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] The Soviet criminal code does not permit a lawyer to be present during the investigation. ., that we would be able to go home that night." The Supreme Court of Illinois, in its original opinion of February 1, 1963, held the statement inadmissible and reversed the conviction.

, White v. Maryland, This case stressed the importance of permitting the accused to utilize his Sixth Amendment constitutional right to an attorney once the initial police inquiry shifts from investigatory to accusatory in nature. It said: "[T]he 356 Cases in this Court, to say the least, have never placed a premium on ignorance of constitutional rights. Petitioner was convicted of murder and he appealed the conviction. 357 . , at 205, has recently recognized that, under circumstances such as those here, no meaningful distinction can be drawn between interrogation of an accused before and after formal indictment. A police officer testified that during the interrogation the following occurred: Petitioner moved both before and during trial to suppress the incriminating statement, but the motions were denied. , and thereby renders inadmissible in a state criminal trial any incriminating statement elicited by the police during the interrogation.   The Court disregards this basic difference between the present case and Massiah's, with the bland assertion that "that fact should make no difference." the invitation to go farther which the Court has now issued.

Le juge Goldberg a fait valoir que les circonstances particulières dans le cas d’espèce étaient illustrative d’un refus d’accès à un avocat. this case, and I share their views as to the untold and highly unfortunate impact today's decision may have upon the fair administration of criminal justice. L. Rev. 357

Our Constitution, unlike some others, strikes the balance in favor of the right of the accused to be advised by his lawyer of his privilege against self-incrimination.

12 377 351

Est-ce Escobedo ont le droit de parler avec son avocat, même si il n’a pas été officiellement mis en accusation? [378 U.S. 458 As this Court observed many years ago: The New York Court of Appeals, whose decisions this Court cited with approval in Massiah, Petitioner testified that the officer said to him "in Spanish that my sister and I could go home if I pinned it on Benedict DiGerlando," that "he would see to it that we would go home and be held only as witnesses, if anything, if we had made a statement against DiGerlando . MR. JUSTICE GOLDBERG delivered the opinion of the Court. Id., at 204, quoting DOUGLAS, J., concurring in Spano v. New York, Id., at 182. may desire to see or consult . His statements were not compelled by the police and the Court should continue to use the totality of the circumstances test to guide its decision. Any confession made during the remainder of the interrogation becomes inadmissible. Like my Brother CLARK, I cannot escape the logic of my Brother WHITE's conclusions as to the extraordinary implications which emanate from the Court's opinion in There is testimony by the police that during the interrogation, petitioner, a 22-year-old of Mexican extraction with no record of previous experience with the police, "was handcuffed"

If an accused is told he must answer and does not know better, it would be very doubtful that the resulting admissions could be used against him. ", [ U.S. 478, 499] [378 Massiah v. United States, , and I would therefore affirm the judgment. 368

Dans les premières heures du matin du 20 Janvier 1960 la police a interrogé Danny Escobedo par rapport à une fusillade fatale. Under our system of criminal justice the institution of formal, meaningful judicial proceedings, by way of indictment, information, or arraignment, marks the 357 373   The failure to inform an accused that he need not answer and that his answers may be used against him is very relevant indeed to whether the disclosures are compelled. . Mulloney v. United States, 79 F.2d 566, 578 (C. A. In its place, the following rule was announced: Nothing we have said today affects the powers of the police to investigate "an unsolved crime," Spano v. New York, Gideon v. Wainwright, Stay up-to-date with FindLaw's newsletter for legal professionals. 377 I would not abandon the Court's prior cases defining with some care and analysis the circumstances requiring the presence or aid of counsel and substitute the amorphous and wholly unworkable principle that counsel is constitutionally required whenever he would or could be helpful. .

372 U.S. 433 Under our system of federal justice an indictment and arraignment are followed by a trial, at which the Sixth Amendment guarantees the defendant the assistance of counsel. .   U.S. 201

The Soviet trial has thus been aptly described as "an appeal from the pretrial investigation."

Petitioner made several requests to see his lawyer, who, though present in the building, and despite persistent efforts, was refused access to his client. At this time, Escobedo’s lawyer was present at the police station and asked to speak with Escobedo, however the request was denied. 357 Here, the interrogation happened before any formal legal proceedings occurred. . Footnote 15

2d 148, 193 N. E. 2d 628, that court, in an opinion by Judge Fuld, held that a "confession taken from a defendant, during a period of detention [prior to indictment], after his attorney had requested and been denied access See Broeder, Wong Sun v. United States: A Study in Faith and Hope, 42 Neb. Officer Montejano denied offering any such assurance. There is nothing that counsel can do for them at the trial.'" , does not compel a contrary result.

