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She tanked dozens of attacks that oneshot Wanda.

In Binary state, She can even absorb the energy of White hole allowing her to fully manipulate stellar energies. The Top Ten Dueling Monsters In Yu-Gi-Oh! Prove why Wanda destroying the sword is particularly impressive. SupremeGeneration.

For Everyone, Check Out Rambo Fight in the Mortal Kombat 11 Trailer, Guy Spends 2 Years Making a Video Game to Propose to His Girlfriend, Video Proves That Mario’s Brother Luigi is a Monster. Thanos’ sword cut vibranium relatively easily, and it’s not even unheard of for Wanda to do something like breaking a metal superior to vibranium. Hence why she lifted him into the air preventing him from properly using his strength. Unfortunately where a lot of people trip is when they realize that between the two of them in Endgame, Wanda, aka Scarlet Witch, was the one that had Thanos on the ropes and forced him to call in the artillery before he was torn apart. Her holding his two hands with one hand also says otherwise. I beg to differ here from what most people are saying about Captain Marvel being stronger in the 2. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. vs. Morals off, no prep. Carol wins because you can't arm wrestle with TK. She also tore Ultron's heart from his vibranium plated chest. But then again, neither have Wanda’s.Â, One of the biggest issues with Captain Marvel in the MCU is the fact that those running the Marvel division at this point have propped up Carol in a way that has created a severely over-powered character that has, in the comics, been swatted into orbit by the Hulk and has only ever been able to take down seriously powerful heroes and villains when she’s come close to her upper limits.
Then Wanda removes one of her hands and matched Thanos’ 2 hands with her 1 hand then she blasts him off of herself. @greysentinel365: Carol has never....never absorbed physical force, and I made this thread so I decide how the ‘arm wrestle‘ goes, It’s Carol’s normal physicals vs Wanda’s TK. Carol >= 1 arm Thanos who just had IG energy flowing through him, Wanda overpowers her, thor and hulk all at the same time. Carol's more durable but if we count Wanda's tk as strength, Wanda has the edge. Check Out The Trailer for New FOX Series “The Great North”, Why Head Writer for The Tonight Show Rebecca Drysdale is Leaving, What We Learned from the Trailer for Netflix’s Bridgerton, The Five Most Shocking Days of our Lives Moments of 2020, The Reason Zack Snyder’s Justice League Trailer Got Yanked from Youtube, Barbers Try To Kill Wolverine in Fan-Made X-Men Film “Close Shave”, National Treasure Gets The Honest Trailers Treatment. @greysentinel365: wrong again and since this is off topic and just about Wanda I’ll indulge. This a tough one. You have no evidence to support a counter argument.

With her energy projection powers yes, if anyone said she outmatches him in raw physicals by that extent they're just being silly. If you want just base physicals then Carol still wins. Yes the sword cut through the shield, but that doesn't make it inherently more durable than it. So it seems the ability to break vibranium is tied to his strength rather than the blade itself. So really she’s only have to take the initial burst. Recapping Supernatural? Since she can’t do that here Carol still stomps. Today, we will look at some important points and informations to draw a conclusion and a winner. @greysentinel365: ....tanking an attack has nothing to do with a TK vs Strength thread... @emmafrostxmen: In Carols case it does as her physicals are amped by the energy she absorbs. Captain Marvel can not manipulate mystic energy while Scarlet Witch has limitless access to Chaos magic. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Scarlet Witch vs. Captain Marvel: Who Would Win? Tom 6 months ago. The character possess absolute superhuman strength and durability. All Rights to these images is Reserved by their respective owners. Her being forced to the ground says otherwise. Better Thanos scaling and her IW feat with the wheels > Carol's feat with the ship IMO. 2 months ago. Star Wars, Goonies, Game of Thrones, from fantasy to science fiction to the dramatic and silly, Tom is all about the greatest and most insane stories that can be found. Then Wanda removes one of her hands and matched Thanos’ 2 hands with her 1 hand then she blasts him off of herself. I owe you, Jones! Follow ... Thanos struggled to move more with Witch than he did with Captain MARVEL. From the NBC Press Tour – Heroes Not Renewed – Yet, Chuck: ‘Chuck Versus Santa Claus’ Recap & …. When he had the leverage Thanos was overpowering Wanda. Wanda took him on when he was still fully capable of fighting and didn’t look nearly as worn down just yet.Â, We could talk about speed, power, strength, and of course Carol’s fighting skills as well as her ability to predict what was coming. @alisupo1: durability is not a factor in this fight.... the one who overpowered a willing to kill thanos without the element of surprise vs someone who got overpowered by a crippled version of thanos. @webinyoureye11: it's a feat to break Thanos' sword which has the feat of breaking vibranium.

