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Dinner was served with menu options of steak, fish, noodles, and vegetables. I enjoyed the lounge and the older African American lady was kind, helpful and provided good customer service. It's a good 40 minute drive, or 2+hours by public buses (3) and keep in mind that the best views are actually on the Canadian side. In either direction.-The aforementioned time it takes. I'm on the trip right now and so far the staff has snapped at people twice that I've witnessed, shown no interest in customers, and been non existent since we left Chicago. "There's a new CEO and he has changed everything!" Enjoy an enhanced travel experience in Business class on the Lake Shore Limited (available Boston - Albany - Chicago only) and you'll have access to exclusive amenities such as a fully refundable ticket if canceled prior to departure, 25% point bonus for Amtrak Guest Rewards members, seating in a dedicated car, leather seating with extra legroom and footrests, complimentary non-alcoholic beverages and access to the Amtrak Metropolitan Lounge in Chicago. We learned that after those who have paid for priority unloading, the order your vehicle is off the auto train is random. How is this possible; is someone not doing correct PAR levels? It was great to have a bathroom in the compartment. I look forward to my next trip in June and hope to see you on the train. The reason they recommend you take only 2 carry-on bags each is that there is VERY limited storage in the roomette, as the space is small. just went down a star. Bad customer retention. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in Australia. We were seated with a grandmother and 4-5 year old boy. So, I asked if I could go to the diner and was told no. While the dining car heads to NYC, the cafe car continues to Boston and provides "hot lounge car" dinner service for the sleeping car passengers going to Boston and does the same with a lunch service when you leave Boston for Chicago. I guess you get what you pay for. We requested and paid for the best cabin with an ensuite. Review tags are currently only available for English language reviews. PROs:-  Free wifi, outlets and a cafe car with coffee and craft beer available most of the journey. I traveled round trip from NC to DC and experienced 3 hour delays both ways. The restrooms were clean and the food was good. If you were not in a hurry to get to NYP, you could take Business Class from Chicago to Buffalo arriving about 9AM. I hope they continue to improve quality of experience for riders and bring back the dining car! They do have a contraption made from seatbelt like material that they connect to form a safety net for that very purpose. This is because it shares track with freight trains and occasionally, you have to pull over to let one pass. Cool idea, but I'm not sure time allows it, though. Can you get to sleep? The other bed folds down from the top making the cabin a bunker style bedroom. I road in business on the way out, and should've just paid for coach given the comfort level. There's wi-fi on this train --always a plus! I chose the steak even though I am not a big meat eater – might as well try it since it came with the package. World Trade Center MBTA Station - Silver Line, Find more Public Transportation near Amtrak Lake Shore Limited. 4) Pls do not travel long distance in this train. I highly recommend ear plugs. It's nearly 2014 and Amtrak has the ability and the capacity to upgrade this problem (solar energy immediately comes to mind). There was little communication on Amtrak's end as to why or how long the delay would be to those waiting for the train. I actually like the current set up in the Roomette (which is the economy bedroom sleeper) with a private sink  and toilet. Next morning, I wanted to have breakfast in the diner and would wait for those who had sleepers dine first (this was a short trip and I thought it would be fine to ride in coach). However, our ride into Chicago the next day was pleasant and serene with lots of midwestern scenery. This helped me relax, as I felt it would help keep me from falling - and it also anchored me a bit so I moved less during the more violent shifts, sways, jerks and lerches. I found the upper berth to be uncomfortable and was constantly turning from side to back to other side to give my back a break. Do not wear a watch if you take the Lakeshore Limited. With almost 36,000 points, I'm in an informed position to assess the Amtrak rail system.The Acela: very well-run. This train journey was not at all what we envisaged and we suggest that Amtrak management teach ground/ station staff about service and customer relations as they don’t appear to have any interest in this aspect of their job.After 3 days in beautiful Chicago we flew back to Manhattan with American Airlines. That's fine, I'm flexible. Employees on this train are rock stars. A Viewliner train is a single decker train with coach cars, sleeper cars, a dining car, and a lounge car. So, I guess my most serious complaint is that the bathrooms in this car were never cleaned or restocked the entire trip from Chicago to Penn Station. I finally solved that by using the cargo net that runs the length of the upper berth (to let you take things up with you??) We left more like 4:30. I have taken this route from Boston to Albany and back again.If you're contemplating Peter Pan v. Amtrak to travel to Albany, this is a good alternative if your schedule works with it. Spending quality moments with my daughter. In hopes of sleeping during the overnight travel, we booked a Roomette. I was pleasantly surprised to be directed to First Class seating for both of those legs. Then