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If you work with large documents or media files, a large memory is also essential for your computer to keep up. It’s resistant against most drops and bumps, and can also withstand high temperatures and humidity.

If you’re feeling held back by the hardware limitations of the Raspberry Pi 3, it’s a superb little upgrade – and still very cheap.

Whichever mini PC you go for, you’ll need enough processing power to perform what needs doing.

Filled to the brim with hardware, the T6 mini PC stick is, perhaps, one of the smallest mini PC models available on the market today. Once you start the system, the OS will update to the latest version, which can take a few reboots before you can utilise the PC to its full potential. For even rudimentary casual use, it’s not that suitable. As with any computer, the vital port is the USB port. Finally, most mini desktop computers come with pre-installed software (OS), so you just connect them properly - and off you go enjoying your computer experience. It’s the best mini PC if you’re looking for both affordability and high-end performance. On the flip side, however, you can always hook up a cable directly from the router using the LAN port on the back of the computer housing to negate the low reception of the internal wireless module. Likewise, the computer has a fanless design that provides decent cooling to both the CPU and the integrated graphics card. Their versatility and very low cost make these boards understandably popular with the maker community. Price: £10 | Buy now from The Pi Hut. The Neo JS0C-4 is no barebones system, either – it comes with storage, memory and Windows 10 included, so it’s ready to go straight out of the box. Thanks to the addition of two HDMI ports, this small computer can be connected to any modern 4K monitor or TV without any issues. Now, if you’re looking for a gaming mini PC, it certainly is possible.

Connectivity is good, with enough USB ports for multiple peripherals alongside built-in 802.11ac Wi-Fi. Slimmer than other products in the same category, the ACEPC T6 mini stick can fit everywhere a normal PC can’t, which makes it a valid pick if you need every centimetre of free space. You get all the performance you need in a PC no taller than a tennis ball. Note that there are some use cases that are simply not possible (as of the moment) with mini PCs.

Often, what you’ll get is an integrated graphics card that does a fantastic job for basic video playback or light, casual games.

It's something to keep in mind if you’re looking for a tiny workstation. Read next: What’s the Best 8-inch Tablet? A lot of them use mobile-oriented processors, making them suitable for light tasks without consuming much power.

View basket for details. As an alternative solution for expanding the existing eMMC’s capacity, the computer features a removable enclosure on the bottom part of the case that you can use to connect additional mSATA and 2.5-inch drives (both SSD and HDD).

In addition to this miniaturisation, parts that were previously separate have become an integrated part of the main PCB.

Many more wonderful things can be said of the ACEPC AK1.

More info. On top of that, the Quad-core architecture of the assembly makes the operation exceptionally cold and optimised in terms of speed.

You often can quickly expand later on should you need more, at bargain prices. The 14-nm design of the Quad-core processor is exceptionally energy-efficient, which allows for using the computer for prolonged periods of time without the need of regular restarts. There's never been a better time to invest in a space-saving mini PC. Security is also top-notch.

Suppose you’re an existing Apple user who wants to upgrade, or a Windows user who wants to switch to the Mac ecosystem.

But then again, a laptop solves the same problem. If you do decide to go with the dedicated graphics card route, make sure your CPU, memory, and storage are up to par (which, sadly, can only further drive the cost up). Options do exist with discrete graphics, though – such as the Asus VivoMini, below – which can help with productivity tasks like image and video-editing. You can probably thank the stability and tight integration of the Mac OS for this. The specs are reflective of actual performance, able to handle multiple apps or CPU-intensive software like Photoshop with ease. It’s excellent for general productivity tasks at above-average intensity (for example, getting on a Zoom call with dozens of Safari tabs opened) or low-end gaming. Fortunately, there's an alternative, and we don’t mean spending the premium for a laptop. All our PCs are brand new with Windows 10. The NC860 adopts a fanless design, so it’s super quiet.

Storage is, of course, a no-brainer requirement, although it’s not as crucial as it was years ago. Giant capabilities.

Key specs include an Intel Pentium processor, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of eMMC storage. Buy your mini PC at VJM Computers. A full setup system is perfect for convenience.

Unlike most of them, this fanless NC860 PC model from Kingdel is a good example of a small computer done right.

