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It soon became clear that she had the talent to compete on a world stage and in her first year she competed in international under-23 competitions. We’re just standing up for girls and women who physically have less bone density, muscular structure and lung capacity, and we haven’t got the testosterone.”, She insists she is supportive of “anybody wanting to live their life how they live their life” without being questioned. As part of her pledge to the charity, she participated in the Powerman UK duathlon in 2014, one of several fundraising events she took part in. Her father, a Jamaican car mechanic, left before Kelly was one. When the French teacher is talking French and you don’t understand French, there’s no point in asking me a question, is there?” She talks faster and faster, barely taking a breath. Holmes did. season Holmes was optimistic. She won a gold medal in the Commonwealth Games in 1994 and silver medals at the European and world championships in 1994 and 1995 while still in the army, but did not dedicate herself fully to athletics until 1997, when increased funding allowed her to go full-time. After success in major competitions there was the promise of more to come. The result is a compelling 11-part series in which she interviews celebrities about a time they reached their nadir and their route to recovery.

“I’ve been to the lowest point and to the highest point and everything in between.” Similarly, with the public figures featured in her podcast: “It shows we can go through life and have struggles and still actually achieve. And that’s not the case. You could never get anybody more liberal and supportive of a group, for God’s sake.

Despite the bleak subject matter, Holmes brings infectious laughter, empathy and an easy manner to the interviews. She always had to use the first one before a race.

Then I started cutting myself.” Afterwards, she covered up her cuts with makeup so nobody would know. “Then I went out all calm and won my 1500m.”, The reason she is telling me this, she says, is she hasn’t lost that hunger. And I was like: ‘Noooooo!’ I knocked on the door and this woman came out. Born Kelly Holmes on April 19, 1970, in Pembury, Kent. Pam was Holmes’s hero, and she talks of her with love and awe. Last November, it served its final cup of coffee, and she has now turned the building into an events venue. She mucked around at school, but made friends easily and is still close to many of them. Now that is a strong person.”, After her mother’s death, she suffered another bout of depression. You can imagine what fun the young Holmes must have been – and how hard to shut up.

In the 1500m final seven of the athletes set personal best times, while Holmes's winning time of 3 minutes 57.90 seconds in the 1500m final broke her own United Kingdom record, set in June 1997.

Holmes began training in South Africa alongside close friend and world-class 800m runner Maria Mutola. “I was crap at school. Holmes was away from home when she died, and had a premonition. She then became a physical training instructor, and rose to sergeant. And things were going so well until 2017, when her mother died at the age of 64 from myeloma, a type of blood cancer. But whether we open our eyes to it is a different matter.”. At 48, she looks younger than in 2004. © Reuters/Corbis.

I’ve had partners like everybody else. In her Olympic heyday, she looked Amazonian.

“I have little moments in life when I have ideas, and I get so excited in myself and and I look into the mirror in my car and I go: ‘Come-onnnnnnnnnnn!’ And it makes me feel great.”, Kelly Holmes’s new podcast, What Do I Do? You know, I had five stomach operations during my athletics career. Just before the 1500m final, it was occupied. “So many people say that!” she grins. “Well, I think inspiring and motivating people.” But, she says, that’s not enough. She reels off the trophies she has won since retiring – for philanthropy, mentoring, charity work. “They were calling the women’s 1500m.

I like to see a bit of success.”, She tells me a story about Athens and the row of 10 portable toilets in the stadium. Holmes grew up on a council estate in Kent. She has since said that she considered giving up competitive running after her success at the Manchester Commonwealth Games in 2002, where she took back the 800m title. For the next five years Holmes battled with injury and illness. But she suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon in her heat and finished almost 200m behind the rest of the field. Despite breaking the British 1000m record for a second time and becoming the fastest British woman over 1500m in 1996, Holmes encountered difficulties. By 1993 she held the United Kingdom and Amateur Athletic Association of England (AAA) 800m titles and was soon winning medals on a regular basis.

“I don’t have to go around with signs on my head. Kelly Holmes was born on April 19, 1970, in Pembury, Kent, a small town in southeast England. When the games were over Holmes spent many weeks with her injured leg in plaster. “I was in children’s homes. Although she won medals in previous Olympic, Commonwealth, and World Championship competitions, her greatest career success came in the 2004 Athens Olympics when she took gold medals in the women's 800 meters and 1500 meters. Holmes set personal best times in both finals, running against strong opposition. It’s like somebody having a small relapse with a drink. Unlike most athletes, Holmes retired from the sport on a high a year later. She was firm and fair…She was very dedicated, very determined.". Although she managed to take the silver medal in the 800m in the 1998 Commonwealth Games and the bronze medal for the same distance at the Sydney Olympics in 2000, Holmes admitted that she had reached a low point and was struggling. Well, she says, if people realise she has come through such troughs, maybe they will believe they can.

I was hurting my body because it was really letting me down.”, She never told anybody she was self-harming. Amazingly, she won two the next year. She is still ferociously competitive. Holmes, Kelly, photograph. She was raised by her mother, Pam Norman (now Thomson) after her father, Jamaican-born Derrick Holmes, walked out; Holmes was two years old when her mother married Michael Norris.

"Kelly Holmes Profile," UK Athletics,,8510,4854-132151-133459-21084-77218-custom-item,00.html (September 15, 2004). She started the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust to support other athletes who weren’t coping with retirement, encouraging them to mentor disadvantaged young people. As Campbell describes what it is like to be suicidal, Holmes adds quietly: “I’ve been there, where I look in the mirror and I don’t want to be here.”, Holmes says it was a privilege to listen as people talked so openly. Education: Hugh Christie Comprehensive School, Tonbridge, Kent. Since retiring, the athlete has opened up about self-harming. Then you leave.” She says she was lost. I get to wear my pips and crown!” Does she walk around the house with them on?

“Half of the things you go through as an athlete, you don’t tell people. Addresses: Agent—Jane Cowmeadow Communications and Management, 604 Erico House, 93-99 Upper Richmond Road, London, SW15 2TG, United Kingdom. How long did she self-harm for? She also switched coaches, making a fresh start with Margo Jennings after almost 18 years with Dave Arnold. Blimey, I say, you must be the only Colonel Dame in the country? Her mother, Pam, was only 17 when she gave birth to her. There we go!

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