the adventures of thomas and the magic railroad (2019)

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Tom Kenny as The Bluebird, Lily's inanimate toy bluebird who came to life as a CGI animated talking bluebird by Burnett Stone and Lily Stone using the magical gold dust on that bluebird. Thomas is a really useful engine who is very kind to his friends.

The son is introduced into the world of Sodor, a place his father visited as a child but cannot remember. Within the year 2012, the engines battle to protect the magic and search for the magical items vital to keeping the world in existence. The film was a box office success and it received critical acclaim, with critics praising the faithfulness to the 2000 film's original director's cut, the visual effects, the CGI animation on the trains, splendid acting, well-developed characters, and the plot along with the performance of Nicolas Cage as P.T. The engines suddenly find extraordinary and drastic turn of events at the start of the year 2012. Basic plot: Spring was coming closer to Sodor and many engines that the engines haven't seen in years came back to Sodor for a special day. Sim Evan-JonesRon Wisman Fox, ever since Marty McFly's voice in the, Percy (voiced by Keith Wickham respectively), Gordon (voiced by Ringo Starr, ever since his voice acting work and narrations in the original classic, Henry (voiced by Hugh Laurie, his own voice), James (voiced by Rob Rackstraw respectively), Mavis (voiced by Emma Watson, ever since Hermoine's voice in the, Duck (voiced by Steven Kynman respectively), Oliver (voiced by Joe Mills respectively), Toby (voiced by Jim Broadbent, his own voice), Edward (voiced by Rowan Atkinson, his own voice), Bill (voiced by David Spade, ever since Kuzco's voice on, Ben (voiced by Tom Kenny, ever since Jake Spider-Monkey's voice on, BoCo (voiced by James May, his own voice), Lady (voiced by Mara Wilson respectively), Diesel 10 (voiced by Arnold Schwarzengger, his own voice), Splatter (voiced by Thomas F. Wilson, his own voice), Dodge (voiced by Seth MacFarlane, ever since Stewie Griffin's voice in the, Jack (voiced by Neil Morrissey, his own voice), Stepney (voiced by Alec Baldwin, ever since the title character's voice in, Murdoch (voiced by Matthew Broderick, his own voice), Emily (voice by Kath Soucie, ever since Sally Acorn's voice in the best, Molly (voiced by Carolyn Lawrence, ever since Sandy Cheeks's voice on, Rosie (voiced by Grey DeLisle, ever since Kimiko's voice on, Diesel (voiced by Tim Curry, his own voice), Daisy (voiced by Helena Bonham Carter, her own voice), Donald (voiced by David Tennant, his own voice), Douglas (also voiced by David Tennant, his own voice), Bertie (voiced by Cheech Marin, ever since Ramone's voice in the, Flora (voiced by Bailee Madison, ever since Penelope's voice on, Isobella (voiced by Nancy Cartwright, ever since various shows), Madge (voiced by Tress MacNeille, ever since Agnes Skinner's voice in, Elizabeth (voiced by Estelle Harris, ever since Mrs. Conductor, the deuteragonist of the film and a 20-centimetre tall conductor who narrated the television series episodes that appeared in.

