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There were a lot of rapists in that time and there were also a lot of women who did not wear the veil and put themselves in positions to be harmed.

Detailed Summary & Analysis The Veil The Bicycle The Water Cell Persepolis The Letter The Party The Heroes Moscow The Sheep The Trip The F-14s The Jewels The Key The Wine The Cigarette The Passport Kim Wilde The Shabbat The Dowry

What it means: It means that because of the closing of universities, Marjane will have less career opportunities and therefore will not have the right education to get a good job and support her life and a possible family, if she has one. The children just don’t know that this is a rare opportunity for people to get education. The leader who says these words said animals were more civilized than those women who refuse to listen to the rules and behave correctly. Maybe the were true to the cause at first, but once they get a taste of power it just goes downhill. “I was wrong about dad. And so we went to Italy and Spain for three weeks…” p.77 But i was never easy. I like how you portrayed it with some other examples of corruption.

It turns out, however, that just as the political prisoners were released when it was convenient, so, too, were the generals and fighter pilots.

“Ok, now it’s time to go to bed, goodnight, kids” pg 91, What it means: She is tired of them harassing her with questions about things she does not care about and wants them to go to sleep. What it means: they were brainwashed to think that the afterlife was way better than the life they have now.

A few bills were all he needed to forget the whole thing! And if the pursuit of knowledge meant getting cancer, so be it.” Pg 73. I agree with Randy that with a war going on these students should definitely take school serious since not all of the kids will get this opportunity to further there education during a war. This episode marks the beginning of the veil policy that Marjane describes at the start of the book.

But he wishes that his father was still alive and never had to fight and die. They had to line up twice a day and had to pray for those who had died fighting for them. Two fundamentalists insulted her. What it means: With the war going on, some children’s can’t get an education. They shut down the U.S. embassy and the universities.

Make sure you explain what it says, what it means, and if you agree with it. By entering your email address you agree to receive emails from Shmoop and verify that you are over the age of 13. At times she pretended to cook food she did not have just to keep up appearances for the neighbors who could see her through the window. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. I do not agree because education should not be taken away. One day, she accompanies her parents to a demonstration, where she sees someone stabbed in the leg. Yours have a rare opportunity. If in fact it is more enlightening to go without a veil, then animals are more socialized than us.”. Ideology can be defined as a system of beliefs and ideas. Governments and their leaders just want to appeal to the masses to get into a position of power.

In Addition, please describe the illustration that the quote accompanies, explain how they are connected and whether or not there is any symbolism that is present in the image.

Also they should all take this rare opportunity to learn. This also shows the kids being tricked by the Government that they would have a better life. Make sure you explain what it says, what it means, and if you agree with it. What it means: Pardisse’s father passed away fighting for his country’s military. Throughout the book, Marji has wanted to help her country in whatever way she can. Persepolis opens right after the 1979 Iranian Revolution, which results in the downfall of the American-backed dictator known as the Shah of Iran and leads to the rise of the religious hardliners who establish the oppressive Islamic Republic. Persepolis Persepolis Summary & Analysis | LitCharts. Please include the name of the person to whom you are responding. As it happened, they were right.

“Where indeed!

Persepolis Introduction + Context.

“Things got worse from one day to the next….I think they realized that soon such thing would no longer be possible. Marji’s parents might predict for what is happening next, this might be the last time they have a vacation together. Detailed explanations, analysis, and citation info for every important quote on LitCharts. Dude your a genius, i didnt even think of the keys being disposable. Find out what happens in our Chapter 10 summary for Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi. They want to die as an educated person, not as an illiterate person.

Marjane’s grandmother comes over to the house, and Marjane asks her about the times Marjane’s grandfather was in jail. People are hoping for better change so that they can live in a peaceful life, but sometimes things do not go with the way they want it to be. If In fact it is really more civilized to go without the veil, then animals are more civilized than we are.” page 74, What It says: ” women’s hair issue a light that excites men.

What the picture means: This picture is a strong one showing what it would look like in the authors eyes.

They should have listened and covered their hair with the veil but they decided to be non-conformists. Make sure you explain what it says, what it means, and if you agree with it. I also do think that they are true to their words at first because nothing has influenced them yet. There will be girls houses made of gold and most importantly there would be food. What it says: I agreed with my mother.I tried to not think about death. Analyze the picture: So I really just wanted to analyze the picture therefore the quote is awful.

