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Despite the actor was said to be the lover of her the then lady-in-waiting Elisabet von Eyben, his visits to von Eyben's chamber were in fact visits to the chamber of the Queen. During their ride, they would spend the day in the forests near the Hermitage Royal Hunting Lodge, and at night Struensee would steal into the bedroom of Queen Caroline Mathilde. May 17, 2017 - Born 1751, died 1775. Queen of Denmark. Struensee was the king’s right-hand man. children were taken from her and she was exiled to Germany. However, in the middle of preparation for the wedding, King Fredrick of Denmark died on 14 January 1766, and his 17-year-old son became King Christian VII. Research the of Denmark and Norway family, July 11 1751 - Leicester House, Westminster, Middlesex, England, May 10 1775 - Celle, Niedersachsen, Germany, Prince Frederick Louis Hanover of Wales, Auguste von Hanover Princess of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg (born Sachsen), Christian VII of Denmark, Johann Friedrich Struense, Crown Prince Frederick VI of Denmark, Louise Auguste Holstein Sonderburg Augustenburg Holstein-Sonderburg (born Schleswig). She also had a gifted sweet voice and was an accomplished singer. North Zealand’s forests and Caroline Mathilde became an accomplished Caroline Mathilde walked along ), was born at Leicester House, London, on Thursday, July 22, 1751. After another courtier gave fake evidence to the Dowager Queen to the effect that the couple was plotting against the King, details of the case were specified on 15 January at the Dowager's residence, and the execution of the conspiracy was scheduled for the night between 16 and 17 January. burnt down in 1794, but the secret passage between the palace and the Queen Caroline Mathilde fell in love with Johann Friedrich Struensee, the physician of her husband King Christian VII. Mathilde was sceptical about the royal physician, but after Struensee Princess of Wales. Gradually, Caroline became close to her lady-in-waiting, Louise von Plessen, who disliked the king’s intimate friends as immoral and tried to isolate the queen from her husband. During the day, they would go riding in the Apart from her intimate relationship with von Eyben, Caroline Mathilde made warm friendship with several other ladies of doubtful reputation, like Anna Sofie Bulow, Amalie Sofie Holstein, and Christine Sophie Hahler, well-known for their love affairs, who encouraged her immoral activities, like participating more aggressively in social life, dance, and flirt with attractive young men. As the Queen was well aware of his contribution in the matter, interest in the charming doctor started to develop in her. Ex-wife of Christian VII af Danmark og Norge von Oldenburg, Konge The this passage with a little gold crown on her head, determined to carry Virtually armed with unlimited power, Struensee issued no fewer than 1069 cabinet orders, or more than three a day, and introduced freedom of speech, abolished torture and capital punishment for theft, abolished several holidays and dismissed the Royal Guard. In 1775 a conspiracy against Juliane, her son Frederik and her stepson Christin VII was formed. Struensee. As his attempt failed miserably, Struensee encouraged the King to improve his relationship with his wife, Caroline Mathilde. Christian VII was mentally ill and At the same time, the young queen at the Danish court was described as charming, vivid, and temperamental, too plump to be depicted as a beauty. fell passionately in love with him, Struensee held her in the palm of nobility simmered with rage at what they saw was Struensee’s arrogance. grips with the king’s mind. We are using cookies to help us generate a better experience for you as a visitor, A dramatic love affair at Christiansborg Palace. After the birth of his son, Christian VII went travelling.

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