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So he golfed and tweeted. Director, Government and Diplomatic Programs, Chicago Council on Global Affairs. She began to worry that they would never be able to leave, but the embassy’s housekeeper put her worries to rest. We can take over again.” Now, all along we’re thinking, you know, this isn’t really going like it did back in February [when the staff at the U.S. embassy in Iran were only briefly held hostage].

It has known security flaws and may not display all features of this and other websites. I still have them.”, We knew something was changing because the Canadians started leaving. There was an apartment building where some of the Marines and TDYers [temporary duty military personnel] stayed. Your browser (Internet Explorer 7 or lower) is out of date.      University of Tennessee Knoxville                                                                              1970-1973 . Vic Tomseth had told us that she had been taken hostage too. Heather Conley, Senior Vice President for Europe, Eurasia, and the Arctic, CSIS; Ivo H. Daalder, President, Chicago Council on Global Affairs; Robert Kagan, Stephen & Barbara Friedman Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution. .

During a workshop she gave at the University of Lagos, teachers thirsty to learn new methods drifted in with the students.

Eta makes landfall in Cuba as Guatemala searches for victims. As such, the killing represents a significant intensification of the worsening relationship between Iran and the United States.      Khartoum, Sudan—Spouse                                                                                            2012-2014. Kathleen Stafford recounts her experience, the basis for the movie Argo. She heard the growing uproar when radical students, furious over U.S. support for the deposed shah, breached the embassy’s wall.

Kathleen, a foreign service spouse, had been in hiding for the past three months. So the militants had not censored that, because they weren’t thinking it would be in a sports magazine.

The sad part for the other families was that no one knew who had escaped. Even though four decades have passed since Iranian protesters stormed the U.S. Embassy in Tehran and took the Americans hostage, resulting in a 444-day ordeal, those wounds continue to haunt Americans. The blindfold worn by Robert Blucker during captivity, which he donated to the Diplomacy Center’s collection. Her work has been acquired by American and foreign embassies and museums around the world. And we could hear that they had gotten in. I’m an artist. The U.S. embassy was previously taken over by protesters in February of 1979, but the situation was resolved quickly. That is when Bob Anders called [the Consul General for the Canadian Embassy] and told him we were at the end of our rope. This led most to believe that the November 4, 1979, situation would be similar. Thank heavens! Yes, more new neighbors. She’s a native Farsi speaker. “If we had not been with Bob Anders, we would have been out of luck,” Stafford said. Abbott was awarded a Foreign Policy Fellowship with the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, a James A. Kelly Korea Fellowship with Pacific Forum CSIS, a Junior Korean Unification Experts Fellowship with the South Korean Ministry of Unification, and he has been a participant in the China-US Young Scholars Dialogue through the China Institute of International Studies. That’s when Vic had the ingenious thought of calling his cook Sam from Thailand who was the cook for a number of American embassy employees. And it wasn’t looking good. Ask me to draw something, I’ll do it.”. Joe was a producer. The baseball team. So they were the domestic staff — the housekeeper and the cook. Turns out somebody did.

MCEVERS: Joseph and Kathleen Stafford were two of those Americans who Ambassador Taylor sheltered at his house in Iran.      Tunis, Tunisia—Consular Officer                                                                                1982-1983 We didn’t have many in the first place since we weren’t planning on this being a long term event.

They’re not freeing our people at the embassy. . In the movie, Stafford is portrayed as a doubter whose confidence in the plan had to be nurtured.

And at about noon, the staff would have lunch for us. The U.S. and Iran … But Roger Lucy, the young Canadian officer, saw them. Filling a long-standing void on global knowledge of people’s opinions in societies such as Iran, research conducted by People Analytics has been widely utilized and cited by business and policy communities. And I had this suitcase full of sandals in wintertime in the snow. After a long holiday celebration, the group was making its way back to the Taylors’ house and got lost.

The Canadian Royal Mounted Police–their equivalent of the Marines–would start coming through so that the airport immigration people would get used to seeing Canadians coming and going. The Iran hostage crisis of 1979-1981 ranks as one of the most traumatic diplomatic events in U.S. history. Iran’s president has called on President-elect Joe Biden to return the United States to Tehran’s nuclear deal with world powers.

Stafford, then 28, was evacuated by a preposterous CIA operation. Spouse Entered the Foreign Service                                                                  1978 I still have them. As we were making our way toward the British Embassy we saw this huge mob of people coming from that direction.

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She was exfiltrated from Iran; evacuated in 2002 from the Ivory Coast; and in 2012 from Sudan after that embassy was attacked but not breached.

She was exfiltrated from Iran; evacuated in 2002 from the Ivory Coast; and in 2012 from Sudan after that embassy was attacked but not breached. When the houseguests were given their new identities and passports, they had another bit of luck: a Canadian official spotted anerror in a date on the visas, which was quickly fixed. Iran’s president calls on Biden to return to nuclear deal.

