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to TV shows like Fringe and Mad Men, Jared Harris has assembled a diverse amount of credits over his acting career, and Morbius is the latest project that’s been added to the list. Venom 2 currently remains slated for October of 2020. Additionally, if this "Agent Stroud" turns out to be comic-canonical Simon Stroud, will Gibson be running around in a magnificent bright blue suit and red ribbed turtleneck as the original character does?

(uncredited), NYPD Police officer Work began in earnest at the end of the year with further casting, ahead of a production start in February 2019 in London. Dangerously ill with a rare blood disorder, and determined to save others suffering his same fate, Dr. Morbius attempts a desperate gamble. Let's hope that particular sexist tradition is avoided in the film adaptation. He can’t be felled by any mystical objects though, as he’s more scientific than supernatural. Captain America heads into battle against Knull! It remains to be seen if Smith will be playing an ally or enemy to Morbius, though if he falls into the latter category, perhaps he’ll be playing Loxias Crown, an adaptation of the super villain Crown (who both Spider-Man and Morbius have fought in the comics) who’s rumored to be Morbius’ main antagonist. As was the case with Venom, it’s weird at first imagining Morbius jumping to the silver screen and not clashing with Spider-Man, but writers Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless have crafted a tale for the tragic vampire to shine on his own, one which director Daniel Espinosa is helming. [19], By the end of April 2018, Sony had approached Antoine Fuqua about potentially directing the film.

[38] This interaction was said to be "a 'call and answer' between the two franchises as they acknowledge details between the two in what would loosely be described as a shared detailed universe". In all honesty, you may not remember some of these projects, and if you do, you don't remember them as — to put it gently — box office successes.

'Fantastic Four' #29 ties into the symbiote event -- but which of Marvel's First Family is in trouble? [3] Julia Alexander at The Verge described the premise of the film as presented by the trailer as "ridiculous",[46] while Matt Goldberg of Collider felt it looked "silly" and also noted that the film looked very similar to Venom, which he acknowledged was commercially successful. The saga of the Eternals, a race of immortal beings who lived on Earth and shaped its history and civilizations. Biochemist Michael Morbius tries to cure himself of a rare blood disease, but he inadvertently infects himself with a form of vampirism instead. After Suicide Squad, one would assume tabloids would be all over that kind of hot gossip like white on snow, but the information came out later during that film's press tour, so we'll see. [28] Adria Arjona entered negotiations to portray the film's female lead, Martine Bancroft, in December;[7] her involvement was confirmed a month later when Sony pushed the release date to July 31,[8] and Matt Smith also joined the cast. [44], By October 2019, Jon Ekstrand was set to compose the score for Morbius after doing the same for Espinosa's previous films. Robert Lopez & The Art of Songwriting | Marvel's Storyboards, An Inside Look At Marvel's Avengers | Part 1, The King in Black Is Coming for the Fantastic Four This February, Venom and Carnage Comic-Based Figures Arrive at ShopDisney to Wreak Havoc, How 'X of Swords' Reveals the Hidden History of Arakko, Steve Rogers Faces Down the Symbiotes This February in 'King in Black: Captain America' #1, Earn Points for Marvel Insider This Week by Choosing Your Marvel Halloween Costume.

It’s hard to say how much Arjona’s version of Martine will have in common with the original character, including if she’s even engaged with Jared Leto’s Michael Morbius at the start of the movie, but expect her to be integral to the story. What at first appears to be a radical success soon reveals itself to be a remedy potentially worse than the disease. Pick up the latest Marvel Select figures from Diamond Select Toys! The side effects?

Release Dates That's why he's the Living Vampire, you see — because science. The side effects? If one unofficial plot description is to be believed, Leto’s Morbius will use his new abilities to prey on criminals he deems are unworthy to live, thus putting him in the anti-hero mold like Venom. [26] By November, box office analysts believed that Venom had been successful enough for Sony to move ahead with other films like Morbius,[27] and at the end of that month the studio dated an untitled Marvel film that was believed to be Morbius for a July 10, 2020, release. [10] At the end of the month, Justin Haythe was believed to have contributed to the film's script. | (as Gloria Santillana), Man in Central Park / | Doctor Who alum Matt Smith joined the cast shortly before filming began and will play Loxias Crown.

We only get a little taste of Tyrese Gibson and Matt Smith as Simon Stroud and Loxias Crown, respectively, but their whole deal is surely yet to come in a fuller trailer once we encroach more closely upon summer. Hubris is an underlying theme, too, with several shots of Morbius receiving awards yet feeling unsatisfied with the slow progression of his research. In an isolated Oregon town, a middle-school teacher and her sheriff brother become embroiled with her enigmatic student, whose dark secrets lead to terrifying encounters with a legendary ancestral creature who came before them. ]"[23] Tolmach said the project was "very far along" at that stage and they were now planning to begin filming in early 2019,[24][25] with the intention that Morbius would be the second film released as part of Sony's shared universe after Venom. After announcing plans for a new shared universe of films inspired by Spider-Man characters beginning with Venom (2018), Sony began developing one based on Morbius. [24] He added that Leto was bringing the same "intensity" to the film that he had brought to playing the Joker in Suicide Squad (2016). The Living Vampire. These are works uninterested in being gritty or unstylized — they're big, languid, and stuffed to the gills with aesthetic, while never forgetting the innate monstrous truth of vampirism.
Like with Matt Smith, we have no clues yet as to who Harris is playing, although given his various villainous turns over the years, he could easily fill that main antagonist role as well. Arjona will be playing Martine Bancroft, who in the comics was Michael Morbius’ fiancée.

