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The Regents of the University of California (also referred to as the Board of Regents to distinguish the board from the corporation it governs of that exact same name) is the governing board of the University of California (UC), a public university system with over 280,000 students enrolled across ten campuses, including UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC Los Angeles, UC Merced, UC Santa Barbara, UC Santa Cruz, UC San Diego, UC San Francisco, and UC Riverside.

[26], Over the years, a number of conflict-of-interest investigations have revealed instances in which members of the UC Board of Regents used their positions for personal gain. By 2009, in an effort to curb the budget deficits that had created by these actions, the Regents passed a tuition hike for all 10 universities in the system, increasing tuition by 32%, which pushed the annual costs of attendance above $10,000 for the first time. [64] "Honorary Regents" were full board members, with the word "Honorary" simply denoting their manner of selection (that is, they were elected to serve on the board by the other board members, instead of being appointed by the governor). These did not prove to be good investments, and by spring of that year UC’s private equity returns were running at a negative 20 percent.[29]. 95-2226406. "[47] Additionally, the investigation found that some members of the regents’ investment committee, individuals who are also "Wall Street heavy hitters," modified long-standing UC investment policies, specifically, steering away from investing in more traditional instruments (such as blue-chip stocks and bonds) toward largely unregulated and risky “alternative” investments, such as private equity and private real-estate deals. Carter was a lifetime board member of the Irvine Foundation, which has a controlling interest in the Irvine Company. In 1965, free-speech movement activist Marvin Garson responded to a call by the California Federation of Teachers to “investigate the composition and operation of the Board of Regents.” He produced a 19-page report documenting prior cases of corruption, concluding that, “taken as a group, the Regents are representatives of only one thing—corporate wealth.”[54], In 2019, a doctoral student at UC Santa Cruz came forward to voice that UC Regent George Kieffer had sexually assaulted her during a UC function in 2014. [10], Throughout the history of the university and in recent years, a number of regents have been implicated in a number of corruption and misconduct scandals. This action increased management costs and limited transparency (since these external managers are not subject to public record laws). The Board of Regents has 26 voting members, the major… The current location address for Regents Of University Of California is 19262 Jamboree Rd, , Irvine, California and the contact number is 949-824 … [19][20] Her accusation was later dismissed by the university, which claimed in a statement that the assault could not be confirmed as having occurred due to lack of evidence.

Beginning in 2003, "[M]embers of the board of regents benefited from the placement of hundreds of millions of university dollars into investments, private deals and publicly held enterprises with significant ties to their own personal business activities, while simultaneously increasing the cost of university attendance.

[15] These actions financially benefited individual regents while draining the university endowment, precipitating an institutional budget crisis that the regents used to justify their decision in 2009 to significantly increase the cost of student attendance, sparking statewide protests.

[23] The corporation's official name today is still the Regents of the University of California. [51][52]. Before Kerr's reforms, the regents operated as an "administrative board" (in Kerr's words) for almost a century. Claim ... Irvine, CA 92617 .

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