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This book took me by surprise more than I imagined. After her mother dies of influenza, Rachel stumbles upon a picture torn from the society pages of a magazine. She has no memory of her life before the adoption, but now at age 29, someone wants her to remember. "—Tami Hoag "Readers get loads of angst, great procedural stuff, some hair-raising action scenes, and a villain to keep you awake at night. A strategic kick sent the heavy mahogany door slamming shut behind her as she shed the first layer of clothes. Flora Dane is a survivor. Racing into the house and locking the door, John warns Louisa to keep away from the woods and the mound. She also wants Boston’s top homicide detective, D. D. Warren, to handle the investigation. Come the following morning, for Louisa everything is normal, and, when pressed by John, she maintains no knowledge of having sleepwalked – or of the doll. The reviews coaxed me into spending my credit-a regrettable choice! I’d recommend if you’re looking for an intense and twisty psychological thriller this November! Melanie stopped being able to sleep at night. Hours later, John finds Louisa sleepwalking, which deeply worries him. The opening scene of a electric chair execution (in excruciating detail) was obviously researched and she couldn’t bear to leave it out, but it was ultimately pointless and shows up how many other things were NOT the fact that someone who is giving blood in an early scene (with a nurse fully cognizant of the situation) ultimately is shown to be dying of cancer. During the course of his research into the mound, John speaks with a Professor Evan White, who reveals the folklore and mythology behind the many similar mounds that extend across the United States. She was a governess, who found out she was the illegitimate daughter of an earl. Gifted with a loving family, Melanie has always considered herself lucky. The only bad part about this book was that it eventually had to end. Huge black-tie affairs that made the social elite feel social and elite while simultaneously milking them for significant sums of money. Loved it, another home run for Lisa Gardner, I hope to see more from this family. Each time, he takes two victims, preparing the first's body with all the clues the police need to find the second, who is still alive. The police say his daughter’s death was an accident. I’ve read a lot of Lisa Gardner’s books and have loved them but this was just terrible. "Come on," she muttered, ripping back the silk curtain. It should be an ordinary day for all of them. about mothers and daughters with more empathy than Amy Tan.”–The Philadelphia Inquirer“[An] absorbing tale of the mother-daughter bond . Seven years ago, carefree college student Flora was kidnapped while on spring break. She is a cheerful beauty who’s trying to regain her eldest senior’s heart after he suddenly goes back on his promise to marry her. She liked things banged up, scarred. But for D.D., two coincidental murders is too many. I am impressed and will definitely explore her earlier works. They quickly call their father to the scene. But from the moment Detective Sergeant D. D. Warren arrives at the Joneses - a snug little bungalow, she senses something off about the picture of wholesome normality the couple worked so hard to create. Instead, she would find herself tiptoeing downstairs at two a.m. to stand in front of a painting of another golden little girl. Enough of my personal euphoric rambling, point is that this book, coupled with this narrator will not disappoint in any way. It’s clear from the beginning that the relationship between John and his children is strained: Louisa resents being taken out of her old school and losing all her old friends. This book is amazing! This sends her for a tailspin, obviously, as she has always been told her father is dead. When a disturbing piece of evidence is discovered in the hills of Georgia, they bring Flora Dane and true-crime savant Keith Edgar to a small town where something seems to be deeply wrong. The family appears to have been abducted. Best book I've found in a while. She was adopted by Dr. Harper Stokes and his wife Patricia who were still reeling over the loss of their daughter Meagan 5 years earlier. Pressley is a superb narrator. Holly is taken by a stranger and never found. A gorgeous brownstone on a tree-lined street in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood. By: I was very entertained and did not guess the ending, if you like thrillers, this is a good one! His best friend was his accomplice and they involved a convicted killer and the killer's wife in complicated ways. To see what your friends thought of this book. It was a case guaranteed to spark a media feeding frenzy: a young mother, blond and pretty, disappears without a trace from her South Boston home, leaving behind her four-year-old daughter as the only witness and her handsome, secretive husband as the prime suspect. The clock ticks, and the second one can still be saved. There is a few characters but the narrator, Brittany Pressley is the BEST!! First off, many thanks to St. Martin's Press for the ARC! Kirsten Potter, He is very much a living Earl with a second family. Cassandra, too, believes that everything is down to hormones and John’s recent split from his wife. