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The Tower Salon is having Ever After High Makeover Day this Saturday. It's practically reserved for me! http://www.everafterhigh.com/en-us/quiz. PC I was practically born with a French mani-curse, so I'm sticking with tradition. If you want results,just answer the question.. Flirty,ruler of the school,but serious when it comes to grades. The Royals include Apple White, Ashylnn Ella and Blondie Lockes who are all very pretty, hardworking and sensible. Your magic key code is. There's nothing better than hanging out with my best friend forever after for a spell. You make it to your blank dorm room,ready to be decorated. How will you spend the evening? Everyone's talking about the book-to-school party tonight. I'd flip my hood if I could get a new streak of color added to my hair! I'm gonna have the makeup artist try whatever she thinks will look wicked awesome. You hold the key to your destiny. A spellbinding picnic in the Enchanted Forest with my Prince Charming sounds fairy fun. This wicked cool dress spoke to me...so I bought it. Maybe I'll adopt a woodland creature (even though my parents told me I should not get a pet). Tell everyone...if they ask. I'll do something stylish and simple with my hair and put on some makeup. I can't spend that much money on one dress—even if it's wicked awesome. Yellow. Embarrassed. It's not forever after; it's just for a summer job. Which totally wicked new makeup or hairstyle do you want to try? Mattel Maybe I'll get a job in the fall. It's gonna be a page-ripper and that doesn't happen every night. She didn't want to be the Evil Queen,and she thought everyone deserves to write their own destiny and everyone can live a Happily Ever After.". Will you embrace your destiny with the Royals,or rewrite yours with the Rebels? Or a little of both? It's a total fairy-fail to interrupt class. Ever After High Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. I'll dress unhexpectedly! Play online link: Your friend posts an unfairest pic of you on her MyChapter page. I'll dress in a wicked cool short dress with leggings,spiked heels or flats,and a spellbinding short cape. I'm sure my best friends forever after saved a seat for me that's just right. Stop in the school office with a spellbinding excuse for my tardiness and get a pass. Hext the sender back to deny the fable and stick up for my friend. What do you do? A party dress in my favorite color,heels,possibly a medium length cape,my jewelry,and a casual wear tiara. I'll study for a spell, but I know it's my destiny to ace this test. Your school counselor asks if you've thought about getting a summer job. You're spellbound by a wicked awesome boy who is supposed to be at the Science & Sorcery study party tonight. What are you gonna do? I'm not used to being reprimanded, especially in front of the whole class. Post: Oh my Grimm! I'm not worried about making a first impression. May 1 - "Peek inside to see an enchanted place, and get ready to unlock your destiny! Maybe a puffy sleeve top paired with a skirt with points on the end,cute flats. Cat. I had something important to tell my best friend forever after that just couldn't wait until after class. :) ). "Hey!" Cupid. The Royal Student Council is holding a bake sale to raise money for Beast Adoption Day. Send my friend a private message politely asking her to delete this poisonous pic from her feed. You really want to go to the concert in the Red Shoes Dance Club tonight, even though it's a school night. I'm going to smile, say hello to everyone and hope they like me for me, not just for who I'm destined to be. Everyone already knows me and my story. If I get a detention, that's the way the cookie crumbles. I nod at people I haven't met,and look for friends. I don't feel like doing my chores tonight, and now I have a hexcellent excuse not to. Cupid. Bird. Don't tell anyone, but I've been rehearsing to sing a song with the band tonight. Dog. Publisher: The image and text were updated each two weeks, but the word stayed the same. If this is true, it's such a fairy-fail. You receive a gossipy hext message spreading fables about your friend. