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Congress’s inauguration committee is planning for an “outside, full-scale” event despite the pandemic, though it could be scaled back, the senator who chairs it said. President Trump is hoping to replicate his success in Michigan, a state he won by just 10,704 votes in 2016. Half — 51% — of respondents said Mr. Trump deserves blame for making COVID-19 worse, compared to 25% who said he made the situation better. At least 92% of Michigan's requested absentee ballots have been returned. These estimates are subject to sampling error. Even though President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. now leads by more than 10,000 votes in Georgia, a recount is still expected there.

13 0 obj 2,000 kids have been connected to services such as speech and occupational therapy. Photograph:( The tight race between Peters and his Republican challenger John James had been the most expensive Senate contest in Michigan history. endobj "That's our focus, every single ballot in Michigan will be counted.".

<>>> © 1998-2019 Zee Media Corporation Ltd (An Essel Group Company), All 2020 2018 2016 2014 2012 2010 2008 Source: Exit polls conducted by Edison Research for the National Election Pool. Trump has arrived again at Trump National Golf Club in Virginia, even as he and his allies refuse to concede his loss and as Biden moves ahead with building his new administration. 22 0 obj Disabling auto-updates may improve reliability when using a screen reader or keyboard to navigate. CBS News projects Joe Biden is the winner in Michigan, capturing the state's 16 electoral votes up for grabs. George W. Bush congratulates Biden on his victory: “Though we have political differences, I know Joe Biden to be a good man, who has won his opportunity to lead and unify our country.” Read more ›.
Biden's violent mob of Communist Revolutionaries demand 100% compliance to their cult. Next up: the scramble by foreign leaders to reach President-elect Biden with congratulatory phone calls. More voters (49%) said that Biden would do more to help the economy than make it worse (42%). A lot of diplomatic prestige rides on getting in early. But another sign said, “Orange Crushed.”, Michael D. Shear, in Washington 10:10 AM ET. Vehicle parts manufacturing jobs were slightly down in February 2020, compared to January 2017. (1#%(:3=<9387@H\N@DWE78PmQW_bghg>Mqypdx\egc�� l- �� �� % QR!12A"B�� ? This content is currently not available in your region. endobj Election Live Updates: Biden calls for unity as focus turns to transition, The election aftermath, and the power of the vote, Cedric Richmond says "defund the police" cost Democrats seats in the House, Jim Gaffigan on the painstaking, belabored marathon of an election, Biden projected winner, Trump not conceding yet, Kamala Harris to make history as the first Black woman vice president, No, these viral videos do not actually show election fraud, Exit polls show how Biden won the 2020 election, Joe Biden edges out Trump to win presidency in deeply divided nation, Pictures: Nation reacts after Joe Biden is projected to win 2020 election, Election Live Updates: Biden "honored and humbled" by results, Senate GOP declares "Senate is last line of defense", Rudy Giuliani says Trump will not concede election, Hillary Clinton reacts to projected Biden victory, Foreign leaders offer well wishes to Biden after projected win, Biden's victory comes 48 years to the day after his first Senate win, The pivotal post-Election Day dates you need to know, Harris makes Election Day stop in Michigan, Michigan Sen. Gary Peters (D); Senate candidate John James (R), 3.2 million absentee ballots have now been returned.

