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Helen was a partner. The Decision was so legally inept that the Crown chose not to enforce her judgment despite having applied for it! Gleeson returned to Australia months later in the middle of the night after advising the government judicial conflicts were the norm in NZ. If the court is divided, the opinion of the majority is the judgment of the court. Supreme Court decisions are binding on all New Zealand courts. Perhaps Justice Winkelmann’s greatest character weakness is her proclivity to keep judicial actions and rulings secret. Address: Suite 13.03, Plaza Building The new Supreme Court of New Zealand was officially established at the beginning of 2004, although it did not come into operation until July. Gleeson’s report has never been made public and Official Information Act requests receive the response it was never adopted or used and therefore not accessible. The plan developed over time as the architects factored in various requirements including security, public access and services. However, mindful of legal precedent in New Zealand, Winkelmann sought to keep the relevant law nebulous by ruling judicial discretion was central to any judicial finding because each search warrant is unique. – Similar pages – Note this, Spartan News Ltd, The grand, sky-lit courtroom lies at the centre of the building, with the ancillary chambers, library and core administrative section arranged around the outer edges. However, her extreme sensitivity to Crown interests and against disclosing corruption by public officials routinely compel her to conceal not only the corruption but the court proceedings which attempt to unmask it. The funding and administration of the courts is provided by the Executive, through the Ministry of Justice. Again in the Dotcom case in 2014, on application by the Crown prosecutors to gain access to a NZ Herald reporter’s sources on a Dotcom book, Justice Winkelmann ruled that the privacy exemption for news media related specifically to “articles and programmes” and did not extend to “books”. In 2012, a judicial review was filed against the Judicial Conduct Commissioner’s dismissal of a formal complaint for one such episode. In New Zealand, court decisions are made by members of the Judiciary. The team located the judges’ chambers on the first floor, as it gave them a freer rein with office space by putting the occupants out of direct visual contact with the street, thus allowing for large windows. Current Director: Burmese Investments Ltd,Former Director: All The Answers Ltd, NZ Telemed Services Ltd, Phillips Fox Solicitor Nominee Company Ltd. In total, the courthouse contains a total of 2.5 linear kilometres of bookshelves for its extensive judicial library, a necessity that became one of the primary factors driving the design. Suppression orders, and in this particular form, are made on a daily basis in the Courts throughout New Zealand, in the context of the determination of pre-trial hearings, or in the determination of appeals where a retrial is likely.”. Her reason was she did not have enough information to allow publication. and the community. The interviews prompted complaints against Winkelmann J to the Judicial Conduct Commissioner alleging she was actively misleading the public regarding judicial realities in New Zealand given her own history of not providing reasons for, and suppressing, many of her own rulings. To answer this, his team worked in consultation with the court judges and Ministry of Justice staff, in order to design a building that “steps forward purposefully to address the need for our own governance of legal issues,” says Gregory. Furthermore, the final right of appeal depended on whether the proceedings were civil or criminal. The Supreme Court comprises the chief justice, who presides, and between four and five permanent judges. 139 Pakenham Street West, Australia, Mail: Suite 13.03, Plaza Building In 2010, and again in 2011, Justice Winkelmann was caught giving instructions to one-side’s counsel outside of proceedings. Nor does it means they will overturn Rowe V Wade. She is bright in the ‘concert-pianist-who-cannot-tie-her-shoes’ way, frequently erring on fundamental, common sense issues. – Similar pages – Note this, Colourful affair as Iti appears in court – Terror Raids – The … In the Operation 8 trials (Urewera 18 defendants) which brought condemnation from the United Nations for the police assault on Maori separatists labelled as ‘terrorists’, Helen Winkelmann routinely issued unreasoned suppression orders, often by phone without application from any party. SUPREME COURT JUDGES. Sydney NSW 2000 Winkelmann J has evolved since her appointment in 2004 when one well-placed barrister called her, Graduated BA, LLB from the University of Auckland in 1984 and was admitted to the bar in 1985. The establishment of the Supreme Court instituted a uniform system for exercising the final right of appeal. Entrance on Cashel St, Mail: PO Box 25086 To support her revocation of bail, Justice Winkelmann emphasised the danger of letting Lockett free by reading for news cameras in the courtroom jaded excerpts from a “court suppressed police affidavit” – at the same time Police were raiding citizens’ home and businesses for reporting facts in this affidavit which underpinned the search and arrest warrants. Notwithstanding her