plan the next trip to New York... let that be the start of your train adventure. Booked a sleeper from Boston to Chicago as the first leg of a cross country train trip to the Grand Canyon. I'll soon find out if this is the case, but if true, that is the dumbest move Amtrak could make outside of selling off the rail they owned in the 1950s to private freight companies Despite the cons, I love Amtrak. When we asked why we were advised that this train had been cancelled some weeks/months ago. I had my first Amtrak train ride from Cleveland, Ohio to New York City. The trip from New York to Chicago was uneventful. The train returns from both Boston and NY, joins up at the Albany-Rensselaer Station and continues overnight back to Chicago.I have taken the overnight sleeper service in both directions to Boston as well as just to Albany from Chicago and back. We were two hours late getting into Chicago and one hour late getting back into Boston. This is a consideration not only in boarding but walking through the entire train to get to the dining car. Quote Reply. Should I spring for a sleeper? Once offboarded, they announced it may be up to 1.5 hours before everyone had their vehicle. My husband admitted that every time he was jostled awake or felt the train shift intensely, he'd look up to see if I'd fallen into the seatbelt "net". I personally had to walk 4 cars up to get paper towels to soak up sewage water. The bedroom was a lot roomier but the door that would make the room adjoin to the room next door made noises all night. Cardoso Transportation Services…. Now that I'm back in my seat, I just saw two staff members come by and snap at several people who took the wrong seat after not understanding the instructions shouted at them from the door. - The seats are very big, and more often than not, you don't have a neighbor- The company: I've found new friends and had fantastic conversations in the cafe car. Conductors are friendly and informative and look out for patrons, knowing their stops and giving them a heads up, good customer service. One person has to leave the room if the other needs to use it. It's like being transported into a simpler time. Sleeper cars are upgrades which have rooms or cabins for families wanting a more private setting. We were on time going home until we had to stop for a couple commuter trains at Back Bay.If this had been my first time on a long distance train I may have been turned off by the service, but since I have traveled in a sleep previously and "knew the drill" it didn't affect my experience. Coach on Lake Shore Limited from CHI to NYC. Have long halts and often gets delayed. Deboarded the train and checked in to the lounge for the connecting train to San Francisco, the California Zephyr, a Superliner train, which departs at 2PM CST. Our compartment featured a door that could open to join our compartment with the one next door (I'm guessing for families). The plan was to see the countryside in comfort while enjoying the ambience of an overnight train journey.This was not to be.We arrived at Penn Station at 5am on 26th April for Train 51.The booking office opened at 5.10am. - The views! A Roomette has 2 seats facing each other convertible to a small sleeping bed come … First, let me say this isn't my first train or Amtrak train trip. ( Log Out /  Horrible first time experience. Why are the toilets overflowing with toilet water? If you choose BC you still have to change to Coach in Albany, since the BC service runs only to Boston. The train returns from both Boston and NY, joins up at the Albany-Rensselaer Station and continues overnight back to Chicago. We are traveling with 90+ year old parents who had the same problem with their room (even more expensive than the roomette) and were taking the train for the first time to a family reunion. What a great experience on the train. All the other Eastern one night trains are moving to what these two trains already have. There was little communication on Amtrak's end as to why or how long the delay would be to those waiting for the train.Once aboard, the ride was overall unpleasant due to the dirty conditions of the washroom that were disgusting only a few hours in. The vans are…", Yelp users haven’t asked any questions yet about. I believe the LSL is one of the trains that for at least the foreseeable future will transition the diner to "sleeper lounge" and will not be available for the coach passengers. On the way home, we rode the Lake Shore Limited, the train I’m on now. We went back to the cabin after dinner and our beds have already been set up by our cabin attendant, Alvin, who was very accommodating and helpful. In the past, it said "Passengers not carried locally between Albany and New York". What an embarrassment that we don't have better rail in this country, but given the airlines here it's not too surprising that Amtrak would eventually go downhill too. They've been provided the kind of financial accommodation by the Democrats in Congress--and even some Republicans--to ensure that their budget continues. Because the Viewliner is a single level train the Viewliner Roomette is taller than the same room on the Superliner trains and there is a window for the upper berth bunk bed. This means even on a long trip you can get a ton of work done! This is new. The Maple Leaf has Business Class seats to NYP if you like them. I was pleasantly surprised to be directed to First Class seating for both of those legs. Copyright © 2004–2020 Yelp Inc. Yelp, , and related marks are registered trademarks of Yelp. I'd no sooner fall to sleep when the train would jerk enough to be akin to being shaken awake.

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