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Similar scholars political and philosopher. Mazandaran is divided into 15 counties (shahrestan in Persian). In ancient times, Hyrcania was infested with panthers and tigers, so fierce and cruel, as to give rise to a proverb concerning fierce and unrelenting men, that they had sucked Caspian tigers. In other studies, Brucella was detected in 20.86%, 31%, and 34.56% of aborted sheep fetuses in Iran, Turkey, and Greece, respectively. [citation needed] Sari is the capital city of the province. [19] They came to the front about 40/660 and during the rule of the ʿAlids were their vassals. Before the 1800s, Persians, Kurds, and other Iranian ethnic groups used bread rather than rice as an accompaniment to their meals, though bread remains a prominent staple among them. Thereafter, the Mongols governed the region until they were overthrown by the Timurid Dynasty. La dinastía de Gushnasp gobernó hasta el 528, cuando fue eliminada por el rey sasánida Kobad. Mazandarán (en idioma persa: مازندران, Māzandarān) es una de las 31 provincias de Irán, situada en el norte del país, junto al mar Caspio. Strabo, who extends Hyrcania as far north as the river Ochus, says from Aristobulus that was a woody region, producing oaks and pines, but not the pitch pine, which abounded in India. Entonces, el rey persa nombró el noble Sukhra, supuesto descendiente del herrero Kaveh, hacia 537. Travellers passing through the forests of Mazandaran pass through thickets of sweetbriar and honeysuckle; and are surrounded with acacias, oaks, lindens, and chestnut trees. Several years after the revolution, the region saw another massive influx of Russian refugees (the so-called White émigrées) who fled the Bolsheviks.

[14] Mazandaran is also a fast-growing centre for biotechnology[7] and civil engineering. Mazandaran is connected to the capital of Iran, Tehran, through three transit roads: Haraz road (Amol-Rudehen), Kandovan road (Chalus-Karaj), and Firoozkooh road (Qaem Shahr-Rudehen). Atravesada por la cordillera Elburz, aquí se encuentran las dos montañas más altas de Irán: el Damavand (5.610 msnm) y el Alam Kuh (4.850 msnm). [25] The cuisine of the province is very rich in seafood due to its location by the Caspian Sea, and rice is present in virtually every meal. The province's five lairgest coonties are Sari… Su territorio ocupa una superficie de 23.710 km², un área similar a la de la Comunidad Valenciana.

Its eastern side, connected with the mountains of Arran (Eastern Armenia) and Aderbijan, it is called Keik, and when it reaches to Ghilan, (the Gelae and Cadusians,) and Iraq, (Media,) it takes the name of Terkel-diz-cuh; it is called Mauz when it reaches Kurnish and Mazanderan; and originally Mazanderan was named Mawz-enderan; and when Alburz reaches Khorassan, it is called Lurry." Given the climatic changes and varying rates of rainfall in different parts of Mazandaran province, this region has a variety of climates, including the mild and humid climate of Caspian shoreline and the moderate and cold climate of mountainous regions. Los montes Elburz rodean la franja costera y las llanuras del Mar Caspio. A la caída del Imperio sasánida Yezdegerd III huyó a tapu. Se encuentra en la costa sur del Mar Caspio. [19] The second dynasty reigned from 466/1073 to 606/1210 when Mazandaran was conquered by 'Ala al-Din Muhammad Khwarzamshah. It should also be mentioned that B. melitensis biovar 1 was the most prevalent B. melitensis in Mazandaran Province (Behroozikhah et al., 2012). Sari es la capital; otras ciudades: Babol, Amul. From this it appears that Mazanderan signifies all the region within the mountain Mawz and the Caspian Sea, which lies east of Ghilan and the Kizil Ozan. It has been mentioned as a curious circumstance, that in Mazanderan an axe used for cutting is called tabr. Mazandarán (en idioma persa: مازندران, Māzandarān) es una de las 31 provincias de Irán, situada en el norte del país, junto al mar Caspio. Arash story of the Shahnameh: از آن خوانند آرش را کمانگیر ..........که از آمل بمرو انداخت یک تیر. In the second section, a region called Mazandaran is mentioned in the Kai Kavoos era; it is an area which is mostly inhabited by Div (demons).

[19] These families had descendants who ruled during the Islamic period. El nombre procede del persa antiguo "mahs Indra" (Gran Indra, un dios védico). After the dissolution of the feudal government of Tabaristan, Mazandaran was fully incorporated into the modern Persian Empire by Shah Abbas I in 1596. Gorgan perteneció a la provincia hasta 1997, siendo actualmente la capital de la nueva provincia iraní de Golestán. [citation needed], The peoples of the two provinces are largely secular, and consequently women have had greater social freedom and independence than their Persian cousins. Now called Mazanderan, comprehends the largest and widest portion of the low plain along the shores of the Caspian Sea. This is confirmed by Sir W. Ouseley, who says, from Hamdallah, an eminent Persian geographer, that Mazanderan was originally named Mawz-anderan, or within the mountain Mawz. Mazandaran is a major producer of farmed fish,[12] and aquaculture provides an important economic addition to traditional dominance of agriculture.

Mythical land Iran of Mazandaran is an nd dating life in the Medians have said. When it reaches between Hems (Emesa) and Demishk, (Damascus,) it is called Lebnan, (Lebanon,) and near Mecca and Medina it is called Arish. [20], During the post-Islamic period the local dynasties fall into three classes: 1. local families of pre-Islamic origin, 2. the ʿAlid sayyid s, and 3. local families of secondary importance.

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