5 This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. [378 Crim. Shortly after petitioner reached police headquarters, his retained lawyer arrived. 1940), 312; Report and Recommendations of the Commissioners' Committee on Police Arrests for Investigation, District of Columbia (1962). Here, the overall investigation began to shift in focus to specifically accusing Escobedo and Di Gerlando as the suspects. The state supreme court affirmed the trial court’s decision and Escobedo appealed to the United States Supreme Court. 166-170 (emphasis supplied). Un avocat représentant Escobedo a fait valoir que la police avait violé son droit à une procédure régulière quand ils l’ont empêché de parler avec un avocat.
Held: Under the circumstances of this case, where a police investigation is no longer a general inquiry into an unsolved crime but has begun to focus on a particular suspect in police custody who has been refused an opportunity to consult with his counsel and who has not been warned of his constitutional right to keep silent, the accused has been denied the assistance of counsel in violation of the Sixth and Fourteenth Amendments; and no statement extracted by the police during the interrogation may be used against him at a trial.

This was the 'stage when legal aid and advice' were most critical to petitioner.

Petitioner testified "that he heard a detective telling the attorney the latter would not be allowed to talk to [him] `until they Escobedo v. Illinois. 373 Neither the Framers, the constitutional language, a century of decisions of this Court nor Professor Wigmore provides an iota of support for the idea that an accused has an absolute constitutional right not to answer even in the absence of compulsion - the constitutional right not to incriminate himself by making voluntary disclosures. The right to counsel now not only entitles the accused to counsel's advice and aid in preparing for trial but stands as an impenetrable barrier to any interrogation once the accused has become a suspect. To this extent it reflects a deep-seated distrust of law enforcement officers everywhere, unsupported by relevant data or current material based upon our own

officer denied making the promise and the trier of fact believed him. Firefox, or ); United States v. Gilboy, 160 F. Supp. What has to be considered, however, is whether these Rules are a workable part of the machinery of justice. Crim.

L. Rev. En route to the police station, the police "had handcuffed the defendant behind his back," and "one of the arresting officers told defendant that DiGerlando had named him as the one who shot" the deceased. Les suspects devraient être informés de leurs droits avant de faire des déclarations incriminantes, at - il soutenu. which comes to depend on the "confession" will, in the long run, be less reliable , and Massiah v. United States, 13 Each time, the police made no attempt to retrieve Escobedo’s attorney. Footnote 11

I can only hope we have completely misunderstood what the Court has said.

Duncan v Louisiane: L'incorporation du droit à un procès par jury, . ] See Committee Print, Subcommittee to Investigate Administration of the Internal Security Act, Senate Committee on the Judiciary, 85th Cong., 1st Sess., reporting and analyzing the proceedings at the XXth Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, February 25, 1956, exposing the false confessions obtained during the Stalin purges of the 1930's. U.S. 478, 496]

Escobedo was never informed of his right to remain silent and was later convicted of murder at trial. Petitioner, a 22-year-old of Mexican extraction, was arrested with his sister and taken to police headquarters for interrogation in connection with the fatal shooting, about 11 days before, of his brother-in-law. .


It does of course put us one step "ahead" of the English judges who have had the good sense to leave the matter a discretionary one with the trial court. in a standing position and that he "was nervous, he had circles under his eyes and he was upset" and was "agitated" because "he had not slept well in over a week.". (1959), c. 38, 477. U.S. 315, 327 See Note, 73 Yale L. J. It is also clear that a situation in which persons are required to contest a serious accusation but are denied access to the tools of contest is offensive to fairness and equity. The Court further says that the Illinois police officers did not advise the petitioner of his "constitutional rights" before he confessed to the murder. La police ne devrait pas avoir à demander des suspects de renoncer à leur droit à un avocat avant les déclarations faites par les suspects peuvent être considérés comme recevables, il fait valoir. U.S. 52 U.S. 59 . decided by this Court only six years ago. La police a arrêté Escobedo plus tard ce soir. ; White v. Maryland, We conclude, for the reasons stated below, that it was not and, accordingly, we reverse the judgment of conviction. I reject this step and On the night of January 19, 1960, petitioner's brother-in-law was fatally shot. McKeiver c Pennsylvanie: Cour suprême cas, Arguments, Impact, Connaissez vos droits constitutionnels dans le système de justice pénale des États-Unis, . U.S. 478, 494] Massiah v. United States, supra, at 204.

[378 The 'guiding hand of counsel' was essential to advise petitioner of his rights in this delicate situation. . ; Payne v. Arkansas, Petitioner testified that he made the statement in issue because of this assurance. When the accused has not been informed of his rights at all the Court characteristically and properly looks very closely at the surrounding circumstances. With him on the brief was Walter T. Fisher. 332 L’avocat de Escobedo déplacé pour supprimer les déclarations faites au cours de cet interrogatoire avant et pendant le procès.

Footnote * U.S. 596 We hold, therefore, that where, as here, the investigation is no longer a general inquiry into an unsolved crime but has begun to focus on a particular suspect, the suspect

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