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The Court decided as well on Monday to lift the injunction on Trump’s travel ban for everyone who lacked a “bona fide relationship” with an American person or entity. The decision … In boxing, each of the three judges keep score (round by round) of which fighter they feel is winning (and losing). Over half of the cases in the most recent term were unanimous. Instead, Kagan said, states may outline for themselves the role of electors. Justice Neil Gorsuch penned the opinion and was joined in key parts by Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor, Stephen Breyer and Brett Kavanaugh. But the ultimate decision was 7–2, with Kagan and Kennedy joining the four reliable conservatives in the majority opinion and Breyer concurring. A unanimous decision (UD) is a winning criterion in several full-contact combat sports, such as boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, mixed martial arts and other sports involving striking in which all three judges agree on which fighter won the match.. The Democrats gambled that if they chose the least offensive, most avuncular establishmentarian to lead them -- a guy who could say “Do I look like a socialist?” and get America to concur that, no, Joe Biden did not look like one — they could leverage dislike for President Trump to win not only the ... As the results of the election come gradually into sharper focus, both parties have good reason to be frustrated. When the members of an appellate court cannot reach full agreement, a split decision occurs. In state courts, whether a jury needs to be unanimous depends on the state and the type of trial. Get our conservative analysis delivered right to you. In fact, a surprising number of politically contentious cases are decided unanimously or close to unanimously. In all, 32 states and the District of Columbia have laws that are meant to discourage faithless electors. Appointing partisan justices without regard for legal qualifications would be like hiring Jackie Chan as a police officer — sure, he’s very useful the 1 percent of the time when martial skills are of paramount importance, but is he really adept at the less exciting day-to-day work that makes up most of the profession?
But the movement is advancing steadily. At least, he says he thinks that. The anti-Trump “resistance” was particularly concerned with this decision, as they had hoped to pressure members of the Electoral College to declare themselves “faithless” and cast ballots for President Donald Trump’s opponent in November if Trump were to lose the national popular vote. One or more members of the minority can also write a dissent, which is a critical explanation of the minority's reasons for not joining in the majority decision. And both rebukes are justified.

It is this school of thought at work when, for instance, commentators claim that a particular decision is “heartless” and ignore the question of whether or not it is good law; it is this school of thought at work when writers suggest that the Supreme Court could use a justice or two without a legal background, or when law professors suggest that perhaps the Constitution doesn’t have very much to do with jurisprudence anymore. Kagan was careful not to suggest that states must bind electors to the outcome of a state’s popular vote, Fox News notes. 2d 147 [1973]). Take the highly consequential set of Supreme Court opinions from Monday. Washington (CNN)The Supreme Court said Monday that unanimous jury verdicts are required in state criminal trials for serious offenses, handing a victory to criminal defendants including petitioner Evangelisto Ramos, who was convicted of murder in Louisiana on a 10-2 vote. ", He said that when the court overrules precedent, it demands a "special justification or strong grounds." Both have been rebuked in some important respects by the electorate. Members of the Electoral College are selected on a state-by-state basis and, according to the United States Constitution, are bound to cast their official state ballots for whichever presidential candidate wins their state’s popular vote. In appealing such a case to a higher court, appellees often note that the lower court has rendered a split decision in order to impress upon the higher court that the decision in question is less than wholly convincing. Pennsylvania law requires a recount when the margin for a ... Donald Trump thinks he won the election. States can pass laws that punish so-called “faithless electors” who refuse to cast an official ballot for the winner of that state’s popular vote, the Supreme Court said Monday, in a unanimous 9-0 decision authored by Justice Elena Kagan.
— Max Bloom is a student of mathematics and English literature at the University of Chicago and an editorial intern at National Review. Justice FELIX FRANKFURTER feared such a possibility in 1955, when the Court was preparing to consider the question of miscegenation laws which prohibited interracial marriage. The travel ban, of course, is one of Trump’s central policies and has arguably been the most contentious issue of his first six months as president. "The Rhetoric of Results and the Results of Rhetoric: Judicial Writings." ", He said the Apodaca case should be retained in part because Louisiana and Oregon had relied upon it for 48 years and "conducted thousands and thousands of trials under rules allowing non-unanimous verdicts.". Split decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court attract special attention, particularly when the vote is 5–4. But in 1972, the court held that while the Sixth Amendment requires unanimous jury verdicts for federal criminal trials, such verdicts are not required for state trials. The Daily Wire, headed by bestselling author and popular podcast host Ben Shapiro, is a leading provider of conservative news, cutting through the mainstream media’s rhetoric to provide readers with the most important, relevant, and engaging stories of the day. Justice Clarence Thomas concurred in the judgment on narrower grounds, whereas Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Elena Kagan joined Justice Samuel Alito's dissent. Perhaps the biggest was the opinion in the Trinity Lutheran case, one of the most hotly watched cases of the term, which concerned the constitutionality of a Missouri provision that prevented a church from obtaining state funds as part of a program to renovate playground surfaces. But in 1972, the court held that while the Sixth Amendment requires unanimous jury verdicts for federal criminal trials, such verdicts are not required for state trials.

At least three electors went completely rogue in 2016, casting ballots for Colin Powell, John Kasich, and Native American rights activist Faith Spotted Eagle. I have been warning for years against the "nature rights" movement -- only to be met mostly by eye-rolls and complacent chuckles of, "What will they think of next?" A court that reaches a split decision is called a divided court.

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