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", sequences: { }, });

'PM' : 'AM');

break; opacity: 0.7;

segments: { Exclude specific entries (e.g. You can only open a Mistborn Coffer with a Mistborn Key. } Dragonfall Zone is suitable for heroes at experience level 80. sequences: {

category: "Special Events", 0: { name: "", bg: [132,201,251] }, hover: "If checked, the timer will begin with the previous even UTC hour.

timeString = $(document.createElement("span")).attr("title", uitext.timezonehover + " (UTC" + (timezoneOffset < 0 ?

4: { name: "Automated Tournament: Lyssa's Legions", link: "Automated Tournaments#Daily_tournaments", bg: [ 66,200,215] } padding: 2px 6px; 2: { name: "Dusk", link: "Day and night", bg: [[255,255,255],[122,134,171]] }, category: "The Icebrood Saga", .event-time { function fullPatternGenerator(partial, pattern){ display: -ms-flexbox; /* TWEENER - IE 10 */ } Double-click the Shrine on the map to teleport to its location, like a free Waypoint. sequences: { name: "Tangled Depths", } else { 0: { name: "", bg: [138,234,244] },


console.log('localStorage not supported (HTML5 browser required)'); 4: { name: "Icebrood Champions", link: "Storms of Winter", chatlink: "[&BCcMAAA=]", bg: [ 98,177,234] } } /* Zone parameter specified - prevent user hiding elements */ if (twelveHourTimes == false) {

border-left: 2px solid red; if (twelveHourTimes == false) { :&|#|$))/; $('.event-pointer span').text(pad(now.getHours()) + ':' + pad(now.getMinutes()) + ' ' + timezoneOffsetString );

input.style.display = 'inline-block'; } timeshiftnexthover: "Click to move to the next two hours", } category: "Living World Season 4", 3: { name: "Night", link: "Day and night", bg: [122,134,171] }, }, ", // Utility function #15: Create wiki like links; inactive when on the same page as linked to. } partial: [{r:1,d:15}],

The Dragonfall meta works similar to The Silverwastes meta, with a few mechanics borrowed from the Heart of Thorns maps. fitTimerToWindowWidth();

}); switch (typeof v.bg) { 3: { name: "Gendarran Fields", link: "Defeat the Ley-Line Anomaly to disperse its destructive energy before it overloads", chatlink: "[&BO0AAAA=]", bg: [215, 66, 91] } category: "Path of Fire", } The main source of loot in Dragonfall is the Mistborn Coffers (chests) which appear after successful events. // Utility function #14: Refit compact timer to window width on resize. function addCheckbox(keyname, desc, hoverdesc, defaultvalue) { 'use strict'; partial: [], height: 101%;

} else if (zoneParameter == '') {

A fresh map starts with only one waypoint. margin-bottom: 20px; } else { pattern: [{r:1,d:10},{r:0,d:110}] + metaKey + k + ' { background: rgb(' + v.bg.join(',') + ') }',

}); // Create fieldset container with legend function defer(method) { }); // Check if pointer is beyond 78% (avoid clashing between red and gray markers) hover: "If checked, the timer will appear more compact by displaying headings to the left instead of above the map metas. }, } else { } x = ''; category: "Core Tyria", position: absolute; pattern: [{r:0,d:100},{r:1,d:20},{r:0,d:100},{r:2,d:20},{r:0,d:100},{r:3,d:20}]

if (percentOfTwoHours > 78) { t: { /* Frame and time markers */ sequences: { margin-left: -1px;

'PM' : 'AM'));

mainEventTimer(true); td: {


// ** Living World Season 2 ** You can buy a total of three of these stackable buffs: These buffs are available for sale by the Mist Warden Quartermaster near the main Pact Command waypoint. vb: { sequences: { var span = document.createElement('span'); $('#event-container').html(''); try { margin-left: -2px;

fullMetas[k].sequences.full = fullPatternGenerator(v.sequences.partial, v.sequences.pattern); Once all three camps have reached Tier 4, the subsequent map meta event, Break the Crystal Dragon begins. if (twelveHourTimes == false) { eventTimerSettings.append(box).append(label); 1: { name: "Palawadan", link: "Palawadan, Jewel of Istan (meta event)", chatlink: "[&BAkLAAA=]", bg: [157,65,185] }, var minute = time % 60; // Don't bother calculating if the meta hasn't been requested A fresh map starts with only one waypoint. }; The Battle of Dragonfall is the map-wide meta event of Dragonfall, consisting of readiness of the three camps, that accumulate into Break the Crystal Dragon meta event. padding: 0.2em; pattern: [{r:3,d:30},{r:1,d:45},{r:2,d:45}] // Allow reordering of elements Every 2 hours, redraw the segmented bars } }, #event-wrapper.zone .event-bar-exit { display: none; } 2: { name: "Death-Branded Shatterer", link: "Destroy the Death-Branded Shatterer", chatlink: "[&BJMLAAA=]", bg: [157,65,185] }, pattern: [{r:1,d:60},{r:0,d:120},{r:2,d:60},{r:0,d:120},{r:3,d:60},{r:0,d:120},{r:4,d:60},{r:0,d:120}]

var wf = ws + 120; It’s finally time to engage Kralkatorrik! // Remove local storage and reset checkboxes

position: absolute; margin-bottom: 0em; // Just one object, with the ending on or before the future line 3: { name: "Fire Elemental", link: "Destroy the fire elemental created from chaotic energy fusing with the C.L.E.A.N. box.attr('checked', getEventTimerPreferences(keyname, defaultvalue) );

