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Here we have another clichéd and very unimpressive attempt at what could've been a strong, memorable revenge tale. An intriguing beginning -- you know the type that inspires you to put the movie on pause while you sneak away to microwave some popcorn and hurry back to tap the pause button again. | The movie has moments of good suspense to begin with, but gradually as the awful dialogue and the stumbling storyline unfolds, the suspension of disbelief is eroded and the flaws begin screaming out with the agony of mediocrity. User Ratings Uneven and predictable pseudo-western that may have worked better as a soap opera. Although the writing of the script is highly questionable I think the story should have been considered better as a soap opera.

The story itself is just amazing. Dull Western set in New Zealand in which posh English woman Alice Eve joins a troop of whores in order to search for her stolen baby son. Copyright © Fandango. All rights reserved. What a pity! Sets that are about as realistic as a 40s Western, wafer-thin characterisations, a plot that goes nowhere for a good hour, and sub-standard acting from a host of second-tier TV actors.
Arsenal Is On the Move After Old Trafford Win. Incoherent unnecessary and ultimately dreary, the kind of film that isn't bad but instead incredibly tedious.
The movie starts off normal and even through the middle, but as the script reveals the motivation of the characters the entire story goes to crap. All I can say that this is not a typical, Hollywood crime/mystery. as a Widower, he goes on a trip in pursuit of a job, but what he doesn’t know is that a child kidnapper lurks nearby.

Just one bad happenstance after another for a 30 second happy ending. Mostly decent performances and above average production values. However, soon after their arrival her husband is killed by home … Stolen Movie Review: The Search for a Missing Boy. The Stolen does have the look of a high-class revenge movie, just one that's sadly let down by predictable plotting and overwrought and off-kilter final act. His son vanished into a thin air, and now he is 6-year missing. Great locations, very good period costume design and set design.

Camerawork and editing are pretty average and acceptable. Not sure about the negative "western" comments as if the US was the only place that ever had horses and gold towns. We needed more time to settle in. by Damir Sljivic October 15, 2020. written by Damir Sljivic October 15, 2020. the plot of the stolen movie. I don't like westerns, which is probably why I love this modern western trend that traditional western fans hate so much. Little to no character development in anybody other than the protagonist. Within the first 20 mins, we met the characters, witnessed a death, and a kidnapping. Cast OK. Worth a watch. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. Great story and brilliant female characters.

I recommend this movie to every crime/thriller movie fan. Well you now know what was delivered -- a cliche and a disappointing one at that. But it has something to say about a penniless woman’s plight in the era, and it’s engaging and refreshing on several counts. Read full review Ultimately you'll leave the theatre feeling that plenty more should have been made of its promising set-up. That was the promise. Full Review | Original Score: 2.5/5 the film even starts off with a specific year, signaling a well researched historical background to an era in New Zealand few know about.

Alice Eve stars as Charlotte Lockton who has relocated to New Zealand from England with her husband David. A woman fighting for hers this is it. External Reviews

and the Terms and Policies, I didn't know what to expect from this movie but I enjoyed. I also would have liked to have seen displayed the huge endurance the settlers had to have in colonising the country and where gravel and pine were on set, mud and native trees would have been much better.

Alice Eve stars as Charlotte Lockton who has relocated to New Zealand from England with her husband David. Great locations, very good period costume design and set design. This movie is very lifelike, without cheesy/useless remarks or any clichés. Apart from some pacing issues - this movie kept be going with the plot and held my attention until the end. Whole I adore Stan Walker and enjoyed the spirit and energy he convincingly conveyed throughout the whole film, the inaccuracies of what Maori were in 1800s NZ was insulting to me and the scene of the bullet removal was just pathetic... A real shame as with a little more care this could have been a cool film.

Stolen Movie Review: The Search for a Missing Boy. Set in 1882 on South Island, New Zealand, this adult drama has a number of preposterous plot elements and is not exactly your feel-good movie of the year, but it held my interest throughout and I wondered how it would all turn out. A lot of unutilised potential here. Directed by Niall Johnson. Alice Eve stars in a hard-hitting frontier Western.

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