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Danny: Where you going with that stuff?

Them days are long gone. Howard Bondurant: Still good to drive? Howard Bondurant: I remember there was a time you got some balls, Jimmy.

[after the cops leave Rakes alone in the house with Jack and Cricket] Sheriff Hodges: Look, we got something of a problem here.

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But I’m still messing with the recipe of course, and with this set up through the pipes, no one will even know what’s down here! Forrest Bondurant: I don’t think you do. Gummy Walsh: So what you got? I don’t believe you! Aunt Winnie: What’s going on? Well, that must be possible. Charlie Rakes: You thinking of drawing on me? Where are you?! Forrest Bondurant: Forgive me for asking, but, um, what’s a lady like you want here? Unter dem Titel „Lawless. Mugger #1: You ever seen a Harlem sunset? [just then Howard and Forrest return and see what’s happening]

Here we go!

Deputy Henry Abshire: Forrest Bondurant, it seems you’ve been involved in certain illegal activities. [as they drive out of Franklin to sell the moonshine to meet Cricket’s contact] Charlie Rakes: Different? [Jack gets out of the car and smiles at her] Conference Line: 220029#, Patriot Broadcast From the Trenches Archives, Or you can mail donations to Henry Shivley at P.O. Forrest Bondurant: Letting you in was a mistake.

Jack soon arrives solo, angry, and seeking revenge against the man who killed his friend. Jack Bondurant: You forgot to put gas in it. Charlie Rakes: You chicken shit sons of bitches! Because no matter what this world flung at him, he seemed to be able to just stand up and keep on going. Jack Bondurant: Go! [Jack watches as Banner comes up stands over them]

Charlie Rakes: Do I look stupid to you? Charlie Rakes: It’s Special Deputy, and I don’t see a problem at all. Um den Tod seines Freundes zu rächen, hetzt Jack mit einem Auto zu einer Brücke, wo er den Special Deputy aus Chicago vermutet, der inzwischen Verstärkung angefordert hat. Three rebellious, bootlegging brothers find the elusive American Dream within their reach, and fight to maintain their grip as powerful urban gangsters reap the rewards of their hard work in this sprawling Great Depression-era crime drama from director John Hillcoat (The Road, The Proposition). You just loaded those in there didn’t you? Do I get the job? Howard Bondurant: Come on! [Jack turns and leaves]. Rakes' care for his appearance often made him subject to ridicule by several locals of Franklin county. Jack Bondurant: Have they gone without me? [Rakes holds up Jacks head with his hair and repeatedly punches him in the face] Hophead #1: We got to buy a hundred gallon of your liquor. By expanding his family's moon shining business, he plots to launch a vast criminal empire while winning the heart of beautiful Amish girl Bertha. Gummy Walsh: You must be Cricket Pate, huh? [Cricket notices Jack putting a small gun into the back of his trousers] [Maggie gets her coat and walks out to her car with Forrest following behind her] Der Film basiert auf dem Roman The Wettest County in the World von Matt Bondurant.

[Jack looks at the alcohol, which is a disgusting yellow color] As long as you are my brother, you will never let this happen again. Oh, my money? Young Howard: Come on, Jack. Jack Bondurant: Did you put gas in the truck? [Bertha takes the price tag off the back of his coat collar and smiles at him], [as Jack is taking her for a ride in his new car] Forrest Bondurant: Alright. Floyd Banner: Give him this. That’s not going to help you right now, is it? Jack Bondurant: Did you put gas in it?

Während Maggie nach der Arbeit zur ihrem Quartier fährt, wird Forrest von Henry Abshire und Jeff Richards überfallen. Sheriff Hodges: Never you mind.

Jack Bondurant: …is two thousand dollars, minus my commission.

Jimmy Turner: Alright, Forrest. Special Deputy Rakes passt Maggie Beauford ab und sagt ihr verächtlich, er wisse, dass sie in Chicago als Nachtklub-Tänzerin auftrat. Got an offer from some slick looking Deputy, he wore perfume… [just then Jack and Howard walk into the bar and stare at Maggie, Forrest walks away from Maggie] Howard Bondurant: You okay, Sheriff?
[Jack takes a picture] Floyd Banner: I respect you Bondurants standing up to that communist District Attorney. Did you check out of that place yet. [Jack looks shocked and devastated] I got me on them cameras.

Forrest Bondurant: Look at me. Jack Bondurant: I got somewhere I got to be. You trying to intimidate us, Sheriff?

There’s… Howard Bondurant: Over that dead popsicle he’s been cooking up? [Cricket takes one of the moonshine jars] Previous Post: Man smashes cell towers down with tank after testing area for radiation. Howard Bondurant: Come on, Jack! Me and my brothers are moonshiners, bootleggers. But Rakes took him out of control again. [we see as Jack continue to sell to Banner and the brothers living well], Jack Bondurant: [voice over] Meanwhile, Howard and me hammered out four three hundred gallons submarine stills. Jack Bondurant: Forrest, I never meant to… It’s only fair of me to warn you before you open that door and you get inside, nothing is going to be the same as it was before.