[48] Much of the discussion surrounding the trailer centered on the revelation of Keaton's role and the visual reference to Spider-Man, which led to questions about the film's relationship with the Spider-Man films and the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Sequel to the 2018 film 'Venom'. Filming & Production His most recognizable director credit in the United States is for the 2017 alien horror-thriller Life, which (while it performed well enough financially) received middling critical reviews. Dr. Michael Morbius is a biochemist-turned-bloodsucker. She is fresh off the massive success of Good Omens as Anathema Device, but she also has other notable genre chops exercised in Pacific Rim: Uprising and True Detective. Plot unknown. Dr. Michael Morbius at first lives as a normal man and Nobel-Prize-winning biochemist stricken with said disease that dissolves his red blood cells.

Morbius (2021) Cast & Crew, Release Date, Actors, Director-Everything You Need To Know. Yeah, we know, we're worried about what his particular flavor of method acting might do in this role, too. His American filmography also includes Safe House, an action thriller starring Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds, and Child 44, a Cold War-era drama starring Gary Oldman and Tom Hardy. Distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing, it is intended to be the second film in the Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters. It is set on the planet Karn, where the surgeon Mehendri Solon (Philip Madoc) seeks to create a body for the Time Lord war criminal Morbius (Stuart Fell and Michael Spice) from parts of other creatures that have come to the planet. Allie Gemmill Jun 12, 2020 Sony's Amazing Spider-Man Shared Universe Plan: Everything Still Happening Cookies help us deliver our Services.

Matt Smith has been cast as the antagonist of Morbius, best-friend-turned-enemy Loxias Crown, who also suffers from the same blood disease as the Living Vampire. Venom kicked things off last October and the next movie up is Morbius, which will follow, you guessed it, Morbius the Living Vampire.

She ultimately seeks to become a true mythical vampire, turns on Morbius, and permanently dies.

[41], Reshoots for the film had begun in Los Angeles by early February 2020. Fear the Mad Titan; he'll get you in a snap. He succeeded, but the cost was being turned into a pseudo-vampire who now had to ingest fresh blood on a daily basis to stay alive. [19], By the end of September, Sony was intending for production on the film to take place in Atlanta, Georgia—where Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) and Venom were previously produced—but had still not set a release date for the film. [5] In March, filming took place in Manchester's Northern Quarter, doubling for New York City. [16][17] That November, Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless submitted a script to Sony for a Morbius film, after a "secret development process" at the studio. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. The Living Vampire. The franchise may not be ready to slip the webhead himself into the mix just yet, but that's little trouble when all of these antiheroic personalities need to be built up as a full-fledged characters themselves. (Exclusive)", "Tyrese Gibson Joins Jared Leto in Marvel Spinoff 'Morbius' (Exclusive)", "Manchester given a New York City makeover for filming of Spider-Man spin-off Morbius", "Exclusive: 'Red Sparrow' Scribe Justin Haythe Contributed to 'Morbius' Script for Sony", "Future Spider-Man Spinoff Movies Will Stand On Their Own", "Sony, Marvel Make Up: Companies Will Produce Third 'Spider-Man' Film", "Spider-Man Back In Action As Sony Agrees To Disney Co-Fi For New Movie, Return To MCU: How Spidey's Web Got Untangled", "How 'Morbius' Can Build to a Spider-Man Crossover Movie", "Morbius Taps Iron Man Writers for Rewrites", "Morbius Set Photos Suggest Stronger Spider-Man Presence", "Disney Pausing Production On Features 'Little Mermaid', 'Home Alone', 'Nightmare Alley' & More Until Coronavirus Calms Down", "Sony Delays Release of 'Morbius,' 'Ghostbusters,' More Films Due to Coronavirus", "Jon Ekstrand to Score Daniel Espinosa's 'Morbius, "Sony's first Morbius trailer is as ridiculous as 'pseudo-vampire Marvel villain played by Jared Leto' sounds", "Jared Leto Goes Full Angsty Bloodsucker in the 'Morbius' Trailer", "Upcoming Sony IMAX Releases Include 'Ghostbusters: Afterlife', 'Venom 2', 'Morbius', and 'Uncharted, Live-action theatrical films based on Marvel Comics, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,, Films postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Films with screenplays by Art Marcum and Matt Holloway, Films with screenplays by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless, Short description is different from Wikidata, All Wikipedia articles written in American English, Use list-defined references from August 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 8 November 2020, at 01:22.
As a supporting character to the Living Vampire, who is himself generally not a leading man, it's no surprise that there isn't exactly a wealth of knowledge about her to glean from the source material. The first trailer for Morbius arrived in January of 2020, with all the dark, brooding mood you might expect — plus a few interesting surprises.

Hopefully she will be given a quality role in the story reflective of modern ideals, surpassing her existence in the original comics. Sony Pictures intends to capitalize on the surprise success of Venom, expanding its universe of Spider-Man characters by bringing in a vampire. Plus, famous last words are spoken inside today's new 'X-Men' and 'Marauders'!

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