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Worldwide Whatever after! What it means to be a Royal is to follow the paths and traditions in your family. Now,the party Briar Beauty is hosting tonight! I'm organizing an evening of baking in the Castleteria kitchens, so everyone can contribute. ", May 14 - "Once upon a high school, your path was already laid out. I'm thinking of asking the charming boy in my Magicology class to be my date. Go to the concert. The theme is alliance in the destiny conflict, for which there are twenty questions from which ten are randomly selected for each session. November 26, 2013 Hopefully, he'll ask me on a date. How will you spend your evening? (Ever After High Quiz) Share on Facebook. Take the quiz and see,and COMMENT! Are You Royal Or Rebel? I exclaim,looking down at my outfit,brushing off my hot pink dress,black leggings,silver boots,and I rearranged the wicked spikes on my crown. What type of job are you thinking about? Who will be your best friend forever after? The Rebels, however, are a little rougher round the edges! Users are rewarded 150 gold charms once for playing. 3: What do you value most in your boyfriend/girlfriend? But it did inspire me to make a charming outfit of my own. It wouldn't be the first time I was a few minutes late. I definitely want to have spellbinding moves at our next school dance. What will you do to help? You heard a fable in the hallway today that an Ever After Rebel is secretly dating an Ever After Royal! Tell my friend that someone is spreading fables about her, so she can make sure her story gets told correctly. Distributor: I don't care how much it costs. is a quiz that was released on the Ever After High website on November 26, 2013. I've been wearing the same makeup forever after, so I'll stick with what I know. Hour: 1, Class: Kingdom Management, Teacher: Mrs. I'll try sitting with someone new today. What do you do? What's your idea of a storybook-perfect afternoon? I don't see how Hexonomics is ever going to be a part of my story, so I'm not going to worry about the test. Ever After High. I'd rather spend my summer with my best friends forever after. How do you feel? With the May 1-update came a notification on each of the three websites to text a word to 91919. I've got more important things to worry about than an unfairest picture post. Each question is presented with four answers to pick from, corresponding to Royal, Rebel, and two routes of neutral that are counted as one: Royally Rebellious. I'd better get someone else to do my chores. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. I would pick it up and throw it in the trash with no one seeing. I'm going to try something new this time – like polka dots! You're fairy hexcited about the Legacy Day dance. Mattel You're enrolling in Ever After High. I've got to hocus focus on my studies. Her Majesty, the White Queen, Hour: 4, Class: Grimmnastics, Teacher: Coach Gingerbreadman, Hour: 5, Class: Hero Training, Teacher: Professor Knight, Hour: 6, Class: Royal Student Council, Teacher: None, Hour: 1, Class: Beast Training & Care, Teacher: Poppa Bear, Hour: 2, Class: Hexonomics, Teacher: Professor Rumpelstilskin, Hour: 3, Class: Grimmnastics, Teacher: Coach Gingerbreadman, Hour: 4, Class: Science & Sorcery, Teacher: Professor Rumpelstiltskin, Hour: 5, Class: Crownculus, Teacher: Madame Maid Marian, Hour: 6, Class: Geografairy, Teacher: Mr. Jack B. Nimble, Hour: 1, Class: Home Evilnomics, Teacher: Mr. Badwolf, Hour: 2, Class: Beast Training & Care, Teacher: Poppa Bear, Hour: 3, Class: History of Evil Spells, Teacher: Madam Baba Yaga, Hour: 4, Class: Spells, Hexes and General Witchery, Teacher: Madam Baba Yaga, Hour: 5, Class: Grimmnastics, Teacher: Coach Gingerbreadman, Hour: 6, Class: Muse-ic Class (exception granted by Madam Baba Yaga), Teacher: Professor Pied Piper. Playing Scrabble. Are You a Royal or a Rebel? There's just one problem: Your Prince Charming hasn't asked you to be his date. It is my duty to set a good example, so I'll be on time no matter what it takes. I don't have time for a job. 1 Comment. It's a charming place to sit and think about my story. As with all introductory websites, Royal or Rebel received an update each week to garner interest for Ever After High and its launch. Everyone knows that goes against destiny. Spreading fables is not nice, and a girl should be able to date whomever after she wants to! Royal or Rebel is one of the three introductory websites of Ever After High, representing the Enchanted Forest. For Royal or Rebel, this was "Choice". What? Unfortunately, it costs way more than you want to spend. I can't stand it when my room is a mess. Annoyed. Which EAH Student Are You?Ever After High Quiz. I don't want to be a drama queen, but it's a school night, and I need to study. You know Mr. Gingerbreadman gets burnt when students arrive late for Grimmnastics, and you're running a little behind today.

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