Anne Hathaway Since then, no actual production has been announced, until Robert Zemeckis came in and remake the original "Thomas and the Magic Railroad" film, along with Britt Allcroft, to bring in new actors to play the characters from the original "Thomas and the Magic Railroad" film (except Alec Baldwin, in which he will reprise his role as Mr. Ariel Winter as Lilly Stone Anne Hathaway as Adult Lilly Stone The Narrator in film Owen Wilson as Burnett Stone Josh Butchersons as teenage Burnett Max Charles as Young Burnett Aiden Mcgraw as Patch Alec Baldwin as Mr. Potato Head's voice in, Mrs. Kyndley (voiced by Maggie Smith, her own voice), 'Arry (voiced by Joe Pesci, his own voice), Bert (voiced by Daniel Stern, his own voice), Mrs. Percival (voiced by Ellen David, ever since Bitzi Baxter's voice in the Arthur classic cartoon animted series), Brian (voiced by Steve Guttenberg, ever since Carey Mahoney's voice in the, Ethan (voiced by Jeff Bridges, his own voice), Eric (voiced by Brendan Fraser, his own voice), Harambe (voiced by Sean Bean, ever since Regis Lucis Caelum's voice in, Sadie (voiced by Lacey Chabert, her own voice), Billy (voiced by Rob Paulsen, ever since PJ's voice on, Belle (voiced by Kate Harbour, her own voice), George (voiced by Denis Leary, ever since Diego's voice in the, Neville (voiced by Stephen Mangan, his own voice), Cranky (voiced by Hank Azaria, ever since Clancy Wiggum's voice in, Thomas's Driver (voiced by David Collins, his own voice), Thomas's Fireman (voiced by Shane Dundas, his own voice), The Fat Controller (voiced by John Cleese, ever since King Harold's voice in, The Fat Controller's Wife (voiced by Angela Lansbury, ever since Mrs. Potts' voice in, Percy's Driver (voiced by Bill Hader, his own voice), Emily's Driver (voiced by Mindy Kaling, her own voice), Rosie's Driver (voiced by Amy Poehler, her own voice), Henry's Driver (voiced by Owen Wilson, ever since Lightning McQueen's voice in the, James's Driver (voiced by Thomas Sangster, his own voice), Gordon's Driver (voiced by Dane Cook, ever since Dusty Crophopper's voice in the Planes movie series), Edward's Driver (voiced by David Thewlis, his own voice), Toby's Driver (voiced by Steve Buscemi, his own voice), Duck's Driver (voiced by Matthew Lillard, ever since Shaggy Rogers's voice in the Scooby-Doo franchise), Duck's Fireman (voiced by Seth Green, his own voice), Mavis's Driver (voiced by Julie Bowen, her own voice), Oliver's Driver (voiced by Ben Stiller, his own voice), Molly's Driver (voiced by Linda Cardellini, her own voice), Arthur (voiced by Eric Idle, his own voice), Billy's Driver (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, ever since Tom Smith's voice in the, Toad (voiced by Jim Cummings, his own voice), Ryan (voiced by Eddie Redmayne respectively), Stanley (voiced by Pierce Brosnan respectively), Salty (voiced by Clancy Brown, ever since Mr. Krabs' voice in the, Trevor (voiced by Nigel Pilkington respectively), Harold (voiced by Timothy Dalton, ever since Mr. Pricklepants' voice in, Terence (voiced by Mike Myers, his own voice), Stanley's Driver (voiced by Maurice LaMarche, his own voice), BoCo's Driver (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson, his own voice), Murdoch's Driver (voiced by Matthew Fox, his own voice), Arthur's Driver (voiced by Scott Wolf, his own voice), Neville's Driver (voiced by Steve Burns, ever since the Blue's Clues series), Troublesome Truck Number 1 (voiced by Nathan Lane, his own voice), Troublesome Truck Number 2 (voiced by Jack Black, his own voice), Troublesome Truck Number 3 (voiced by Christopher Ragland, his own voice), Troublesome Truck Number 4 (voiced by Will Ferrell, his own voice), Corey (voiced by Ian McKellan, ever since Cogsworth's voice in, Rodney (voiced by Paul McCartney, ever since his voice acting work in, Aaron (voiced by Crispin Grover, his own voice), Lucas (voiced by Adam Sandler, using a country western accent), Cosmo (voiced by Rob Schneider, his own voice), Carlos (voiced by Tom Hanks, his own voice), Aiden (voiced by Mark Wahlberg, his own voice), Anthony (voiced by Johnny Depp, his own voice), Mason (voiced by Tom Cruise, his own voice), Carter (voiced by Steve Zahn, his own voice), Isaac (voiced by David Wenham, his own voice), Roger (voiced by Nick Palatas, his own voice), Reginald (voiced by Tom Selleck, his own voice), Hunter (voiced by John Turturro, his own voice), Sophia (voiced by Lindsay Lohan, her own voice), Nathan (voiced by Brad Pitt, his own voice), Chloe (voiced by Aspen Miller, ever since Dody Bishop's voice on, Scooter (voiced by Tobey Maguire, his own voice), Sargent Stuart (voiced by Michael Gough, ever since Gopher's voice in the Winnie-the-Pooh series), Spencer (voiced by Michael Keaton, ever since Ken's voice in, Hurricane (voiced by Jim Howick respectively), Frankie (voiced by Sophie Colquhoun respectively), Lexi (voiced by Lucy Montgomery respectively), Theo (voiced by Darren Boyd respectively), Merlin (voiced by Hugh Bonneville respectively), The Flying Scotsman (voiced by Rufus Jones respectively), Harvey (voiced by Robbie Coltrane, his own voice), Carly (also voiced by Lucy Montgomery respectively), Big Mickey (voiced by John Rhys Davies, his own voice), Porter (voiced by Ewan McGregor, his own voice), Stephen (voiced by Bob Golding respectively), Connor (voiced by Jonathan Forbes respectively), Caitlin (voiced by Rebecca O'Mara respectively), Samson (voiced by Robert Wilfort respectively), Stafford (also voiced by Keith Wickham respectively), Philip (voiced by Rasmus Hardiker respectively), D261 (voiced by Chris Parnell, his own voice), Flynn (voiced by Rupert Degas respecively), Paxton (also voiced by Steven Kynman respectively), Tyrone (voiced by Michael A. Goorjian, his own voice), Charlie (voiced by Matt Wilkinson respectively), Timothy (voiced by Tim Whitnall respectively), Marion (voiced by Olivia Colman respectively), Gator (voiced by Clive Mantle respectively), Fergus (also voiced by Tom Kenny respectively), Bulgy (voiced by Colin McFarlane respectively), Sidney (also voiced by Bob Golding respectively), Norman (also voiced by Keith Wickham respectively), Den (also voiced by Keith Wickham respectively), Dart (also voiced by Steven Kynman respectively).

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