/ CBS NEWS. /X12 Do In 2016, Mr. Trump won Michigan's suburbs 53% to 42%, but Governor Gretchen Whitmer lost the suburbs by just 3 points in 2018. ��p�b9e�~�,�Oؙ� ���ගӂ�p[Ni�m8-��ගӂ�p[Ni�m8-��ගӂ�p[Ni�m8-��ගӂ�p[Ni�m8-��ගӂ�p[Ni�m8-��ගӂ�p[Ni�m8-��ගӂ�p[Ni�m8-��ගӂ�p[Ni�m8-��ගӂ�p[Ni�m8-��ගӂ�p[Ni�m8-��ගӂ�p[Ni�m8-��ගӂ�p[Ni�m8-��ගӂ�p[Ni�m8-��ගӂ�p[Ni�m8-��ගӂ�p[Ni�m8-��ගӂ�p[Ni�m8-��ගӂ�p[Ni�m8-��ගӂ�p[Ni�m8-��ගӂ�p[Ni�m8-��ගӂ�p[Ni�m8-��ගӂ�p[Ni�m8-��ගӂ�p[Ni�m8-��ගӂ�p[Ni�m8-��ගӂ�p[Ni�m8-��ගӂ�p[Ni�m8-��ගӂ�p[Ni�m8-��ගӂ�p[Ni�m8-��ගӂ�p[Ni�m8-��ගӂ�p[Ni�m8-��ගӂ�p[Ni�m8-��ගӂ�p[Ni�m8-��ගӂ�p[Ni�m8-��ගӂ�p[Ni�m8-��ගӂ�p[Ni�m8-��ගӂ�p[Ni�m8-��ගӂ�p[N?�8c�������}_O�uO���jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f����jy��f���V/���#���O?���� j�j}Qļ�_���0���������� ?��1��݄`����0XF�a,#�`����0XF�a,#�`����0XF�a,#�`����0XF�a,#�`����0XF�a,#�`����0XF�a,#�`����0XF�a,#�`����0XF�a,#�`����0XF�a,#�`����0XF�a,#�`����0XF�a,#�`����0XF�a,#�`����0XF�a,#�`����0XF�a,#�`����0XF�a,#�`����0XF�a,#�`����0XF�a,#�`����0XF�a,#�`����0XF�a,#�`����0XF�a,#�`����0XF�a,#�`����0XF�a,#�`����0XF�a,#�`����0XF�a,#�`����0XF�a,#�`����0XF�a,#�`����0XF�a,#�`����0XF�a,#�`����0XF�a,#�`����0XF�a,#�`����0XF�a,#�`����0XF�a,#�`����0XF�a,#�`����0XF�a,#�`����0XF�a,#�`����0O�G o��Q?���� Ə�����o��e���� X��������O2u��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\pu��\p��q�S�~�q*�����U/�G�����,I�~[���B����o�����d ����2�~��U�� R��ߖ$�?-����f�_������c�|2$ ? <> Read more ›, Thomas Kaplan, in Wilmington, Del.

When similar exit polls were conducted in the state after the 2016 presidential election, pollsters found that 53 percent of voters in union households had backed Hillary Clinton, meaning Biden appears to have built on his predecessor's standing among organized labor in the state.

endobj Nick Corasaniti, in Philadelphia 10:48 AM ET, The race may be called, but Philadelphia votes are continuing to build on Biden’s margin. Hogan on possible 2024 run: 'Let's get beyond the 2020 race first', Hogan: 'Mistake' for Republicans to echo Trump's claims of fraud, Symone Sanders on 'historic' Biden-Harris victory, Stelter calls out CEO: Stop airing this bogus voter fraud stuff, Myanmar votes in election likely to favor Suu Kyi, Giuliani holds Trump press conference in front of landscape business, prompting confusion, Ocasio-Cortez: Dems need to address 'very deep divisions' within party, Brian Stelter turns off his Trump Twitter notifications mid-show, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez on what Biden's win means for progressives, Palestinians hopeful yet reluctant after Biden's victory, On rhetoric and responsibility: Bob Schieffer reflects on the 2020 election, From foes to allies, Biden's White House win ripples across the globe. q Three days before the election, Biden and former President Obama held drive-in events in both cities, hoping to juice enthusiasm among supporters.

Benson asked for patience as the count proceeded. Top Biden adviser Symone Sanders reflects on the "truly remarkable" victory for President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris in an interview with CNN's Jake Tapper. These numbers will be updated as more data becomes available, and they will eventually be adjusted to match the actual vote count. She also said the day-to-day process of vote counting is up to local jurisdictions, meaning the campaign's request for relief from the secretary of state was unavailable.

<> The Times says Biden’s polling lead in Wisconsin and Michigan is enough to withstand a 2016-size polling misfire. See Georgia results ›, With the votes still being tallied in Georgia, a once-red state that proved surprisingly difficult for Trump, Biden now leads by more than 10,000 votes. Trade deals like NAFTA were a big part of the president's message in Michigan in 2016 and enacting the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement has been a signature achievement that Mr. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence have touted while campaigning in the state.

The Trump campaign appeared to have one lawyer at the hearing, to face off against one lawyer from the secretary of state's office, the attorney general's office and two lawyers with the Democratic National Committee.

/G3 gs Per BLS, motor vehicle and auto parts manufacturing jobs in Michigan were down about 2,400 from January 2017 to February 2020. 21 0 obj

Michigan Exit Polls: How Different Groups Voted The numbers on this page are preliminary estimates from exit polls conducted by Edison Research for the National Election Pool.

According to the preliminary data, a little less than a quarter of Michigan exit poll respondents (22 percent) said they lived in a household with a labor union member.

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