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To add more, the additional drives can be used as boot drives, allowing you to run multiple operating systems on one machine. Moreover, this PC box is quite fast, despite only having the essential modules needed for its smooth performance. The Linux-based TinkerOS is open-ended enough to let you use the Tinker as a desktop computer, but it’s really designed for projects – and most Pi code can be translated to run with only minor modifications. What’s more, the AK1 has an integrated Intel HD 500 graphics card, which delivers smooth video playback and graphics display from streaming sites like YouTube or Netflix. Lower power consumption can also mean reduced cooling requirements and quieter operation, so you don’t get distracted by the whirring fans. Size: Allowing users to make the most of every available inch of space in their work area. Although it is not much, 512 GB is more than enough to cover the basic data needs, moreover, you can always install an additional solid state drive or hard drive on top of the standard one, given that the model of your choice will fit inside the case of the PC. Performance-wise, nothing bad can be said about the AWOW Mini PC. These are much closer to the desktops and laptops we’re familiar with and support proper SSDs and hard disks, upgradeable RAM and a wide range of external ports.

We offer the latest in computer technology with a large range of options available. VJM Computers Mini PCs is a UK based company selling high-end small form factor Desktops. High-end gaming is one of them, as well as heavy editing or graphics work. It is light, fairly portable, and can handle a variety of tasks while being quite nimble and quiet in operation, which in the end makes it highly versatile.

In all, a mini PC is the best substitution for a desktop computer and even a laptop. The better storage to get is a solid state drive or SSD.

Two HDMI ports instead of a single one enable utilising this miniature computer model with two monitors connected at the same time. The latest generations of integrated GPUs are quite agile - the best of them allow you to play movies in a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels (UltraHD 4K) which is a challenge even for some PCs!

Dirt: Showdown ran at a playable 30fps at 1080p, even with graphics settings on Ultra. You’ll notice that your computer and applications boot up much faster with an SSD.

The compact dimensions of this PC stick model make it a perfect pick for commercial applications.

All things considered, the ACEPC AK2 mini PC is one of the best picks among other budget-friendly fanless PCs available today.

Both the Core i5 and i7 can fit the bill quite nicely. Performance-wise, the Mac Mini is what you’ll expect from an Apple device. Despite the obvious lack of active cooling capabilities the CPU rarely gets hotter than 70°-75°C even under heavy loads and in stress-test situations, which is definitely a plus for a small PC like this.

Mini PCs tend to be noisier than desktops or laptops in general, and that is due to the internal fan. Despite the fact that this mobile CPU can get quite hot, it doesn’t overheat and won’t need to turn itself off in order to cool down. SSDs use flash memory technology, allowing them lightning-fast file transfer speeds. For those who want a better approximation of a desktop PC, there’s a large selection of mini PCs designed to run Windows. Nevertheless, it also has a collection of offline apps so you can use the Chromebox even with no internet connection. Even though 64 GB of data should cover very basic data storage, it is simply not enough for anything more than that. As a base computer, it does its job very well. Fortunately, the device is equipped with 4 USB ports, so you will be able to connect all required input appliances and have a few spare ports that can be used for linking up additional drives, audio appliances, as well as for other purposes. As for capacity, it really depends on what you need, but 1 TB is a good starting point. 5. Before shipping to you, all required drivers will be pre-installed and the PC is rigorously tested for quality assurance. Maker boards tend to feature lightweight ARM-based processors, which are fine for browsing the web but might struggle with more demanding jobs. The Wi-Fi signal strength is not ideal for use in dense office environments. Key specs - Operating system: None (Windows 10 recommended); Processor: Hexa-core 2.3GHz AMD Ryzen 5 4500U; RAM: None (max 64GB); Supplied storage: None; Data connectors: 3 x USB 3, 2 x USB-C; Video ports: 1 x HDMI, 1 X DisplayPort, 2 x USB-C; Networking: 802.11ax Wi-Fi, Gigabit Ethernet; Dimensions: 49 x 115 x 155mm (HWD); Warranty: One year RTB. Of course, you’ll end up paying a lot more for this sort of hardware. Luckily, memory is inexpensive nowadays, despite having such a significant impact on your mini PC’s performance. There are some, however, that incorporates a dedicated graphics card. The only thing that we didn’t really appreciate about this portable PC is the signal strength of its integrated Wi-Fi module, which can be a limiting factor in some cases.

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