The only difference is that Thanos was able to yank the power stone from the gauntlet and send Carol flying, which could have been the end of the fight and the second major loss for the Avengers right there, save for the actions of Tony Stark. I have my reasons, please let me explain. @lord_titan_: @the_living_tribunal_24: @the_red_devil: @gaoron: @greysentinel365: @syntix: @theoneabovelife: @professorrespect: @minlerdemon: @alavanka: @morpheus_: @anthp2000: @cyberpunkcop: @arkhamasylum3: @laiks stake: @paytience: @phillip33: Captain Marvel is the big dog in the MCU as far as I’m concerned, Even thanos was flexing and contracting his arms and legs when Wanda was holding him telekinetically. But then let’s remember that Wanda in Marvel is the one that uttered ‘no more mutants’ and disrupted an entire world with the force of her will and magic alone. The comparison will be based on comics.

Arm wrestling is a battle of pure strength, Also Wanda isn’t even touching Carol.... Wanda is using her TK as an arm, Carol by feats, wanda if you scale off Thanos. In the real world only a diamond can cut another diamond (specifically cut not break), and the same goes for all other minerals. This applies in the mcu as well. But upon testing herself and finding that she could keep going, it was discovered that while her powers do cause fatigue after a while, where Carol can last a lot longer, the initial battle would be the decider. Captain Marvel isn't just capable enough to defeat or even survive Scarlet Witch.

In a case where they pit against each other, Scarlet Witch will overcome the energy absorption of Carol or even use the power of Captain Marvel against her. “Prove that the number hands determines her output.“ this is probably the worst question I’ve ever been asked. Pacific Northwest for life y'all. Had Wanda not been so set on torturing the mad titan until she finished him, as he wasn’t going anywhere, she would have likely torn Thanos to pieces, literally. I have two answers for this question. Pushing Wanda to her max in Avengers: Age of Ultron was fairly simple, as she was still feeling out her powers and finding her limits. Thor has Stormbreaker. In Base, Carol loses but if she is Binary I think it's a close match but I'm close to Cap. So let's dive into what the difference is. Thanos struggled to move more with Witch than he did with Captain MARVEL. In this case she’s shown she can tank and therefore amp herself by many times Wandas output. But the chaos magic that Wanda wields is a little too unpredictable since despite the fact that Carol might know it’s coming, there’s not a lot to say that she could predict just how Wanda would seek to immobilize her. Check Out Mario & Luigi: Super Anime Brothers, When Grand Theft Auto Becomes Rated E! Once again, cutting ability isn't tied to durability. The sword could simply be sharpened to an insane degree and this in combination with Thanos strength is what broke it. Poll MCU: Captain Marvel & Scarlet Witch vs. Thor & Doctor Strange (61 votes) Carol & Wanda 49% . Wanda was matching his strength in the scene completely and shattered his sword (which is superior to vibranium). This is a valid debate, especially when given the roster of team members including Captain America, The … Im sure she can form a manifestation of an arm using her TK energy.
Wanda overpowered Thanos more easily than Carol did... With "MarySue"force or not Captain Marvel wins. Share the comparison with your friends and family to let them know. Prove that the number hands determines her output. @frombeyond: I’ve seen people say that....I’ve literally seen people say she stomps Thanos, Wanda and Carol are in the same ballpark in my opinion so I made this thread. Wanda’s one hand briefly matched Thanos’ full strength....Wanda’s roughly twice as strong as Thanos. With all that in mind, coming from the point of view that we have from the MCU, the claim of Captain Marvel being the most powerful Avenger all around is kind of jeopardy simply because when it comes to energy she can absorb pretty much anything, and her upper limits haven’t been reached on the big screen yet. It’s true that both women took on the mad titan after he’d already been fighting for a bit, meaning he’d expended at least a fair amount of energy. Scarlet Witch Vs Captain Marvel A new piece of fan art sees Scarlet Witch battling Captain Marvel, representing the debate about who is the strongest Avenger in the Marvel Cinematic Universe . Arm Wrestling: MCU Scarlet Witch Vs MCU Captain Marvel EmmaFrostXmen. When Wanda was trying to destroy the stone faster she used two hands. She has no problem going hand to hand using her TK. Wanda. And the one point that many people would make is that while both women took on Thanos, only one of them had him completely at her mercy. Thor & Strange 49% . @emmafrostxmen: it is, because it's an arm wrestling.

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