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To. So time is up and now the contestants each have three minutes to plate up their dish for the judges, who are all sitting awkwardly around the judging table like a family who really hates each other. MasterChef Australia, Season 2. Florentine, pain de Gênes and glaçage au chocolat among other things, which all sounds very impressive until you realise that more than half of those are just made up words. Feeling the pressure, she thinks it’s a calculated risk and uncharacteristically dismisses him.

The first one to stay is TK. As the black town car of disappointment whisks Neha out of the driveway and back to her family, we are all left to ponder the truth that in life, as in love and in chocolate, all things are bittersweet. The only bastion of control is Noelene, who stands motionless at the back of the room like a giant sphinx, exhibiting the kind of stoic calmness that can only come from cultivating a deep hatred of every person she's ever come into contact with in her entire life. Khanh is also starting his domes and Reynold gives his tick of approval from the gantry, not that anyone asked. Meanwhile, Khanh is whispering sweet nothings to his spheres. privacy policy. No one can get close. A “professional chocolatier and patissier” might be another. Thank goodness we got Jock to hand feed Katy Perry before this social distancing business #MasterChefAU, Now that they are as isolated and fragile as we are, the producers have decided to take it easy on the contestants this week, and make tonight's pressure test a chance for immunity rather than an elimination. Andy says it "eats really well" and the chantilly was "thick". The only fault with hers appears to be the tempered chocolate lid.

Wade breathes a massive sigh of relief. Nothing like a good bromance to boost ratings. Neha says that this will be a Herculean task, and while as a figure of legend Hercules wasn't known specifically for his baking, I'm guessing that's the first time that phrase has been applied to something that is quite literally a piece of cake. Kirsten feels so proud she feels like crying. The salon is still open, you guys! Everybody gasps for some reason. #MasterChefAU Brendan says he feels out of his depth.

Well, well, well. The hopefuls line up ready to accept their fate. Kirsten says it's 12/10 on a scale of difficulty, and the chocolate sphere and straw are the hardest elements. Brendan is also onto his straws. Melissa has social distancing earrings on. The relationship quickly sours though as the sphere cracks in his hands as he tries to dip it in the green chocolate. But the editors are right. She starts on her chantilly and did everyone just watch her put in the vanilla bean extract with her FINGER. Brendan says, "I'm going to be crying chocolate tears" and aww, baby's first joke!

The feeling of a warm ray of sunshine like a lover's embrace? It was Khanh's last sphere so he proceeds to have a meltdown. Sadly for Neha, an errant piece of baking paper in an otherwise well-executed dessert is the difference in this challenge, and another journey in the MasterChef kitchen draws to a close. She has already started filling her domes with the white chocolate. The eighth series of the Australian cooking game show MasterChef Australia premiered on 1 May 2016 on Network Ten. Magnanimously, Noelene steps in to the challenge. Simon plates up. All's well that ends with strategic edits. But he is having trouble getting his domes out of the mould. Time starts and right out of the gate Vern has erroneously mixed sugar with his milk powder and chocolate and he's freaking out. On to Noelene next, and we discover that with her children all grown and moved out of the family home, MasterChef is her way of coping with an empty nest.

of white chocolate in two bowls in the microwave, then continues to heat them up with some sort of kitchen hairdryer. Khanh says he really wants to learn something this pressure test, though this is what we all said at the start of lockdown, too, and though I enrolled in at least three Zoom courses, I attended exactly zero. In a reality TV editing master class, perfectly timed to the chimes of the musical score, the ganache magically melts through the lid like chocolate lava. Andy says he needs to gain finesse. Jock says he looks really frazzled. Andy wants to give him a hug but says he can't. TK realises her caramel cream has split. These are the philosophical questions I ask myself instead of doing my Zoom courses. In Greek mythology, the blast chiller god is actually Boreas of the Anemoi and not Hercules, so religiously at least, Neha is clearly now hedging her bets. Emelia puts her layers in easily and thinks she has done a really good job. Simon should have put three holes in it. terms and conditions She says the most important thing to do will be to temper the "tank of chocolate" correctly, but the most important thing for me to do now is make enquiries into where to purchase myself a "chocolate tank". There's the white chocolate sphere coated with freeze-dried raspberry and dipped in two shades of green chocolate. Nifty!

TK has decided that she’ll rearrange the steps to suit her.

Speaking of zoom, Emelia is doing it. Things are going well but just prior to plating up, disaster strikes.

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