be primarily using linear measurements ... however, there will be a couple of unavoidable angle-references.) It can be adjusted down (flat-roofed) to 6'6", so you can bring it indoors if rain decides to spoil your outdoor wedding.

She ran through the sections and played with the lights and tulle all night long. A little math (addition and subtraction) will help to determine the drilling measurements when attaching the rest ceiling beams to the staggered side boards. Your email address will not be published. on Introduction. Hi, I’m Audrey Gail, the crafty cookie lady. You'll need some to paint the ends of the lumber after it's been trimmed to size. Colorful Ceremony Arch.

1 piece  flat Molding measuring 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 10'- cut into 4 pieces. I will make your favorite meal! from this Fresh, Modern + Organic Wedding Inspiration, photo: Liz Morrow Studios // design + macramé: Liz Morrow Studios.
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That way it was super easy to take down and reuse the tulle.

Hydrangea and Vine Arbor Decoration.

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These ideas are really great. Slide the pre cut 17" piece of molding between boards 1 and 2, resting against the Center board. After the lumber has been sanded to your satisfaction, paint all of the sides with the exterior paint and let it dry thoroughly. Mar 30, 2020 - These construction plans are the instructions you need to make the Double Hexagon Arch to frame your wedding ceremony. But then I began pricing them. This is the "X"-marks-the-spot that determines where you'll drill ALL of the axis holes on all of the 10 side boards.

The possibilities are endless! Stack one set of 5 boards on top of each other and run the 9"  Stove bolt through the drilled holes, connecting them. For added stability, this Arbor needs a base. All 9 years ago I woulds love to have this sitting in my back yard! This will make it so easy to measure the Arbor roof properly. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to The simple fan design gives the Wedding DIYer a dream-scheme of unlimited, imaginative possibilities. After the celebration, take your Arbor home! My bad.) The room was definitely lacking a “wedding atmosphere” but the price was right and I knew we could turn it into a beautiful room. DIY Wooden Double Hexagon Wedding arch building plans. Loving this frame for a floral canvas! My granddaughter certainly seems to like it. And then what would I do with it afterwards?

For example: Board #1 and board # 4 will be pushed RIGHT of center instead of left. Then push board #5 out to the left a bit past board #1. (It's my written words that may be difficult to follow.). It stands well on it's own accord, but people can get careless and clumsy so this is a necessary precaution. We’ve even seen couples assemble these on sight for an elopement! Email me when there are new comments on this post. To level the top sides of the Arbor, measure  56" UP the center board from the axis. If you’re handy with wood, a saw, and a bucket of paint (and probably a few other things) this is a fun DIY inspiration for the hands-on couple! Hint: Number the roof arches for future reference so this Arbor can be quickly re-erected for the next family wedding! Just make sure your venue will help you sort out how to hang them!

I think this one would be easy to remove at the end of the season each year and could stabilize by attaching it to t-posts or inserting into grounded pvc pipe and attaching with screws. This is where your creativity comes in! Use the drill and sheetrock screws to attach the support molding. Many brides want to add a personal touch to their wedding decorations by taking on a DIY project.While there are some wedding tasks to leave to the professionals, your wedding arch is a challenging but incredibly fun and special piece to decorate yourself or better yet, with your fiancé.Imagine walking down the isle toward the love of your life standing under the décor that you handmade. First, he grabbed  inexpensive pvc and whipped up one for me in no time at all. Either way, we applaud the final look. GET ACCESS TO THE FULL RESOURCE LIBRARY BY FILLING OUT THIS FORM.
For a Beach Wedding,  try adding palm fronds and sea shell-laced netting. For compact storage: unbolt the roof arches from the sides of the arbor and fold them together. Share it with us! Proficient with paint? The added florals and lanterns are a fun touch, but this backdrop could totally speak for itself, as well! I don't know why. Brocade curtain panels combined with sheer fabric swags will give a formal flair to your Wedding "afffair" ;-). Begin by pushing THE BOTTOM of board #1 (closest to you) to the left of the center board, then push the bottom of board #2 to the right of center board.

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