the mystery of the wax museum 1968

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United Artists made their own low-contrast negative for TV prints, losing virtually all of the color. Intrepid reporter Florence (Glenda Farrell) smells a rat when she notices that Darcy has ties to both Igor and Worth, and with her best friend Charlotte (Fay Wray) dating one of Igor’s assistants (Allen Vincent), it gives her the perfect opportunity to snoop around to her heart’s content. The movie offers excellent performances and a pre-Code style and feel to its proceedings that presents a nice alternative to its 1953 relative and comes highly recommended. Correspondence indicates that in 1940 Goldwyn wanted to make two-color prints for Spain, and Technicolor was still able to service them. Curiously enough, the director, Andre de Toth, was blind in one eye and incapable of seeing in 3-D, but this may have been an asset, forcing him to concentrate on the drama rather than on self-conscious camera effects. Almost woman....what did they lack?. In the comparisons, it does look a bit scratched up, but you can see much more detail. The first is a semifarcical account of a baker, his wife, and a high-risk run-in with the caliph of Baghdad. The later "House of Wax" used 3-D and having seen it in the movies I can tell you it was probably the best of the 3-D movies. Worth knocks Igor unconscious, leaving the sculptor to die in the fire. The characters of the heroine (Fay Wray) and snoopy female newspaper reporter (Glenda Farrell) in MYSTERY have been merged into the single heroine (Phyllis Kirk) in HOUSE. Please try again. Of course movies like these two do require some suspension of disbelief. While investigating an old tenement where Worth keeps his contraband, Florence discovers a monster connected with the museum, but cannot prove any connection with the disappearance of Joan Gale's body. Warner Bros. acquired the rights to the play at the height of Hollywood’s 1931–1932 lucrative “monsterfication,” led by Universal. It was released in UA's Prime Time Showcase television package in August 1972, first broadcast on the BBC in London before playing sixteen domestic TV markets.

Both films were shot in two-strip Technicolor, a film process that effectively suggested a full-color image without actually requiring that one be entirely created (a similar, cost-saving process was already well-established in magazine illustration and printing). The movie was shot in two-color Technicolor system. The incident stuck in the mind of one playwright, Charles S. Belden, author of an unproduced play called. We use cookies to enhance your visit to us. Unfortunately business at the museum is failing due to people's attraction to the macabre (a nearby wax museum caters to that). Wray recounted to numerous interviewers how director Michael Curtiz shot the scene before she had ever seen the burn makeup, and how she simply froze on camera when confronting it for the first time. The excellent restoration is superb, as I compared the dvd, a dvr copy from TCM, and the restored Blu-ray... just amazing! Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. But Igor somehow survives, now in a wheelchair, and twelve years later he reappears in New York City with a new exhibit, this one calibrated to appeal to morbid popular taste with scenes of murder, torture, and execution. When she faints, he straps her onto a table, intending to douse her with molten wax and make her his lost Marie Antoinette sculpture. There's a problem loading this menu right now. [6] About half of the figures are portrayed by actors. Mr. Galatalin, impressed by his sculptures, offers to submit Igor's work to the Royal Academy after he returns from a trip to Egypt. Oct

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