Somebody yelled, “Shut the door!” But Don Cooke from our A-100 class was outside. Seven years later, they were stationed in Tehran, immediately before the Iranian hostage crisis. Two dramatic scenes in the movie — the fake movie crew going through a Tehran bazaar area and high tension at the airport before being cleared by Iranian officials to board a commercial flight to Switzerland — never happened. Some of them took off their ID cards and tossed them behind the file cabinets, because they knew it’d take a long time before anybody found them there. Part of Kathleen’s disguise during the Canadian Six’s escape included this pair of fake eyeglasses, which she donated to the Diplomacy Center museum’s collection. One night, ABC News anchor Peter Jennings, a Canadian by birth, had dinner at the house while the houseguests hid upstairs, Stafford said.

We separated a little bit more to be even less noticeable. But she was on the phone recently to her husband, who remains at his post in Khartoum. She kept her vow for more than three decades, skipping many reunions of her compatriots. It felt the same terror about its future that reproductive rights advocates felt another four years of Trump would mean for Roe vs. Wade. It made all the difference to us to hear it from them. She also worked as an art teacher for several years, and continued to paint.
Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows diagnosed with COVID-19. So first were the Iranians who were there for their immigrant visas, and then the FSNs, and finally the Americans. Amir Farmanesh, CEO, People Analytics (IranPoll); Kathryn Koob, Former Adjunct Professor, Wartburg College; Former Director, Iran America Center (1979); Kathleen Stafford, Artist; Former Visa Clerk, US Embassy Tehran (1979) Moderated by Matt Abbott. Then someone thought they smelled smoke coming from the roof so we thought we should try to leave out the backdoor where the visa applicants always come in. In the next few days, they moved from one vacant house to another — the homes of their colleagues who were now being paraded, blindfolded, on worldwide television. This extraction operation was made famous by the 2012 movie “Argo.”. He learned that the regular housekeeper, also Thai, was worried her boss would return and find his food eaten and wine drunk and be angry with her, so she wanted Sam to get us out. The next day, as promised, [Canadian politician] Jean Pelletier broke the story as soon as Ambassador Taylor… got to Paris. But, before that happened, they had started bringing people in and out, randomly. Canadian Ambassador Ken Taylor was at the Sheardowns’ when the bedraggled group arrived, and to reinforce the idea that the Americans were under diplomatic protection, he took Stafford and her husband to stay at his official residence. William J. Daugherty, a 72-year-old former CIA case officer who lives in Georgia, said he didn’t believe Iran’s proxy war capability had taken a hit because of Suleimani’s death. We tossed everything we had from the USA, everything we owned that had any sort of American brand on it. We called Kate Koob, the cultural affairs officer who worked at the USIS (United States Information Service) Office at the Iranian American Cultural Center, which had not been attacked in February. Nobody anticipated the 444-day hostage ordeal the Staffords escaped by slipping out of the U.S. Embassy and hiding with the Canadians. She spent 444 days as a hostage in the US Embassy in Tehran and authored the book Guest of the Revolution, recounting her experience as an hostage.

Sam would shop and cook for us. So we’re just fine.” So she and her deputy, Bill Roper stayed there, and they opened a line to Washington. Related articles. Still, not all surviving members of the hostage crisis agree that the U.S. stands to benefit from Trump’s assassination of Suleimani, the commander of the elite Quds Force, which carries out the foreign operations of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, melding intelligence work with a military strategy of nurturing proxy forces across the world. None knew anything about oil.

Iranian officials “could have asked three questions about any of these and I would have had no answer,” Kathleen said. The secular government resigned and the Revolutionary Islamic Government took over .

“The sad part for the other families was that no one knew who had escaped. Because of this, he had keys to the houses. Indeed, the reverberations of Suleimani’s death have swept the nation: Iranians are in the midst of three days of national mourning, and red flags have been raised throughout the country, a symbolic gesture meant to unify the country’s most pious Shiites to fight back against the U.S. Those in the U.S. who have arguably been burdened most by the weight of recent events are Iranian Americans and survivors of the hostage crisis.

So there wasn’t very much good news.
“All that time, sitting on a couch in the Canadians’ home, you have this awful feeling you’re putting these people in danger,” she said. That was worrying and we hoped it had nothing to do with us, and we didn’t want to still be hanging around in the airport with the Revolutionary Guard shift came in. Enraged members of the Iranian Revolution demanded his return so that they could prosecute and punish him for his actions. She holds a BA from Wartburg College, and an MA the University of Denver, and holds an MAR from Lutheran Theological Seminary in Gettysburg. Some American diplomats and officials escaped with the help of the Canadian government and the Central Intelligence Agency, others were released early by their captors, but 52 were held hostage for 444 days. “The ride to the airport was very quiet,” she said. I decided I would never leave the [Taylors’] house again,” Stafford said. “I told my wife, ‘Not again,’” he said. The movie added scenes that never happened and over-dramatized parts of the story, which is to be expected when Hollywood takes on a real-life incident, Stafford acknowledged. On November 4, 1979, Islamist revolutionaries attacked the U.S. embassy in Tehran.      Palermo, Italy—Worked in Consular Section                                                           1980-1982

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