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After that scheme was foiled he decided not to enslave humanity and instead tried to replace every living person with a version of himself, creating, as he called it, a ‘Master race’. The Master attempts to access the Eye of Harmony to steal the remaining regenerations of the Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann), but instead is sucked into it and supposedly killed. As part of the Time Lord Victorious multi-platform storyline, a pair of Short Trips stories introduced the Roger Delgado and Anthony Ainley incarnations of the Master to Big Finish - Master Thief by Sophie Iles and Lesser Evils by Simon Guerrier were released in October 2020 with Jon Culshaw serving as narrator and voicing both incarnations of the Master. Beevers, Jacobi, Roberts and Gomez appeared in the fourth volume of the Eighth Doctor series Ravenous in October 2019.

Michelle Gomez maintained Simm's portrayal of the character, specifically the psychopathic behavior and inappropriate emotional responses to certain situations, as well as the original traditions of ruthless, murderous behaviour and grandiose, Machiavellian criminal intelligence that have been consistent throughout all incarnations. His role in the plan culminates in an out-of-sequence encounter with the Eleventh Doctor after Adam abducts Clara Oswald, the Doctor noting that it has been a pleasantly long time since he saw this version of the Master. He is subsequently captured and forced to work for the fascist rulers of this Earth, who keep him alive, in agony, using life support systems.

The Master explains to the Doctor that the Time Lords "cured" his condition from "The End of Time" and expelled him from Gallifrey; he set himself up as a ruler on the Mondasian colony ship after his TARDIS broke, before being overthrown and hatching a new Cyberman-related plan.

He is presented using the alias Mr Seta, another anagram of Master. that it takes him most of his remaining lives to do so (hence why the Master is on his last life while the Doctor, intended to be his contemporary, is only on his third), the cover art of The Dark Path depicts Koschei as being already the same regeneration as the Delgado-era Master.

[51] The Twelfth Doctor states that Missy is "the one person almost as smart as me" ("The Lie of the Land"). The Master attempts to gain a new regeneration cycle by using the artifacts of Rassilon, the symbols of the President of the Council of Time Lords, to manipulate Eye of Harmony at the cost of Gallifrey. [62] The Master has also been known to ally himself with other villains of the series, including the Daleks,[63][citation needed] the Cybermen[17] and the Autons. It is explained that, after her "poetic" death at the hands of her predecessor, Missy used an Elysian field to transfer her consciousness into a duplicate body created from her own dying cells and trigger regeneration. Geoffrey Beevers, Derek Jacobi, Michelle Gomez, Eric Roberts and John Simm have all reprised the role from the television series.

The Master was set to appear in the television story The Hollows of Time, proposed for the show's 23rd season, but ultimately never produced. Her plan worked, though Missy would end up at the end of a Dalek sucker and Davros to deal with.

Delgado was slated to return in a serial called The Final Game, which would have been the season 11 finale. As well as Beevers and Jacobi returning, this release saw Eric Roberts and Michelle Gomez make their Big Finish debuts as their incarnations of the Master.[106].

In this novel he poses as a Serbian businessman called Gospodar- prompting the Sixth Doctor to wonder if he's "running out of languages"- while attempting to subvert the power of the higher dimensions to turn himself into a god.

Like Jacobi, Michelle Gomez also performs her incarnation of the Master (renamed Missy) for an ongoing audio series. [50], In the original Doctor Who series, the Master's TARDISes have had fully functioning chameleon circuits, having appeared as various things, including a horsebox,[8] a spaceship,[11] a fir tree,[57] a computer bank,[58] a grandfather clock,[6][16] a fluted architectural column,[54][55][57] an iron maiden,[56] a fireplace,[54] a British Airways jet,[55] a cottage[59] and a triangular column. The Master's past with the Doctor is explored somewhat in The Dark Path, which reveals that his name prior to taking the alias of the Master is Koschei, when he encounters the Second Doctor during their travels. However, the Master finds his human host to be unsustainable as the body slowly begins to degenerate, although the Master has the added abilities to spit an acid-like bile, both as a weapon and to mentally control victims as an alternative to his usual hypnotic abilities.

[48] The Master reveals he manipulated tech mogul Daniel Barton and the inter-dimensional Kasaavin to attract the Doctor's attention; explaining that Gallifrey has been destroyed and how he intends to betray the Kasaavin once they served their purpose in his plans. In Logopolis the Doctor said of the Master, "He's a Time Lord. Having foreseen his return, Lucy threw a vial containing a chemical to disrupt the resurrection, killing herself in the resulting explosion while only succeeding in giving the Master a tentative life.[50]. She uses it to defend against an attacking Cyberman. However, when circumstances result in Missy being kept in a vault and monitored by the Doctor after an averted execution, Missy actually comes to show signs of remorse for what she had done in the past, to the point that she prepares to side with the Doctor over her own past self ("The Doctor Falls"). The Master is travelling with the Doctor as his companion. The Master is a recurring character in the British science fiction television series Doctor Who and its associated spin-off works. [8], Having become a main character in the show's eighth season, the Master reappears in The Mind of Evil, where he regains his TARDIS' circuit from the Doctor after attempting to launch a nerve gas missile that would initiate World War III. The Master appears in the Big Finish Productions Dust Breeding, where Geoffrey Beevers reprised the role. As children, a school bully attempted to drown the Master but was killed by the Doctor in defense. "The End of Time" marked the last appearance of the Master until 2014, when the character was brought back as "Missy", with no explanation given at the time as to how they escaped Gallifrey or what prompted their regeneration.

Again, the Doctor was able to derail his vile enterprise and the Master was thwarted. Aspects of Simm's portrayal of the Master parallel Tennant's Doctor, primarily in his ability to make light of tense situations and his rather quirky and hyperactive personality.

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