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World War II.

[27], After Hitler had approved Anton Mussert as "Leider van het Nederlandse Volk" (Leader of the Dutch People) in December 1942, he was allowed to form a national government institute, a Dutch shadow cabinet called "Gemachtigden van den Leider", which would advise Reichskommissar Arthur Seyss-Inquart from February 1st 1943. They started large-scale fortifications along the coast and built some 30 airfields, paying with money they claimed from the national bank at a rate of 100 million guilders a month (the so-called 'costs of the occupation'). host Alex Trebek dies age 80 after battle with pancreatic cancer: Unflappable quiz master passes away at home surrounded by friends and family, Nancy Sinatra, William Shatner and fellow stars pays tribute to Jeopardy host Alex Trebek after he loses battle to pancreatic cancer at age 80, AOC says she might quit politics as Dems pin losses on progressives and top black lawmaker James Clyburn says defund the police was a disaster, Biden plans 'shock and awe' repudiation of Trump's key policies as soon as he enters office with executive orders to end 'Muslim ban,' re-start Dreamers program and rejoin WHO and Paris Climate Accord, Swedes ignore their first-ever lockdown as country sees record number of new Covid infections with people continuing to cram onto buses and throw dinner parties despite restrictions, Joe Biden is spotted hugging grandson Hunter, 14, at Beau's grave as he attends mass in Delaware on his first full day as President-elect, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu waits 12 hours before congratulating Biden - and  also thanks Trump - while Russia and China stay silent, Mitt Romney slams Donald Trump and accuses him of 'undermining democracy' for claiming the election was stolen - and calls him the 900-pound gorilla of the GOP, George W. Bush congratulates Biden on win and his 'patriotic' victory speech as he tells Trump to concede because the election 'was fundamentally fair and its outcome is clear', 'Sleepy Joe wakes up America': How the world's press reacted to Trump's defeat, Georgia investigates 'issues reporting' votes as Trump campaign files lawsuit in Arizona over 'rejected' ballots and Lindsey Graham demands a DOJ probe into 'all irregularities', Giuliani claims he has '50 witnesses' to voter fraud and will have 'four or five cases by the end of the week' as Chris Christie tells Trump to put up evidence NOW or shut up and concede, US breaks daily cases record for the fourth day in a row with 126,000 new infections and 1,040 deaths, Joe Biden promises to 'end the era of demonizaton' and reaches out to disappointed Trump supporters in his first speech as president-elect with his family on stage, Kamala Harris' next goal - to become most Left-wing President in US history: How 'woke' lawyer who fought to legalize cannabis and toughen gun control hopes to succeed aging Joe Biden in 2024, James Murdoch's wife Kathryn tweets 'we did it!!!!'

However, the fact that they were both young girls—and Freddie looked even younger when she wore braids—meant that officials were less likely to suspect them of working for the resistance.

A major role in keeping the Dutch resistance alive was played by the BBC Radio Oranje, the broadcasting service of the Dutch government-in-exile and Radio Herrijzend Nederland which broadcast from the Southern part of the country.

[citation needed] Since all government ministers had successfully evaded capture by the Germans, the secretaries-general staying behind had no alternative but to carry on as best as possible under the new German rulers. On December 7, 1941, after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Netherlands government in exile also declared war on Japan. • John Amery - Civilian - Guilty of treason, executed on 19 December 1945 It is estimated that Henneicke Column captured around 8.000-9.000 Dutch Jews who were ultimately sent to their death in the German death camps.The bounty paid to Henneicke Column members for each captured Jew was 7.50 guilders (equivalent to about US$ 47.50).Wim Henneicke was assassinated by the Dutch resistance in December 1944 in Amsterdam.

Many of the members of the NSB were arrested, but few were convicted; those who were included Mussert, who was executed on May 7, 1946. After the war, captured documents showed that the Germans feared the role of the churches, especially when Catholics and Protestants worked together. The German ex-Kaiser had fled to the Netherlands in 1918 and lived there in exile.

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