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120 min • Hammersmith Apollo • April 3, 2012. Ultimately, it is a queer magazine. The mixed crowd did perk up when her PWL album tracks got an airing, and I have to admit that hearing her do ‘One Boy Girl’, ‘It’s No Secret’, ‘Give Me Just A Little More Time’ and ‘Got To Be Certain’ did make me grin like a child, and brought back memories of playing Rhythm Of Love on cassette and then a year later totally overplaying Let’s Get To It, one of my first cd’s. Kylie Minogue has released a video of her opening night of 'Anti Tour' shows. Kylie The hundreds of fans that queued for several hours and piled into Hammersmith Apollo last night seemed less concerned with the music itself, and just with the fact Kylie was in front of them on stage singing it. Dressed in a long ripped t-shirt and denim hot pants, she sexily sold us the b-side like it had been a number one hit – and that was a good indication of things to come. Suggested font: Dumbnerd #3. pilaster. The following year she embarked on her first tour, performing in front of 38,000 at the Tokyo Dome in Japan. This content is imported from YouTube. All were performed with more confidence and effortless style than I have seen Kylie exude in years, seeming most comfortable and at home in her civvies and behind a microphone stand. Tickets are on sale from Monday 26 March at 9am don’t miss out! Apr 26, 2012 at 04:51 . Elsewhere she sung the Michael Hutchens inspired ‘You’re The One’ written with long time collaborator Steve Anderson (who was present in the audience), the Jake Shears co-penned heavy electro ‘Too Much’ an album track from her Stuart Price produced album Aphrodite, and the Xenomania produced bonus track from the same album, ‘Might Rivers’. Infact, since her 1997 “indie” album Impossible Princess unfairly almost ruined her pop career (I still think its her strongest album) she’s played it very safe, sticking to a formula that has hundreds of thousands of men jumping around gay club dance floors all over the world. Watch clips from Kylie Minogue's gig in the video below: Her 'Anti Tour' will conclude on March 20 at Sydney's Luna Park. "(The) Anti tour is … I don’t consider myself a Kylie fan because, if I knew she was delivering a concert that only consisted of hits, I wouldn’t pay £80 and queue for 2 hours to see it. The flipside to a huge “Kylie … This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. The Golden Tour was the fifteenth concert tour by Australian recording artist Kylie Minogue.It was launched in support of her fourteenth studio album, Golden (2018) and visited Europe and Australia. Kylie and her band performed just 7 shows of B-Sides, Demo and Rarities in Sydney, Melbourne , Manchester and London to incredible reaction including “Disco Down” and the unreleased ‘You’re The One” written by Steve , Kylie and Dave Seaman. Minogue's first live concert performance was in 1988 at Canton, a nightclub in Hong Kong. It’s just music and doing songs that are much loved by super fans but will never, ever, ever be heard anywhere. I think she is incredibly underrated, in that she has the capacity to write very interesting, edgy pop music. After much speculation, the word is out: Kylie has announced her only UK Anti Tour show in London next month! A unique experience, for super fans only, Kylie and her band will perform those songs you thought you’d never hear live! 1 Two shows were performed during the same night at these dates. The minimalist poster artwork (her name in a small, simple font over a picture of her naked but for a pair of killer heels, wrapped in a very large piece of material saying ANTI TOUR) screamed “interesting” and “edgy”. Even when the auditorium was bathed in lasers for the stunningly frantic ‘Drunk’ from her deconstruction album Impossible Princess, the audience stayed surprisingly inert. I like Kylie, but I suppose, to a certain extent, I’m actually more of a die hard Kylie fan than I realise. Over the next two hours she made her way through fan favourite ‘Cherry Bomb’ (another X-Side) the sublime ‘Tightrope’, from the Fever sessions, the beautiful acoustic guitar b-side off ‘Spinning Around’, ‘Paper Dolls’ – and the list goes on. Anti-Tour • Kylie. Its content is informed & insightful, and features a diverse range of writers from every section of the community. I don’t want to hear her sing ‘Spinning Around’. Quote. A unique experience, for super fans only, Kylie and her band will perform those songs you thought you’d never hear live! Apr 26, 2012 at 09:44 . Small, intimate, unexpected! We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. I have a love/hate relationship with Kylie! The Australian singer kicked off the special 25th anniversary tour on Sunday night (March 18) in Melbourne. "(Everything) I Know". Minogue issued an apology to fans after the shows sold out in 15 minutes. Opening the show with ‘Magnetic Electric’, one of the brilliant electro pop offcuts off album X, known amongst fans as the X-Sides, Kylie looked truly happy. Small, intimate, unexpected! Minogue's stage shows … SaulHooker. Polari Magazine is an LGBT arts and culture magazine that explores the subculture by looking at what is important to the people who are in it. Out of two hours of rare material, I knew about 80% of it, which was more than most of the people around me. So, when she announced she was doing a tour of b-sides, rarities and demo’s, with no set and no dancers, I almost thought it was too good to be true. More dates which may include tour stops visit in the U.S. are expected to be announced later this year. Stripped down, not pandering to her public image, and showing herself for the artist she is. All Rights Reserved. I started imagining in my mind what this “Anti-tour” would consist of; for every album she releases, there is at least an albums worth of material that doesn’t make the cut, and ends up as b-sides or pirated online (in some cases, more than one album) and so the most pressing question for me was – what are her favourite rarities, the ones she would she choose to do?

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