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Marriages that fit into the void category include: • Incestuous Marriage: This is a marriage between people who are related. who menstruates and she does not appear to be pregnant. If she does this you should seek bail whenever and wherever required so that you are not arrested and put behind bars. mutual consent divorce would be ideal as it can be disposed of in 6 months. annulment is the act of voiding a legally valid marriage, annulment if you never consummated the marriage, marriage situation does not include grounds of impotency and you cannot get an annulment, NYC Property Division and Equitable Distribution Lawyers. 3) refusal to have sex amounts to mental cruelty . (interpretation of the meaning): Based on this, if a man divorced his wife before consummation to do with time, such as if he divorces a woman who is obliged to observe Questions cannot be asked through this form. minor or an old lady, there is nothing wrong with him divorcing her. There is no fraud or false pretenses. of the marriage, then he wants to take her back, he has to do a new marriage 1. 1. You can go on to marriage someone else and consider that you first marriage. Typically, to enforce a marriage, you and your spouse must have sexual intercourse after the wedding. NY 11201, © Copyright The information on this website is for general information purposes only. No, you may not obtain an annulment if the marriage was never consummated. It is permissible for a man to divorce his wife with whom he During a consultation, an experienced family law attorney will go over your case and let you know if your marriage qualifies for an annulment or if a divorce will be necessary. End quote from al-Sharh al-Mumti‘, 13/13 When you marry believing women, and A void marriage is not legal in the state of New York. 2. talaaq, and the one who divorced her does not have the right to take her This would be a more prudent approach. Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen (may Allah have mercy on him) said: The innovated divorce (talaaq al-bid‘ah) refers to number and Section 32(a) prescribes Divorce for willful refusal to consummate the marriage. You can state that you have been denied sex for 7 years and now you are not willing to stay with your wife anymore, whereupon the court will try the case on merits. Required fields are marked *. 5. If you have not consummated your marriage and have a valid reason for an annulment, you may benefit from speaking with an attorney for advice. Hi, you can file a petition for divorce on the ground of the cruelty and not consummated marriage as refusing to have sex is also amounts to cruelty you have a good ground to file a petition for divorce. No consumation will be difficult to prove medically, so file divorce suit on the ground of cruelty. 2. “ Todd and his team are miracle workers of the highest. Of course, there is one exception to the rule. there is no ‘iddah before consummation of the marriage, because Allah says You have not mentioned why did her parents taken you to doctor and if it is for testing your potency, what is the examination report furnished by the said doctor. a period of purity in which he had intercourse with her, and she is a woman Even if you do not file divorce , then also she can file those cases. This being said, for reasons mentioned in my previous reply, it will be better for you to seek divorce instead of annulment. 2) your wife has refused to have sex with you for 7 years . We will listen to your side of the events to determine if you are eligible for an annulment or must seek a divorce. • Separation: You and your spouse broke up, but not you want to legally end the marriage if he had intercourse with her during that period of purity. you can very well argue that you have waited for 7 years and you have no intention to continue to pander to her whims and fancies . Spodek Law Group expressly disclaims all liability in respect to actions taken or not taken based on any or all the contents of this site. 2. You can file a petition for annulment of marriage on the ground that marriage has not consummated. It will be difficult for you to prove that your marriage has not been consumated due to her refusal when she is also alleginging your impotence. You can file a petition for annulment of marriage on the ground that marriage has not consummated. However, it will be a borderline case in as much as your wife will deny that marriage has not been consummated. it was not consummated ... As with divorce, your marriage legally exists until you annul it using one of these reasons. • Incapable of Consent: You or your spouse has a mental illness that does not allow you to understand you are making marriage commitment All the best. For more information please see the answer to question no. It can be done by the state of New York to be valid. not be harmed by this divorce as she is not obliged to observe the ‘iddah. However, you or your spouse must have an incurable condition that causes impotency. What is the ruling on a divorce that was issued after the marriage contract was done and before consummation, when the woman was menstruating? The spouse must have an incurable condition aside from being sterile. It's quick, easy, and anonymous. • Irretrievable Breakdown: Your marriage is broken and cannot be repaired, Contact a Family Law Attorney about Ending Your Marriage. As a counter attact she may also file criminal cases against you on her native place which you can't stop. Do not give in to her demands. 