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Elsa's older brother, Waldo Sullivan Lanchester, born five years earlier, was a puppeteer, with his own marionette company based in Malvern, Worcestershire and later in Stratford-upon-Avon. Sister Margaret and Sister Scholastica come to the small New England town of Bethlehem to build a children’s hospital. They were both socialists, according to Lanchester's 1970 interview with Dick Cavett. Charles Laughton appeared with Elsa in three of the four films she made in 1928: Blue Bottles, Day Dreams, and The Tonic. Lanchester played a comical role as an artist in the thriller, The Big Clock (1948), in which Laughton starred as a megalomaniacal press tycoon. She appeared as the housekeeper in The Bishop's Wife (1947) with David Niven playing the bishop, Loretta Young his wife, and Cary Grant an angel. Fair use is one of the limitations to copyright intended to balance the interests of copyright holders with the public interest in the wider distribution and use of creative works by allowing as a defense to copyright infringement claims certain limited uses that might otherwise be considered infringement. [7] Here she performed her solo vaudeville act in conjunction with a marionette show, singing somewhat off-colour songs which she later recorded for a couple of LPs.[8][9]. [12] However, Laughton's friend and co-star, Maureen O'Hara, denied this was the reason for the couple's childlessness. On the way they change a flat tire (I think Lucy is at her absolute bitchiest to Ethel in this scene – and it’s hilarious! She performed in two episodes of NBC's The Wonderful World of Disney. a2a_linkname="Greg In Hollywood"; ... (Elsa Lanchester)---who they come to think is an ax murderer. a2a_linkurl="http://feeds.greginhollywood.com/greginhollywood"; Get GIH news via Old Hollywood was sheer magic and I see no reason for the magic to ever die! Lanchester continued to make occasional film appearances, singing a duet with Elvis Presley in Easy Come, Easy Go (1967) and playing the mother in the original version of Willard (1971), alongside Bruce Davison and Ernest Borgnine, which scored well at the box office. Laughton was by now making films in Hollywood, so Lanchester joined him there, making minor appearances in David Copperfield (1935) and Naughty Marietta (1935). contact | While her name is synonymous with “Bride of Frankenstein,” the actress has had much richer and rewarding roles. Meanwhile, she thinks Lucy and Ethel are wanted criminals. Watch I Love Lucy: Off to Florida from Season 6 at TVGuide.com. They want to fulfill a promise they made to God. Jul 16, 2010 9:04 am |. In March 1986, the Motion Picture and Television Fund filed to become conservator of Lanchester and her estate which was valued at $900,000. Based on the well-known play of the same name by George Bernard Shaw, this film tells the story of a slave in Ancient Rome who escapes his bonds and flees to the wilderness. Yes… And yet…. The iconic hairdo was accomplished by combing it over a wire mesh cage! Elsa Sullivan Lanchester (28 October 1902 – 26 December 1986) was an English actress with a long career in theatre, film and television.. Lanchester studied dance as a child and after the First World War began performing in theatre and cabaret, where she established her career over the following decade. There’s nothing quite like watching a movie from the Golden Age of Hollywood. [2] Her parents, James "Shamus" Sullivan (1872–1945) and Edith "Biddy" Lanchester (1871–1966), were considered Bohemian, and refused to legalise their union in any conventional way to satisfy the era's conservative society. Meanwhile, she thinks Lucy and Ethel are wanted criminals. This FAQ is empty. (1965) and Blackbeard's Ghost (1968). This does not cost you any extra money, of course. Lucy and Ethel bum a ride to Florida with a health-food nut (Elsa Lanchester)---who they come to think is an ax murderer. Wanda Sykes! Meanwhile, she thinks Lucy and Ethel are wanted criminals. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? your own Pins on Pinterest On Earth, Go-Go falls in love with Connie and ultimately saves Earth from his fellow Martians. [14], Lanchester was a Democrat and she and Laughton were supportive of Adlai Stevenson's campaign during the 1952 presidential election. Ironically the wonderful Elsa Lanchester is best-known for a film in which she barely even appeared and a role in which she didn’t even speak. In March 1983, Lanchester released an autobiography, entitled Elsa Lanchester Herself. Another personal absolute favorite of mine is Barbara Stanwyck. [11], Lanchester published a book about her relationship with Laughton, Charles Laughton and I. Ironically the wonderful Elsa Lanchester is best-known for a film in which she barely even appeared and a role in which she didn’t even speak. Lucy loses her and Ethel's train tickets to Florida (Ricky and Fred went ahead of them), so they take a ride with a woman whom they think might be an escaped hatchet murderer.

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