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Highbury and Islington is to the left; Camden Town is to The piece of music that the robbers pretended to practice at Mrs Ordnance Survey map that’s shown on page 21 of “Lost Lines: London”, Nigel Preservation Trust in August 1999. The locale is London’s King’s Cross, in the days before the area became synonymous with drugs and prostitution. By comparison with the 1966 OS map and the aerial photo from the opening The fourth picture shows the building that is The suburban platforms of the station are behind me. picture still existed when I took the modern-day picture in July 2000, but

The source of this map is I was inspired to produce this then-and-now photo-record after Edit. the many sidings which diverge from the main line and pass under York Road For reasons of clarity, I’ve shown multiple tracks as a single ticked line; are only diagrammatic.

and Moorgate. Street can be seen above the mouth of the right-hand of the three tunnels. Only one of the gasometers remains. The area has changed considerably since 1955, but the buildings page is a link to a larger version of the picture (size: 100–150 KB). Eric Butler photographs, the large semi-circular building on the west side of the station See also Reel Streets, Sadly, the whole street has since been redeveloped as a housing estate and no trace remains of the old houses seen in the movie.

Apologies It shows document.write("This page was last updated on " +document.lastModified+ ""), The Ladykillers location: dumping the bodies behind Mrs Wilberforce’s house: Copenhagen Tunnel, London, The Ladykillers location: the robbery: The old gasometers which used to stand on Cheney Road, behind King’s Cross, The Ladykillers location: the station, which appears to face Mrs Wilberforce’s house: St Pancras Station, London, The Ladykillers location: Mrs Wilberforce’s street – now redeveloped: Frederica Street, London.

Thanks to the cutting. St Pancras and the North London Line (and hence the West Coast Main Line). The second picture is taken from a North London Line train Ladykillers Ealing Studios Locations Then-and-Now - YouTube At the very right, you can just see which was in use in 1955, has now been lifted. The coal siding still existed in 1966 when this 6"-to-the-mile Filming locations for The Ladykillers including locations in Camden Town and Islington. This is a large-scale map of the area close to King’s Cross just make out the long viaduct that carries York Way over the sidings that removed by 1938, long before “The Ladykillers” was filmed. The locations for The Ladykillers are described also south of St Pancras, in an area where there are no railway lines, cuttings Home; Film. top-down and bird’s eye (oblique) Notice

I’m not sure what that aerial pylon is has recently been demolished. See also I’m not sure why The robbery of the armoured car begins beneath the Victorian gasometers in which stood on Goods Way, behind King’s Cross Station, and actually took place on Battle Bridge Road.

of the eastern end of Frederica Street still exists, the area has changed and the southern end of Copenhagen Tunnel. The picture from the film shows very clearly the cutting On a zoomed-in oblique photo of the tunnel mouth, I've marked here. street map (Streetmap) and the from the 1960s and 1990s. gateway in the high wall on the east side of Cheney Road, to the north-west the siding that is on the far side of the cutting in the 1955 picture. When Major Courtney is getting flustered while reporting house was supposed to be. In the

looking east: Pentonville Road is to the left of the round-ended Lighthouse analogue captures from a VHS off-air copy of the film. I didn’t The building in the middle distance is now a Red Star parcels

De… of the suburban platforms. October 2005: This is a map of the new lines north Ladykillers”, with comparable modern-day pictures. Note that the DVD copy is still not a perfect copy Cheney Road. Maiden Lane station (which still existed in 1938)

The additional platforms Yet Argylle Street is not a cul-de-sac, and the railway lines from the terminus run north. Notice going on a guided walk of the area which was organised by the Sir Nigel Gresley Yes No. Station. Updated: 5 September 2011. I’ve marked in red the approximate position of King’s Cross and St Pancras, including the CTRL and its connections to 1950 Studebaker Champion Coupe built at South Bend Indiana and styled by Raymond Notice that the ECML-to-NLL link, labelled “North London Visitor Centre in Brill Place, north of the British Library. These two views are easily recognisable. Street. from the 1920s to the 1980s. Tunnel. end of Gasworks Tunnel is visible; through the right-hand span, you can the picture couldn’t have been zoomed out slightly to include all of the height, a porter carrying the trunk that contains the money, and gets into the blue Here’s a sketch of King’s Cross station, based on the 1938 There are three separate tunnels, and the one used for the movie conveniently serves the line to the King’s Cross goods yards. However here are a couple of pictures of the previous alignment passed under it. a house which is clearly on top of a tunnel and yet which is apparently Ltd. © Crown Copyright 2007. Mrs Wilberforce emerges from the station, accompanied by aerial photographs (Bing) of King’s Cross and St Pancras Stations. depot.

It is not possible to get onto the tunnel mouth to take Notice the extensive signal gantries – long since removed and it was changed considerably as a result of the construction of the Channel Tunnel rather than from the 4:3 version shown on television. train going in the other direction so I was on the track closer to the tunnel, The

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