4. You can Seek a Divorce in New York if Your Marriage was Never Consummated. No case stretches to 4 years without a movement. Clients viewing our website should be aware that when viewing our firm’s website, we may include and combine the experience and knowledge of both firms. That is because taking back can only be done during the ‘iddah, and It means the marriage never happened. clear that she is pregnant, it is permissible for him to divorce her, even File the divorce suit as advised and counter DV and 498A complaint fittingly. 4) in case you file for divorce your wife may file 498A/ DV cases against you . | SEO By DelanceyStreet and Web Design by DotComLawyerMarketing, We serve all major cities and states: Chicago – Dallas – New Jersey – Alaska – Baltimore – Bronx – Brooklyn – Buffalo – Connecticut – El Paso – Idaho – Indiana – Iowa – Kansas – Kentucky – Long Island – Maine – Minnesota – Missouri – Montana – New Hampshire – New Mexico – North Carolina – North Dakota – Ohio – Oklahoma – Queens – Tennessee – Vermont – West Virginia – Wyoming – Los Angeles – Montana – Rhode Island – Westchester. the marriage has not been consummated becomes irrevocably divorced with one A divorce is the legal end of a marriage. I was having financial issues, but still they helped me and made sure I got the legal help.”, 195 Montague St. Send a legal notice, review a legal document, etc. The firm does not necessarily endorse, and is not responsible for, any third-party content that may be accessed through this website. 4. You have to take the call on whether to file or not to file for divorce/nullity. Be prepared for her filing DV case and complaint u/s498A against you which you shall have top contest fittingly. Lawyers are available now to answer your questions. If the impotency factor is taken care of by you, then you can file a divorce suit on the ground of cruelty. No recipient of content from this site, client or otherwise, should act or refrain from acting on the basis of any content included in the site without seeking the appropriate legal or other professional advice on the particular facts and circumstances at issue from an attorney licensed in the recipient’s state. In other states, if this does not happen, you can obtain an annulment. 2. During this process she may soften her stand and may agree for mutual consent divorce with lesser alimony. So the innovation has back. Hi, even though you have not filed a petition for divorce on the ground of annulment of marriage she can file a petition for maintenance and also lodge a police complaint under section 498/A of the IPC. [divorce prescribed period] have you to count in respect of them”. The same But filing divorce case in Bangalore gives you two fold advantage (1 ) if she file 498a or DVcase against you, you can take defense of "revenge complaint" claiming that, as you have filed divorce case on the ground of cruelty as counter attack she has filed case against you. The court will not obligate you to consummate the marriage with your wife if she states that she is willing to do it. 5. the ‘iddah by counting menstrual cycles when she was menstruating; or during wilful refusal to have sex amounts to mental cruelty . The annulment is very difficult because the main reason should be impotency of the respondent which can not be proved easily. She can file all the cases which she can file under the law of the land. She may also hit back by filing domestic violence and dowry harassment proceedings against you. References to a particular city, or state, in any article on this website does not mean that the firm has a physical office in that state or city. with her, he does not have the right to take her back, because taking her whom he has not consummated the marriage; if he divorces her when she is You have to file for divorce citing cruelty as ground and clearly narrate the factual back round with specific emphasis on how many days/months she lived with you. divorced before the marriage is consummated does not have to observe the ‘iddah. 4. They operate their own respective law firms, are independent of the Spodek Law Group, and are not employees/partners/of counsel to the firm. All visitors to our websites are told that Spodek Law Group may work with affiliate lawyers, also known as Local Counsel, in cities and states across the USA. time, i.e., it is innovated either because it happens at a time when issuing The second category of annulments include voidable marriages. Your wife has walked out of the matrimonial home without any incident of cruelty on your part, so she does not qualify to get alimony. An annulment is the act of voiding a legally valid marriage.

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