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. "—Oakland Press "A page-turner. Twenty minutes and counting. Tensions grow higher when the children start their new school. She fills the gaping void left by the murder of her "sister" Meagan. I wish Pressley narrated all audobooks. You have to pay close attention or you might miss the clues to " daddy's girl". The only other book I’ve felt so completely enthralled with is Pretty Girl by Karin Slaughter. A strategic kick sent the heavy mahogany door slamming shut behind her as she shed the first layer of clothes. It was written, directed, and scored by Alejandro Amenábar.It stars Nicole Kidman, Fionnula Flanagan, Christopher Eccleston, Elaine Cassidy, Eric … Rachel-as-Rachel was too wide-eyed and indignant - I wanted both of them to fall of a cliff. Ive been binging on Downton Abbey so the cover caught my eye right off the bat. But still she'd come back down, obsessed by the painting of that gorgeous little girl whom even a nine-year-old girl could realize she was meant to replace.Jamie O'Donnell finally intervened. But not tonight.Melanie hastily shimmied out of her ripped-up jeans, tossed her T-shirt onto the sleigh bed, and hurried to the closet. I read a lot during a holiday commute and could not put it down. Oh, and there's another stand-alone book: The Survivors' Club. For the past few years, her childhood friends have been murdered one by one. Which may be the reason I found it hard to engage with Melanie, not to mention the rest of this very dysfunctional family – and did not much care for what happened to them in the end. Gin, for example." She is not only curious about her new family, but she also wants revenge in a sense as she feels extremely betrayed. Get the MegaPack collection now for this great price. Sam immediately feels disturbed by the mound and refuses to go near it, whereas Louisa is oddly drawn to it. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Things that came with a past, she realized when she was older. Natalie Barelli, Narrated by: Black Eyed Children, M.I.B. All things she lacks. Everything seemed too easy for the heroine. trooper Tessa Leoni, claims to have shot him in self-defense, and bears the bruises to back up her tale. Flora Dane sees the murder of Conrad Carter on the TV news and immediately knows his face. And, oddly, though the plot in this novel becomes twice as intricate as any of the Pin. Twisty and shocking! Tonight was the seventh annual Donate-A-Classic for Literacy reception, held right there in her parents' house, and, apparently, cursed.The caterer hadn't been able to get enough ice. Rachel, the mother of the abducted girl Holly, never gives up hoping she finds her alive. She has no memory of who she is or where she came from. What an enjoyable read this was! Her books have been translated into over a dozen languages, awarded the RITA, Booksellers Best and Golden Leaf awards, and chosen for the American Library Association's annual list of the best genre fiction. This is not the first book that I read by Lisa Gardner and it's a good thing. It was fast paced with a thrilling storyline. Thirty minutes ago Melanie had gotten so frustrated, tears had stung her eyes. "—Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine "Gardner delivers a streamlined bang-up addition to the oeuvre of Tami Hoag, Karen Robards, Elizabeth Lowell and, these days, even Nora Roberts. We're all merely playing to a theme.”, See all 3 questions about The Other Daughter…, Compare this book with her Pink Carnation series, Sinopsis en Español // Synopsis in Spanish. But when he's murdered on his way to trial, the police investigation takes a scorching new focus. Why couldn't Melanie remembre what happened in the past? Charlene doesn’t plan on going down without a fight. One of these days she meant to clean it out. Kirsten Potter, By: When he knows the same about you? Melanie Stokes was nine years old when she was abandoned in a Boston hospital with a narcotic overdose. She brings such real & raw emotion to the characters. He knows exactly where he will find her: the mound. And of course i know if Brittany Pressley is narrating that it’s so easy to envision the characters in real life. This book took me by surprise more than I imagined.

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