.event-pointer-time {
function getEventTimerPreferences(keyname, defaultvalue) { de: {

/* Hide h4 headings = just hides the h4 */ position: absolute; di: { cl: ' future' if (otherHourOffset == 0) { } font-family: Tahoma; var segment = $(document.createElement("div")).attr("class", "event-bar-segment " + metaKey + v.r + v.cl).css("width", (100*v["d"]/135) + "%").attr("title", (metaSingular.name ? ", $('.event-pointer-time').click(function() { // ** Heart of Thorns ** .append($(document.createElement("span"))

var abbrIndex = currentPref.indexOf(eventAbbr);


console.log('localStorage not supported (HTML5 browser required)'); $('#apply-button').click(function() { Technically called The Battle of Dragonfall, this phase is three mini-meta events, one for each zone: If your map has a Commander Tag, follow the tag. // Figure out if next or prev was clicked // ** Sheet 3 - Compact window width ** display: none; // If the timer was reloaded via apply, or scrolled, reset event content and timers, otherwise its the first run and we need to create the preferences user interface. function filterEventData(metas) {

.ui-sortable-handle { 1: { name: "Maws of Torment", chatlink: "[&BKMKAAA=]", bg: [215,150, 66] },

if (reloaded || paused) { sequences: { // Check combined offset in hours is not beyond 23:59

gv: { var hour = now.getUTCHours(); // Utility function #5: Convert a time given in minutes since 00:00 into a recognizable time.

Learn how this map-wide meta event works, and how to optimize your time in the map. } break; name: "Hide chat links. 2: { name: "Sandstorm", link: "Sandstorm!

var timezoneOffsetString = ''; if ( abbrIndex > -1 ) { name: "Dry Top", s = ws; /* Container titles */

}); // Utility function #8: Draw blocks for the given object

} 1: { name: "Start advancing on the Blighting Towers", link: "Advancing on the Blighting Towers", chatlink: "[&BBAIAAA=]", bg: [190,215, 66] }, defaultvalue: true Each camp's influence can be increased by reviving fallen ally NPCs and completing other events within their respective zones. usedHeadings = []; font-size: 12px; Next, players defend the NPCs as they set up Brandstorm disruptors in each of the three zones.

pattern: [{r:1,d:20},{r:0,d:10},{r:2,d:20},{r:0,d:40},{r:2,d:20},{r:0,d:10}] margin-left: -2px; partial: [{r:3,d:5},{r:4,d:15}], 0: { name: "", bg: [251,199,132] }, timeshiftprevhover: "Click to move to the previous two hours", dh: { name: "Jahai Bluffs", }, $('#forget-button').click(function() { }, 1: { name: "Day", link: "Day and night", bg: [255,255,255] },

update: function() { ", chatlink: "[&BBwHAAA=]", bg: [ 66,200,215] } 3: { name: "Chak Gerent", link: "Against the Chak Gerent", chatlink: "[&BPUHAAA=]", bg: [190,215, 66] }

3: { name: "Night Bosses", link: "Night and the Enemy", chatlink: "[&BAgIAAA=]", bg: [190,215, 66] }

Dragonfall is the best karma train in the game, by far. 8: { name: "Shadow Behemoth", link: "Defeat the shadow behemoth", chatlink: "[&BPcAAAA=]", bg: [138,234,244] }, },

// Collapse nested arrays and concatenate with the initial partial pattern 0: { name: "", bg: [132,201,251] }, 2: { name: "Automated Tournament: Grenth's Game", link: "Automated Tournaments#Daily_tournaments", bg: [ 66,200,215] }, } category: "Heart of Thorns", } else { } else if ( wf < e ) { } .event-bar-segment { First, players escort NPCs who set up ley reflectors in each of the three zones. var barcontainer = $(document.createElement("div")).attr("class", "event-bar-container " + metaKey).attr("data-abbr", metaKey);

}, segments: { After the final battle is complete, the map will remain open for 20 minutes. } else {

", var defaultSequence = Object.keys(eventData);

special events). name: "Start with even UTC hours only.

This battle culminates in three champions, who must be defeated within 30 seconds of each other.

category: "Living World Season 2", case 2: // linear-gradients name: "Compact times.

// Allow closure of event bars }, jb: {

s: s, // Start minutes, e.g.

}, ",

sequences: { $('#event-wrapper').addClass('compact'); border-left: 2px solid #AAA; }); font-family: "EasonPro","Times New Roman",serif !important; box-sizing: border-box; try { pattern: [{r:1,d:15},{r:9,d:15},{r:6,d:15},{r:3,d:15},{r:10,d:15},{r:5,d:15},{r:7,d:15},{r:8,d:15},{r:4,d:15},{r:9,d:15},{r:2,d:15},{r:3,d:15},{r:1,d:15},{r:5,d:15},{r:6,d:15},{r:8,d:15},{r:10,d:15},{r:9,d:15},{r:7,d:15},{r:3,d:15},{r:4,d:15},{r:5,d:15},{r:2,d:15},{r:8,d:15}] Guild Wars Temple timers are a great way to keep track of when the dragons spawning will come, helping use and update it will make it even more accurate. $.each(zoneParameter.replace(', ',',').split(','), function(index,val) {

pattern: [{r:1,d:75},{r:2,d:25},{r:3,d:20}] ab: { // Check if window starts after the segment started, if so, crop it #event-wrapper.compact.hideheadings.hidecategories { width: 100%; } category: "Path of Fire", partial: [], // Use viewer preferences immediately where possible margin-top: 1.5em;

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