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The 130-page collection, which has seen numerous positive reviews, was inspired by Lenton’s love of comic books. It’s made by Guinness, but don’t expect the brown stuff. He squeezes his eyes closed then glances over his shoulder. This zipperless, high-tech suitcase tracks itself. It’s why I came here. First, it’s still a niche genre. ‘Poor, naive Ultra Man. The President lets out a long sigh, stands, and wanders across to a filing cabinet against the far wall. This year is shaping up to be a killer, with the first trilogy of the City Electric Saga already available and Michael’s first children’s book just released. They don’t cut it either, but he can’t find any other ways to say it. And it’s not only one or two of them. His throat dries in an instant and he struggles to swallow. ‘That wasn’t the only copy. Not the woman waiting for him, but the goddess, the one from whom he can never escape, no matter how hard he tries. He faces front and takes a deep breath. Beware, Superguy, beware of falling in love. Then he lifts her veil and every memory and every doubt is swept away as he stares into her eyes. She’s everything he’s ever wanted. He and his father are stood beside the Seeing Eye, a massive glass globe many times his size. So when I got home this morning, I wasn’t happy. Why no one thought to mention that little detail was beyond me, though they probably didn’t even think about it. A Thousand Faces prefers character-driven superhero short stories “that rise above stereotypical BIFF-BAM-POW superhero stories that exist solely as a framework on which to hang a lengthy fight scene.We want strong, character driven pieces. And sometimes the gags fall flat and certain stories read like fan fiction (e.g., riffs on David Schwimmer and Liam Payne … yes, that Liam Payne of One Direction fame). And who better than a band of misfit superheroes to take up that challenge? She’s standing right before him and a million more thoughts rush through his alien mind. What were they looking for? I’m the weapons system you only have to fire once. And I’m not the only one who knows. It’s not the response I expected. He can still hear his father’s voice. He’s given everything he has to the planet he made his home, and in return they give him nothing but scorn and hatred. I am an asset. who better than a band of misfit superheroes to take up that challenge. In fact, I have nothing left. ‘We know where you live.’ Lived, I correct myself. The collection is primed for an October release in the United States and Europe. Your email address will not be published. She’s beautiful. I’m done.’. The whole city is spread out before him, but his eyes are fixed on the malevolent being before him. I shove the door open and march into the Oval office. Love exists between beings of a higher plane, he thinks, not with those pathetic little creatures to whom he will be a god. This is the online home of Sci-Fi. ‘Surely you didn’t think we’d allow you to leave? Apparently they said on the invite I’d be there without actually checking it with me first. “Like Sedaris, Lenton is hugely entertaining,” writes Veronica Sullivan, in a review for Australia’s Books+Publishing magazine, “which renders occasional moments of emotional tenderness all the more poignant.” Such as in the closing title, when Superman (there are regular superheroes too) ponders his immortality and the fact that Lois Lane is aging while he, of course, isn’t. Recent investigation has determined he suffers from a rare disease that is exacerbated by—’, The president gives me a sad smile. Now that I’ve made the necessary changes, this planet will support life for millenia, millions of years in fact. 1. Find the hottest superhero stories you'll love. They hate anything they cannot control. This is supposed to be fun.’ It wasn’t the first time she’d said those words to me. ‘Here for hundreds of years and you still don’t get it. But that’s not too bad, considering it’s a debut collection of microfiction “of a particularly oddball bent,” notes Spineless Wonders’ director of publishing Bronwyn Mehan. Why?’. The American government were the first to use that term, but it’s been taken up by plenty of others since. Neither size nor sector can protect publicly held firms from the Grim Reaper. Go and never return.’, His arch enemy smiled and shook his head. Central towers before me, the Dome bearing its multi-coloured flag shining in the sun. It wasn’t a land a little bit full of superheroes where you could walk for three hours and never see one, it was a land where if you walked for three hours, you’d be more likely to see 1,000 superheroes than zero. He watches her go and tries to figure out what the pain in his gut means. Most of us still don’t have a clue about the IoT. Viewed 121 times 7. Businessman holding open miniature book, mid section, close-up. Do sign up to the mailing list and claim one of three free novellas as a thank you for your support. I was mid photo with the Prime Minister of Argentina when she took my elbow and led me away from the throng. Their on-board micro-sensors track my passage and get out of the way, but I’m tweaking all the way in, dodging their wake to save those precious few kph. ‘I will go, but I will return. He would rather fight a thousand Hex Sleuthers than be doing this. His mind drifts as his stomach clenches, to another time, more recent than his final talk with his father. I hit Mach Two on the way back out, but it doesn’t feel like it should. Your email address will not be published. Watch and find out! The lift feels slower as I head back to the hanger. One of Lenton’s pieces, “King of the World,” was accepted into this year’s. Perhaps these people needed extinction. I spent an hour on the phone to the President explaining all the ways I was sorry and another half hour agreeing to a bunch of crappy fundraisers I could have done without. Now go, and save the world.’. Microfiction is emerging as a valid literary form that’s “still being categorized.”. More Americans are getting smoky and steamy — at the same time — in the bedroom. It’s time to leave…. ‘My son, remember this, above all else. Fantasy and Horror Author, Michael Cairns. She’s nearly here. I could never have left it knowing there was even a clue, a vague hint, to what I know they were searching for. Although the text is brief, the plot lines and characters shine through — like in the slapstick antics of Captain Charisma, whose powers of persuasion only work when drunk, and the Insomni-Yak, a furry, horned psychologist who counsels a sleep-deprived narrator. You will keep them safe against everything this wide and terrible galaxy can throw at them.’. He sees the evil curve of his lips and hears his laugh. ‘I’m having as much fun as I can knowing 73 people have died due to gun crime in the time I’ve been here a—’, ‘You couldn’t have stopped them all. Because the day you do, I’ll be back.’. They step aside before I can touch them, which is a relief for me. To better lure the smartphone set, some fiction writers have decided to strip down and power up their prose. Then Celia was there. Active 7 months ago. But these microtales pack a powerful punch. I come up blank. Short story written with my friend for our Writer's Craft class Short story written with my friend for our Writer's Craft class

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