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Goldblum and Waititi improvised multiple versions of the latter scene; one unused version involved the singing of the Sakaarian national anthem, which was "made up on the spot".

With Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Cate Blanchett, Mark Ruffalo. Summoning lightning, Thor gets the upper hand, but the Grandmaster sabotages the fight to ensure Hulk's victory. [119] Concept art released at San Diego Comic Con 2016 revealed that the character Fenris Wolf would appear. [8] Waititi also asked the heads of each department to watch Flash Gordon (1980) before beginning work. [59] That April, Feige was expecting a draft for the film soon,[60] and a month later he stated that a director, additional screenwriter, and further casting announcements would be revealed "towards the end of the summer",[61] with filming set for June 2016. [176], Sheri Linden of The Hollywood Reporter praised Waititi's handling of "the clash-of-worlds CGI extravaganza", particularly for the lighter tone he brought, with "even the story's central bad guys [being] silly fun, hammed to the hilt by Cate Blanchett and Jeff Goldblum. [241] By July 2019, Waititi had signed a deal with Marvel to write and direct a fourth Thor film, titled Thor: Love and Thunder.

"[63] During the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con International, Jaimie Alexander said that she would reprise her role as Sif in "a very pivotal part" of the film. With his powers in full force, Thor manages to resist Hela and carves through her army but he realizes she is still too much for him.

Thor awakens to a holographic presentation about Sakaar and the Grandmaster, the ruler of the planet and host of the gladiatorial Contest of Champions. For the Loki actor, they "really wanted someone good and someone who's funny", and Chris Hemsworth suggested that Matt Damon, whom he knew personally, take on the role.

Loki takes leadership of the group and steals a large ship with them. As Fenris lunges towards the Asgardians, Banner transforms into the Hulk seconds later to fight Fenris and Loki arrives with Korg, Miek and his Sakaaran allies who all take on Hela's forces to buy time for the refugees to get aboard the ship. [70] Inspiration for the road-trip aspect of the film included 48 Hrs. [3], Thor: Ragnarok was released on digital download by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment on February 20, 2018, and on Ultra HD Blu-ray, Blu-ray, DVD and On-Demand on March 6. Unwilling to be left behind, Loki provides the group with the means to steal one of the Grandmaster's ships. New clips of Thor and Hulk fighting, released on the same day as the Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Conor McGregor fight, helped generate the 57,000 new conversations for the week. However, during their transport, Hela intercepts them and forces both Loki and Thor out of the beam. In a mid-credits scene, Loki asks Thor whether he will be welcome on Earth after the Battle of New York, and Thor assures that he will be. [78] Also featured is Muspelheim, one of the Nine Realms, ruled by Surtur. Waititi provided a motion-capture performance for the character, who is made of rocks, and wanted to do something different by having the character be soft-spoken,[44][45] ultimately basing Korg's voice on that of Polynesian bouncers. [215], Peter Debruge of Variety called the movie "preposterous", but praised Goldblum's performance.

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