Like how you’re public enemy number one now? Forrest Bondurant: What you talking about? Arrogant Corrupt Official, SophisticationWisdomIntimidationGreat strengthAggressionVast resourcesVast manipulationFighting and firearm skillsComplete control over the US Marshals and his men. Bertha Minnix: Invincible. Howard Bondurant: Alright then. Cricket Pate: That don’t sound right. Gets to a point where you start looking for somewhere quite.

Jack Bondurant: Yeah, well.
Jack Bondurant: Who is that?

When have I ever let you down? Alright then. What he done to that boy, there can be no absolution. Deputy Henry Abshire: Howard! Cricket Pate: Man takes one of these bottles wherever he goes.

Maggie Beauford: ain’t that just like you, to believe your own damn legend. [Maggie walks closer towards Forrest] He also would apparently wear perfume and pluck his eyebrows to the point where he almost had none. He’s just in the feed store there.

The soundtrack was composed and performed by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis. – 2012; 115 Minuten. Rakes pursues the brothers and unsuccessfully tries to find their distillery. [as he turns to walk off he sees Bertha’s father coming out of the feed store] Cricket Pate: Well, I ain’t sure that’ll do any good, sir. [Jack drives to the address Banner gave him, Howard opens the door, Jack sees the walls are soaked with blood and Forrest is holding straight razor] [Howard takes the nozzle from the gas pump] [as they reach Cricket’s contact] I’m the one who’s going to make your life real difficult from now on if you don’t toe the line, country boy.

Jack Bondurant: I ain’t got nothing. [Cricket tries to whisper quietly to Jack about the fact he shouldn’t have brought Bertha there, Jack turns to Bertha] Jack Bondurant: ain’t like someone’s going to steal this piece of shit, Forrest. [Jack walks over to where Forrest has fallen] Deputy Henry Abshire: That damn brother of yours, he somewhere about?

Make sure you tell Forrest that. Forrest's boisterous defiance and Cricket's knack for moonshine production help the brothers gain a local monopoly.

Jack Bondurant: I can run them blockades.

Tell him Floyd Banner says hello. Jack Bondurant: It’s the biggest distillation setup in these hills. Why don’t you show us the dance?

Charlie Rakes: You immortal?! Daraufhin verprügelt Howard die beiden Deputys Henry Abshire (Lew Temple) und Jeff Richards (Marcus Hester). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Hophead #1: Now, let’s have some fun. Charlie Rakes: Oh, you’re a peach. [he changes gear and drives even faster] They’re already got me and my deputies to close down the bridge. Forrest Bondurant: I’m alright. Floyd Banner wird zum Hauptabnehmer des von den Bondurants und Cricket Pate gebrannten Alkohols. Damit will er Bertha Minnix (Mia Wasikowska) imponieren, der schüchternen Tochter eines Predigers der Schwarzenau Brethren. Jack Bondurant: Just your best buddy Rakes? Jack Bondurant: Alright then. Forrest Bondurant: Did you pull a gun on this woman? Charlie Rakes: Come closer. [the one behind her grabs her and holds her at knife point and the scene cuts out, we then see her the next morning sat in her room, her body all bruised from being raped], [Jack and Howard pay Forrest a visit in the hospital, as hey lies in bed here with a throat all bandaged up]

Bertha Minnix: Please to meet you, Cricket Pate. Couple of years later, Howard moved to Martinsville, found work in textile, surprised us all by getting hitched, had a whole bunch of children. Jack Bondurant: Alright. There’s something that you need to know. He is a corrupt and merciless special deputy at the US Marshal service who enjoys antagonizing and tormenting the Bondurant family. I won’t look, you can go back of the car and put it on.

Charlie Rakes took great pride in his appearance; he was often shown to be wearing a fine, well-prepared suit. Jack Bondurant: This road is crawling with cops, Cricket! Maggie Beauford: Jack…

Bertha Minnix: I know who you are. Howard Bondurant: Hey, you better take it easy on that jar then! Deputy! [she tries to pose for Jack to take a photo] Jack Bondurant: I was told five. Meanwhile, as the three siblings rise to power while battling treachery on both sides of the law, a mysterious woman named Maggie appears out of nowhere, prompting the thoughtful Forrest to question the true price of his outlaw ways. Do you understand? [he looks at his white gloves, which have now got Jack’s blood all over it, he takes them off with disgust]. Jack Bondurant: Take her. Where are you?! Go on, get out of here! Charlie Rakes: Why don’t you tell Aunt Winnie this is not a social visit. Forrest Bondurant: I need you here with me tonight.

Swanning around like you’re Al Capone. Additional Notice: This template is meant for admin maintenance only. Jack Bondurant: I don’t need no help. Howard Bondurant: You going to hurt my brother? Start at twenty dollars a week, thirty dollars a load, that gets you free passage throughout the whole county.

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