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New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the visualnovels community. The background moans could have been toned down a bit, though. Another thing, what was the deal with Nemu "bodyguard"? Like, seriously, pick a frame, Euphoria.

Rue was really wearing her dad’s clothes all season. -What was even the point of Rika? I wouldn't even mind that personally. I would have preferred to see more of best girl after the game ended. Euphoria Ending(s) Discussion and possible plotholes. Because when you’re in a hospital, you have zero responsibilities.” To be fair, she made several points. More Than You Thought, Lily James on Dominic West: ‘I’ve known him a really long time’, Here’s how American billionaires are reacting to Biden’s win. Having lived with an addict, sadness usually brings all the devastating moments to the surface, which then makes it hard not to succumb to the substance abuse.

This is fine and all but the editing is confusing af. Flash forwards and we see Rue and Jules getting ready for Winter formal. My personal ranking of the girls: Nemu > Rinne = Natsuki > Kanae > Rika; Route ranking: True Route / Kanae > Rinne > Nemu > Rika > Natsuki (Rika's humiliation in her route made up a bit for her appearance in other routes). (Kanae saying that everything was actually real: ). So, like, WTF did this mean? Our product picks are editor-tested, expert-approved. What’s memory? 4 Commonly Misdiagnosed Medical Conditions, Exercising With a Face Mask Won't Hinder Breathing.
She asks him to leave Fez alone or she'll make his Dad's illegal sex secrets public. #EuphoriaFinale #EuphoriaHBO congrats to Kat and Ethan, the only nontoxic relationship on this damned show, kat and ethan forever Euphoria’s previous episodes have experimented with single event narrative frames, including Fourth of July and Halloween. Hopefully, fans will get to see Rue and Jules’ romance rekindle at some point though. nate and maddy trying to make each other jealous at prom #euphoria #feelEUPHORIA, nate grabbing bare flat ass cheeks on the dance floor in front of his ex girlfriend? And then the story in the second half was too too too lengthy and some part was really really unnecessary. In a moment of seeming character clarity, Rue unreservedly kisses Jules. This starts a very trippy ending with flashbacks, moments of her crying, and a musical number that includes a choir. Were they within the simulation the entire time? His House review: Should you stream Netflix’s horror film about the refugee experience? She stumbles around the kitchen, hugging her mom and then her sister–both are completely unaware of her presence. In short: Euphoria ended last night. it makes people realize that it isnt a terrible thing at all and that is SO important #feelEUPHORIA, mf McKay got Cassie pregnant, told her he cant have a kid rn AND had the audacity to not even come w her for her abortion??? We return to the hallway of Rue’s house, a girl standing, her back to the camera, watching a gurney wheel out a body from someone’s bedroom. Jules gets on a trail. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. I finished all of Euphoria's routes recently with 100% completion. A choir of people in red robes then carry Rue outside of her house. ok but... is my baby Fez okay? Rue then suggests to Jules that they run away to another city and they kiss. Where is this love you speak of? Part of the difficulty involves untangling the two framing devices: Rue returning from train station after prom and Rue’s mother reading a letter to an AA congregation.

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