Everyone would be upset to lose their loved ones and in this case, she wishes it was not him because he fought for the country. Picture: The picture shows the parents staring at the teacher. Now that he is gone, Pardisse wishes that he never had to fight because he would still be alive. Still, it turns out that he can be both supportive and critical of his country.

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I agree with mataya.

Please post a quote from Persepolis – Chapter 10 "The Trip" through Chapter 14 "The Wine" and include the page number for reference.

That is something important to everyone and It meant a lot for those who were set on pursuing their dreams.

I agree with Papa Satrapi. My students love how organized the handouts are and enjoy tracking the themes as a class.”, LitCharts uses cookies to personalize our services. Picture: This picture shows that she is laying on her bed, stressing out and sick because of the studying that she has been doing and not watching out for her health.

It’s like preaching family values and then cheating on your wife, or saying gay marriage ruins the sanctity of marriage while at the same time being cool with the country’s significant divorce rate.

Quote:”And so another dream went up in smoke”, ”misery! They put on funeral marches, and we had to beat our breasts.” Page 95.

That’s why women should cover their hair!

I’d like to add that the keys they wore represented those boys very well. This chapter starts off with Marjane thinking that her father is not a hero because he did not go to prison like her friends’ father. There were plenty of kids with the keys around their necks being blown off.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our. ” I agreed with my mother. I bribed them with some of cash and they went away.” I agree with you, Madison.

The government poses itself as pure and fundamental even though many of the people who comprise it only care about money.

What it says: This quote is saying that pardisse is wishing that her father was still alive instead of being dead and not being there for him. I thought it was unfair for education to be taken away.

Still young and driven by love of her country (despite who leads it), she sees the enemy as pure evil, though her father sees them as people, too, making fun of their driving. Education is not always important to everybody. What it says: Pardisse is saying that he wishes that he father was still alive in jail rather than being a hero that has passed away.

With war going on children should somewhat take school serious. 110. Yes, it is true. One by one her life is slightly getting worse and with the possibility that she might not go to college she gets sad thinking about whats to come in the future. I agree with Sivmey and Hong-Ha about this quote. The people who comprise an organization almost never live up to their ideals. It's nice, but when they return. What it means: It means that she does not care if she gets cancer from being educated or liberated as long as she is getting what she wanted. So you should make sure there well- behaved!’ Page 98. Thousands of young kids, promised a better life, exploded on the minefields with their keys around their necks.” (page 102), What it says: it says that kids were dying out in war, KIDS. Her parents realize that their life will no longer be normal anymore. Struggling with distance learning?

They know whatever happens in their country cannot be fixed anymore. I disagree with you Urban. He did not deserve to die, it is already hard enough for her to say that she would rather see him alive and in jail than for him to be dead and a hero.


Pardisse is sad that her father died and Marji is sad that pardisse father died. What it means- It means that the schools will be closed and then the children will no longer be able to further their education. Quote: “I wish he were alive and in jail rather than dead and a hero.” Page 86. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Then when they get the taste of true power they begin to get corrupt. What it means: It means that the place Marji lives in is now just getting worse. He recognizes that the nationalistic pride that Marjane (and even he himself) feels in the war against Iraq is exactly what the regime wants them to feel, because by uniting all of Iran against Iraq the regime protects itself from the Iranian’s who disagree with it. Instant downloads of all 1372 LitChart PDFs She doesn’t get that, to his daughter, the man’s death is still death, no matter how he died. Picture: This picture shows pardisse and Marji talking they are both sad in different ways. The quote relates to the picture because the leader speaks to people, mostly towards the women, about wearing the veil. The original text plus a side-by-side modern translation of.

“I lived in poverty.” Picture: It depicts her laying in her bed crying thinking of her future and as we see it looks like its bleek. The military and government saw the youth as expendable as the plastic the keys were made from. Even though with everything going on, they should still behave no matter what. He loved his country as much as I did” Pg 84

In line with his opinion that it is really Iran itself that caused the war with Iraq, he also blames the country’s inability to fight back on the new government.

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