legal gymnastics, Winkelmann’s ruling was overturned on appeal (CA420/2013 [2014] NZCA 19). Furthermore, the final right of appeal depended on whether the proceedings were civil or criminal. Interesting Relationships and Coincidences: Helen Winkelmann J has significant relationships with many New Zealand bankers, accountants and senior lawyers which may cloud her judgment and rulings. Consistently since late 2007 Winkelmann J has demonstrated a worrisome tendency toward unduly protecting the Crown and powerful interests from legal accountability, often in secret. AWLA September 2004.indd The new Supreme Court of New Zealand called for a building that would borrow from the best architectural and legal traditions of the past and re-present them in an expression of open justice for a new era. They are rarely reported in New Zealand yet most of the relative few quietly challenged by appeal have been overturned. In 2010, Winkelmann J was appointed to a Judicial Conduct review panel by Attorney-General Chris Finlayson – an admitted protege and close mate to then-Supreme Court Justice Bill Wilson – to investigate Wilson’s conflict of interest when Wilson was a Court of Appeal judge, primarily because Winkelmann could be counted on to cover up the worst evidence. In late 2011, Chief High Court Judge Winkelmann ordered a media-taped conversation in a public cafe between Prime Minister John Key and Act MP John Banks suppressed after the Prime Minister objected to its pending publication. As well as those in the judges’ chambers, the walls of the circulation area above the chambers are entirely lined in shelves. Supreme Court judges retain concurrent appointment as judges of the High Court. The Court of Appeal is bound by decisions of the Supreme Court and those of the Privy Council entered before the right of appeal was abolished. is for the following orders pursuant to Section 106 of the Act: … Legal pundits not left speechless were openly aghast at the surgically literal interpretation of a lawful right. Queenstown 9348 The Old High Court now functions as a civil and environmental court, and houses education, service and meeting facilities. In civil cases appeals from the High Court are as of right, unless the case originated as an appeal from a lower court. – 181k – Cached – Similar pages – Note this, Auckland District Law Society – Seminar Papers – Seminar papers – 2000 Southern beech timber was used throughout the building interiors to give a sense of warmth and enclosure, particularly in the courtroom, the elliptical inner surface of which is clad with 2845 panels of silver beech, generating the smooth surfaces that would produce the acoustic properties demanded by the brief. Wellington 6011, Mail: PO Box 10390 The team chose an internal palette of materials that were natural and as far as possible, local and sustainable (beech, concrete and bronze), and that would age gracefully, over time acquiring a rich patina that both contrasts and relates to the dark timber and plastered brick used in the Old High Court Building next door. This was achieved using a concrete frame covered by the court’s most striking public feature: the exterior screen made of extruded, recycled bronze. The application by counsel acting for Mr Karpik, Ms Helen Winkelmann,. Justice Winkelmann has been a trustee of the Starship Foundation and the Lynfield College Development Trust. – 46k – Cached – Similar pages – Note this, [PDF] Sydney NSW 2000 Do not expect her to disclose these relationships when and where they pose a conflict of interest in her presiding. Poor personal judgment has repeatedly cast a pall over Justice Helen Winkelmann’s seemingly sincere attempts to present herself as more conscientious than her peers. 20/11/01. Helen Winkelmann, Professor Charles Rickett. Justice Helen Winkelmann said Judge Bouchier had failed to take into account that further “more serious” charges could be against Lockett under the … – Similar pages – Note this Culture + Community, Heritage + Adaptive Re-use, Justice + Defence, 2010 World Architecture Festival Awards - Finalist, 2010 Designers Institute of New Zealand Awards - Built Environment, 2010 NZIA Wellington Architecture Awards - Interior, 2010 NZIA Wellington Architecture Awards - Heritage, 2010 NZIA Wellington Architecture Awards - Colour Award, 2010 RMB Commercial Project of the Year Awards - Industrial + Infrastructure - National Gold Award, 2010 IStructE Structural Award - Building/Infrastructure, 2011 NZIA National Architecture Awards - Interior, 2011 NZIA National Architecture Awards - Heritage, 2011 Property Council of New Zealand Awards - Heritage/Adaptive Reuse, 2011 Property Council of New Zealand Awards - Special Purpose. This trait was instrumental in Winkelmann’s peers supporting her promotion to Head of the High Court Bench in 2009, where culling from the front of the herd and promoting from the back ensures survival of the less scrupulous. The Supreme Court does not often overturn their own rulings and it is also a rarity is it significantly split on certain decisions. The project also aimed to establish a common ground between the old and new buildings, to pay respect to earlier legal traditions while creating the basis for a contemporary institution that reflected the distinctive identity and jurisprudence of New Zealand.

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