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An alumna of The Voice (US), Jessica Childress has opened for the likes of Charles Bradley, The Family Stone, Patti LaBelle, and Allen Stone. The LA-based singer-songwriter released her debut album DAYS in 2018. A scene from “Walk With Me,” about a community of Zen Buddhists in rural France. The vérité film, which distills the directors’ three years of access into a scrapbook of moments at the monastery and during stateside tours, provides no background on the monk and activist, who was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Martin Luther King. TWITTER Required fields are marked *.

Directors: Max Pugh, Marc J. Francis Time Out says. The filmmakers (who share DP duties) capture a range of day-to-day activity in the monastery’s idyllic sylvan setting. The Hollywood Reporter is part of MRC Media and Info, a division of MRC. {"nid":"983832","type":"post","title":"'Spettacolo': Film Review | SXSW 2017","relative_path":"\/review\/spettacolo-983832","media":{"width":928,"height":523,"extension":"jpg","mime_type":"image\/jpeg","type":"image","path":"https:\/\/static.hollywoodreporter.com\/sites\/default\/files\/2017\/12\/spettacolo_still_-_publicity_-_h_2017-compressed.jpg","sizes":[{"path":"https:\/\/static.hollywoodreporter.com\/sites\/default\/files\/2017\/12\/spettacolo_still_-_publicity_-_h_2017-compressed.jpg","width":928,"height":523},{"path":"https:\/\/static.hollywoodreporter.com\/sites\/default\/files\/2017\/12\/spettacolo_still_-_publicity_-_h_2017-compressed.jpg","width":928,"height":523}],"orientation":"landscape","id":"3229220","caption":null,"credit":null}}.

Film, Documentaries. Directed by Marc J. Francis, Max Pugh. Venue: South by Southwest (Documentary Spotlight)

Here, life moves at a snail’s pace: Walking or eating, cooking or contemplating the words of their Vietnamese teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh — many of which are supplied in voice-over by the seductive, milk-and-honey baritone of Benedict Cumberbatch — the nuns and monks dawdle contentedly. Cooling to the mind and soothing to the spirit, the documentary “Walk With Me” offers a tiny oasis of relief to anyone overheated by current events. Yet the film supplies little in the way of background or history, either of the serene, anonymous faces that float across the frame or of the achievements of their celebrated Zen master. ‘Walk with Me’ is about calling out to those angels.”, Acantha Lang – ‘He Said/She Said’ (Review), Your email address will not be published.

The documentary by Max Pugh and Marc J. Francis certainly has its potent moments. An alumna of The Voice (US), Jessica Childress has opened for the likes of Charles Bradley, The Family Stone, Patti LaBelle, and Allen Stone. When you feel like freaking out, the movie’s commitment to slowing down and drawing inward doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. In New York, the superstar monk’s name appears on a Manhattan venue’s schedule between those of Jackson Browne and John Oliver.

Sheri Linden Review: ‘Walk With Me,’ an Invitation From Thich Nhat Hanh. But, when I zoom out of whatever hurricane I’m in the middle of, there is this beautiful network of support ready to carry me until the storm ends. In his robes, the man who has since taken a vow of poverty can only laugh at his youthful plots and plans. Sales: WestEnd Films.

On the contemplative side, there are slow, purposeful walks through the woods, meals shared in silence, the ritual shaving of heads. EMAIL ME. Terms of Use | Childress explains: “In dark moments, I think it’s easy to feel isolated – like I’m all alone in whatever I’m going through. Bridge Over Troubled Water 50th Anniversary (Preview), Black Lives Matter: Music for the Movement. Not unlike the chimes that stop all conversation and movement at Plum Village whenever they sound, images of beauty punctuate the doc’s chronicled events. We can enjoy the meditative mood, but understanding its underpinnings would require more than this idyll of silence and stillness provides. by Though not every scene works, the filmmakers, to their credit, are interested in the mixed bag of experience, not pious tribute. In a way, Thich Nhat Hanh is the elusive center of Walk With Me; there’s little direct experience of him, but his effect on people filters through the onscreen events.
Credited with introducing the practice of mindfulness to the West, the 90-year-old has been limited in his activities as the result of a recent stroke, but for a long time he appeared regularly on the lecture circuit, and many Americans (including this one) have heard him speak and been guided through meditations by him.

All images are used for the purpose of review and critique, thus constituting 'fair use'. Heartfelt, if not entirely satisfying, Walk With Me provides an up-close glimpse of the life of devotion, focusing on the monks and nuns who live at a rural monastery led by Zen Buddhist master Thich Nhat Hanh.

Composer: Germaine Franco All rights reserved. ^ ^ Kiefer Sutherland, David Lynch (behind hand) and Chris Isaak in "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me.". 3 out of 5 stars. However, it does lack answers to questions many of us might have after watching it. The LA-based singer-songwriter released her debut album DAYS in 2018. Visiting her father in a nursing home, a nun meditates with the elderly man, and the wordless connection between them is sublime. All rights reserved. VIDEO PREMIERE: ‘Burning Through’ – Gideon King & City Blog, feat. Dame Shirley Bassey to release new album! From the original script of "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me": Forced into exile in 1966 over his opposition to the Vietnam War, Thich Nhat Hanh, now 90, is credited with introducing the practice of mindfulness to welcoming Westerners. Relevant excerpt from the script after the jump. Executive producer: Nick Francis Walk with Me. FACEBOOK About Our Ads Review: ‘Walk With Me,’ an Invitation From Thich Nhat Hanh. The focus, as it should be in keeping with the practice of mindfulness, is on the here and now. Walk with Me is a sense of dreaminess, as if you’re floating on cloud nine. Those not used to the practice’s deliberate pace and stillness might identify with another young monk, who, in an affectionately framed joke, is captured yawning and fidgeting during a group meditation. Reportedly the stroke he suffered in 2014 has robbed him of the ability to speak, so the chance to hear him, at an earlier point, answer a little girl’s question about death and mourning is especially welcome. Due acknowledgement for each image is given within the specific article. But its mix of the contemplative and the observational finally proves more illustrative than immersive. The parents of another American, a young monk, show him the life plan he drew up years earlier.
In a way, Thich Nhat Hanh is the elusive center of Walk With Me; there’s little direct experience of him, but his effect on people filters through the onscreen events. © 2020 The Hollywood Reporter We see the expectant crowd but get no sense of the interchange between the master and his audience. On a more nitty-gritty level, there are website updates, food preparation, and reception procedures for paying visitors. It would be hard to find a document more perfectly antithetical to mindfulness.

'Walk With Me' is a meditative film about a community of Zen Buddhist monks and nuns who have dedicated their lives to mastering the art of mindfulness with their world-famous teacher Thich Nhat Hanh. Producers: Max Pugh, Marc J. Francis Your email address will not be published.

Over lingering shots of the moon or candles afloat on a lake, Benedict Cumberbatch (whose SunnyMarch helped to produce the doc) lends his plummy vowels to readings from Fragrant Palm Leaves, a collection of Nhat Hanh’s journal writings during his first years of exile from his native Vietnam. Production companies: Speakit Films in association with SunnyMarch

Fire Walk With Me was the only other piece of Twin Peaks that was shot in Washington state outside of the pilot episode.

It’s a glib, busy timeline of conventional milestones and material achievements; he projected that he’d “have everything” at 40. ‘Walk with me when I can’t find my feet / When I’m too scared to see what’s ahead of me,’ Childress sings. Narrator: Benedict Cumberbatch To convey the powerful calm of his presence would be a tall order for any film. 4:57 PM PDT 3/12/2017

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