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The creamy lemonesque element is dazzling.

Copyright © Fandango. Now I really want to try the other Black Star Line blends. The draw is exactly how I like it…just the right touch of resistance. I love the War Witch. This one is mellower, and the delicate nature of the balance is more prevalent. © 2020 The Hollywood Reporter Plus, this is a new, but small company. SECOND THIRD: I am very impressed with the construction of this cigar.


When Great Tiger’s rebels descend on the poor patched-together houses of a coastal village, they kill most of the inhabitants and force the terrified Komona to gun down her own parents; if she doesn’t obey, they will kill them, painfully, with machetes.

The spiciness is not overpowering and adds an agreeable punch.

This part of the film allows a glimpse into “normal” life, which surreally seems to co-exist side by side with the terror in the jungle. It really is tremendous!

EMAIL ME, Berlin War Witch Rebelle Film Festival Still - P 2012.

Cheers. And just to show I also read the review, I’m definitely gonna check out this cigar. I get the depth of the Nic leaves but also get a light and airy intimacy. ", "I just posted a link to your review on the DTT and my personal FB page – Wow, where do I send the check?

This is a nice-looking stick. All rights reserved. Black Star Line has a couple other blends: El Milagro Nicaraguan Sun Grown and El Milagro Mexican San Andres…both in a 6 x 54 size at $14 each.

TWITTER This harrowing film refuses to let up long enough to let you catch your breath.

With intelligence and deceptive simplicity, Nguyen injects the discombobulating impact of grief, conflict and PTSD (with the added effects of magic milk), to delve deeper than a simple observed account of a soldier's bid for freedom. "The Witch," a feminist narrative that focuses on an American colonial family as they undergo what seems to be an otherworldly curse, is more like a sermon. By Dwight Brown.

Then followed by white pepper, milk chocolate, malt, cedar, a touch of barnyard, creaminess, baking spices, lemon zest, and a hint of café au lait.

From the Black Star Line web site: I have read more than my share of cigar reviews in my 43 years in the cigar business but am not sure I have ever read one that was as comprehensive, as glowing and as entertaining as the one you gave our new Black Diamond. Clapton’s live version of “Have You Ever Loved A Woman” is playing. So, I’m beginning to think it isn’t me. The camera only has eyes for them and the adults barely exist as individual characters. I found this cigar at Cigar Federation and it piqued my interest. The ghosts who haunt Komona and threaten her unborn baby are just as real or unreal as the soldiers who bury traitors alive.

They always crack me up.

Some flavors are strong but the subtle and nuanced flavors just become part of the whole experience without really standing out as they do in my reviews.

See if you find those subtle flavors. As the off-screen narrator, she tells her unborn baby the story of how she became a child soldier. Tags: Black Star Line Cigars War Witch | Cigar Reviews by the Katman, cigar review, cigar reviews by the katman, cigars. Brother Philip Kohn has a strong history of honest cigar reviews, of his beloved rock-n-roll and for his accolades as one of the TOP Cigar Blogs in the world. I really respect and admire how real you are in your writing and interaction with the folks who follow you.

Costumes: Éric Poirier

The dissection of the tobacco is exhausting but gratifying. In fact, there is a hint of banana that also pairs well with the delicious creaminess.

They take shelter in the home of Magician’s uncle, a butcher who has lost his family in a way so terrible, says Komona, it cannot be told. This is a very delicate blend. Today we take a look at the Black Star Line Cigars War Witch.

Another great cigar to get my lips wrapped around. If you get what you pay for, then everyone wins.

All rights reserved.

Met with nearly universal critical acclaim at its Berlin premiere, this extraordinary story has the numbers to capture audiences after it nets festival prizes. haha.

Very nice.

I’ve smoked one stick prior to this review. Plus, this is a new, but small company. When Magician announces to the not unwilling girl he wants to marry her, she bargains for time by sending him in quest of a mythical white rooster. So, a $12 price point is understandable…but only when the end product delivers on the goods. Super complex and rising. ( Log Out /  ... driven by a remarkably natural, unaffected performance by Mwanza.

She was certainly wholesome around the band…but boy…the way she dressed…oy.

"Thanks so much for such a wonderful review of our Diamond Crown Julius Caeser cigars!

The price point on the War Witch, at $12, resides in the acceptable and agreed upon denominator of new boutique blends. I am struggling to compare this to any other blend; but I am brain locked.

The Duderino. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account.

You won’t need a defibrillator.

A blast of creaminess, white pepper, citrus, chocolate, malt, and cedar on the first two puffs.

Recognizing the usefulness of her gift, Great Tiger gives her an AK-47 with magic powers and names her his “war witch.” It’s a dangerous post, should her intuition fail her, but Komona seems confident of her macabre visions.

Some seams are visible but tight. War Witch (French: Rebelle) is a 2012 Canadian dramatic war film written and directed by Kim Nguyen and starring Rachel Mwanza, Alain Lino Mic Eli Bastien and Serge Kanyinda.It is about a child soldier forced into a civil war in Africa, and who is believed to be a witch.

And then it delves deeper…white pepper turns to black pepper, BBQ dry rub…cumin, chili, cardamom, and cinnamon. Managing to be neither sentimental nor sensationalistic, the film tells its story from the heart, and from the simple, straightforward viewpoint of young heroine Komona, warmly played by the talented Rachel Mwanza in her screen debut.

90 minutes "War Witch," a … We work really to make out cigars be better and better. For some reason she reminds me of Elisabeth Shue (the female lead in the movie Cocktail). “War Witch” tells the story of orphaned African children who have been conscripted into a rebel army after their village has been attacked and their parents slain. 5 stars, out of 5. Readers make a lot of fun of reviewers like me, and others, that can find the kitchen sink list of flavors in a blend. But the only reality the children know is the barrel of a gun and the sharp edge of a machete, and their nightmare is not yet over.

About Our Ads Directed by Kim Nguyen.With Rachel Mwanza, Serge Kanyinda.In French and Lingala with English subtitles. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The Connecticut Shade takes this blend out of the ordinary and shines a spotlight on the contrasting flavors.

You're likely to ponder its images, its insights into a very foreign (for most of us) location and the tragic situation of Komona (and others like her) for a long time to come.

Dam! FDA has really messed things up for many of us but that is probably a tired conversation in your world and mine. We all get into the "Zone" when we review.

Full Review | Original Score: 3.5/4 Nathan Southern TV Guide

Like a lot.

I always enjoy your style and the voice that comes out in them. It may be hard for a viewer to accept some of the paranormal goings-on in War Witch -- the ghosts, the superstitions, the otherworldly powers -- but they're nothing compared to the realities that Komona has to endure.

I’m ruined for the day. Thank you again! "Phil-I take my hat off to you – what a fascinating read – especially when you are talking about “our children”!!

War Witch: Berlin Film Review.

It is the showstopper in this blend. The complexity is moving towards a meticulous place in the universe.

Could be your calling. I’ve hit the 2-hour mark.

, You always find the small batch winners.

Aganorsa and cream. See you in the last third. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. The sensitively imagined story of a child soldier in Africa makes War Witch a genre benchmark and a breakout work for writer-director Kim Nguyen. This blend was released only 3 months ago.

War Witch deals with a reality so horrific that the film’s touches of magical realism are welcome, even necessary — the only way to retain one’s bearings and sanity in a world without signposts.

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